World’s first Anti Shia Alliance convention results in calls for violence and sectarian purging

A meeting of the Indonesian government (Wikimedia)
A meeting of the Indonesian government (Wikimedia)

WASHINGTON, April 25, 2014 – Last week, the world’s first ever “Anti Shia Alliance” convention was held in Jakarta, the capital city of Indonesia. The event was attended by thousands of participants, who called for “jihad” against Shia Muslims. Several government officials were in attendance. During the conference, a Shiite journalist who was covering the program for Ahlulbait Indonesia, reported being detained, interrogated, and beaten by group organizers and attendees.

The alliance is a coalition of various groups who all maintain an anti-Shia agenda, including the Anti-Heresy Front, led by Ahmad bin Zein al-Kaff.

The convention resulted in an “Anti Shia Declaration” which reads as follows:

The anti-Shia declaration

  1. The alliance is a preaching forum to promote virtues and prevent abominable acts. 
  2. The alliance will take any necessary measures to maximize the prevention of the proliferation of heretical teachings by Shia followers. 
  3. The alliance will forge good relations with other preaching organizations. 
  4. The alliance will demand that the government immediately ban Shia and revoke all licenses for foundations, organizations and institutions owned by Shiites.

In a speech, bin Zein al-Kaff said “It’s time that we declared jihad against them…We should not tolerate them anymore.”

Another part of the alliance, the Islamic Defenders Front (FPI) had its members attend wearing black ski masks and camouflage clothing, with shirts that said “Heresy Hunters.”

The Jakarta Globe quotes the group’s leader, Tardjono Abu Muas, as saying “We all have to understand that Shia has tainted the true Islamic teaching… Our government should be like the Malaysian government.” The Malaysian government has increasingly banned the practice of Shia Islam within their country, and has been criticized by Human Rights Watch for human rights violations against the Shiite minority.

Another leader in the organization, Athian Ali said that more than 100 Muslim clerics attended the event.

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The Jakarta Globe writes that anti Shia attitudes are a key component of upcoming elections in Indonesia, “[The Anti Shia Alliance] was borne out in the message to the crowd from Muhammad Al Khaththath, the secretary general of the Indonesian Ulema and Congregation Forum, or FUUI, which in 2012 issued a call to build ‘anti-Shiite posts’ saying ‘We will support any candidate who wants to make an MOU to purge the Shiites from Indonesia. If [Subianto] is ready to do that. he will become the president.’ ”

Ahmad Cholil Ridwan, a leader from the Indonesian Council of Ulema (MUI), attended the event and also spoke of the need to “purge the Shiites” from the country.

According to the Jakarta Globe, announcements made before the convention stated the Anti-Shia Alliance event would be “attended by officials including West Java Governor Ahmad Heryawan and Ahmad Cholil Ridwan, a leader of the Indonesian Council of Ulema, or MUI, the highest Islamic authority in the country.”

After extensive backlash, the West Java Governor announced he would not attend the Anti Shia Alliance meeting, but refused to speak out against the convention. Instead, Governor Heryawan sent his assistant, Ahmad Hadadi, who openly supported the conference.

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According to DureanAsean, Indonesia has a history of antipathy towards Shias, reporting “[Indonesian] Religious Affairs Minister Suryadharma Ali previously called Shia Islam heretical, saying that it deviated from principal Islamic teachings.

“Persecution of Shia followers has escalated in the past few years. In 2012, Tajul Muluk, a Shia leader from Sampang, East Java, was sentenced to two years’ imprisonment for blasphemy.

“In the same year, a mob set fire to dozens of Shiite homes in Sampang, killing two Shia followers and forcing hundreds of others to take refuge in Sidoarjo, around 100 kilometers away.”

The Jakarta Post reported that after the Sampang burning “Some [victims] were even forced to convert to Sunni beliefs if they wished to return home.”

Last year, Indonesian Shiite leader Iklil Al Milal protested a decision to give an award to President Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono for religious tolerance in Indonesia. “We are living as if in prison. We no longer get food rations and there has been no security guarantee from the state,” said Milal at a public forum, speaking to conditions Indonesian Shias faced after the Sampang attacks.

“Today the population of Shia’s in the country is approximately one million, they are distributed all around the country, however, they are mainly found in Jakarta-which is the capital city of Indonesia, Bandanogh and Sowra,” says The same website also claims that Shiites originally entered the country when grandchildren of Sayyid Ali al-Uraidhi, son of the Shiite Imam Jafar Sadiq, migrated to Indonesia with his family members in the 9th century CE.


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  • Ali Tehrani

    Thank you for raising this important issue in the media. These radicals are increasingly gaining footing throughout the majority of Muslim countries. Indonesia and Malaysia are becoming increasingly radicalized and have diminished human rights records when it comes to minorities. I hope that this story will be circulated more broadly amongst the media in our country and
    draw the attention of the Government and NGOs.

    • Guest

      Isn’t this a violation of human rights? They’re killing off muslims left and right without any punishment.

  • syed

    Go to hell you whabbi”s , ya’ll are the terrorist who are destroy the religion Islam.

  • Farhan Virk

    hahahahahahahaha! Do what you can, on resurrection It’ll be Ali as allowing you to enter hell or paradise just as Prophet pbuh mentioned in ahadis!

  • Rafed Allamy

    as a Muslim Shia I follow the holy Quran unlike those chanting “Alahu Akbar” whiteout knowing the meaning of the words!

    Beheading and terrorising in the name of Allah while not knowing a clue about the message of the holly Quran.

    A clear verse of the Quran prohibits separation and violence between the muslims:

    And hold firmly to the rope of Allah all together and do not become divided. And remember the favor of Allah upon you – when you were enemies and He brought your hearts together and you became, by His favor, brothers. And you were on the edge of a pit of the Fire, and He saved you from it. Thus does Allah make clear to you His verses that you may be guided.

  • Sakina

    Where are we heading …so sad and disturbing… but the irony is they are wasting theirs and others’ time…no body can diminish Shias .Period.

  • Guest

    Quran Recitation by Saad Al-Ghamadi

    • Omar Farooq

      It’s a shame for a country like Malaysia to do such act, where is Islam heading?

  • Raj

    Let them plan, Allah is best of planners

  • Raj

    And the disbelievers planned, but Allah planned. And Allah is the best of planners

    • Pluto Animus

      Apparently he planned for infidels to dominate the planet — politically, militarily, scientifically, economically — for the past five hundred years, and well into the future.

      He is indeed wise for keeping Muslims in the world’s backwaters.

      • MustMalangi

        You have a point mate

  • Nizam

    wahabis have gathered together


    Well its gonna happen ,it’s the prediction and GOOD NEWS is that our IMAM will be here soon then these GOD LESS people will see the time of IMAM ALI again INSHA INSHA ALLAH

    • aicha

      u are weird, we will see ALI (pbuh) in feradous incha’Allah

      • Hussain Nasser

        And you are a liar! I pray you be cursed in this life and the hereafter for spreading lies about the ummah, Aameen

  • Shaz Abass

    ” Be an enemy to the oppressors and a helper to the oppressed “. (imam ali as). We are ready to give our head to protect the blaspheme on our lovely Ahlul Bayt. … ABASS

  • Farooq Ahmed

    i am not shia but this is really sickening, when I read the headline I thought it was some kind of sarcasm. But it is for real.

  • Khalil Bansi Haidar

    THIS IS NOT GOOD AT ALL. I THOUGHT WE ALL KNOW THIS FAMOUS HADITH OF RASUL saying al-Muslimu akhul-Muslim,A Muslim is the brother of a Muslim. He neither oppresses him nor humiliates him nor looks down upon him. So why think such thing?? If WE find differences in both sects, is it not that we come sit down and discuss our differences, since we all Use the QUran and Hadith. We SHOULD KNOW THAT, THE THING THAT BIND US TOGETHER AS MUSLIMS IS STRONGER THAN OUR DIFFERENCES. (ASHHADU ALLA ILAHA ILLALLAH,WA ASHHADU ANNA MUHAMMADAR-RASULULLAH) أشهدُ أنْ لا إلهَ إلاَّ الله. وأشهدُ أنَّ محمّدًا رسولُ الله

  • Sayyed Ali Hosseini

    The writer of this article, who is a shia, didn’t provide any credible evidence for his claims. If they really call for violence against Shia then I as a Sunni condemn them. They should rather give Dawah to Shia brothers, show them the real teachings of Ahlulbayt.

    Anyways, condition of Sunnis in Iran is much worse than the condition of Shia minorities in Sunni majority countries. Sunnis are not even allowed to have a Mosque in Iran capital Tehran, they are not even allowed to perform Eid prayers even though there are more than 1 Million Sunnis in Tehran. This not limited to Tehran but also to other major cities where Sunnis are minority. Sunni Muslims constantly get executed, the regime accuse them of working against ‘national security’ or ‘spreading wahabism’. Iran is one of the most sectarian regimes.

    Extremist and violence should condemned whether they are committed by Shia or Sunni.

    • Kamel

      There are no designated Mosques for Sunnis or Shias as Mosques are for Allah and thy are places to worship Allah

    • Morning sunshine

      You accuse the writer of making unsubstantiated claims yet spew accusations without providing any citation yourself?

    • rahatshusain

      I’m the author of this article, and your statements are false. Throughout my article, I have included links to credible and respected Indonesian media verifying each and every one of my quotes. They are right there for you to click. If thats still too difficult for you, just search google news for “anti shia alliance” – theres more than 100 articles verifying the claims.

      Truly unfortunate that you couldn’t even see the hyperlinks interspersed in the article.

      • Muslim

        “Eyes cannot see what the mind does not know”. Well done for writing on this growing fitna and making people aware.

      • wasi

        Rahat, I appreciate if u reply Ejaz’s question instead placing it for approval

    • Omar bin Khattab

      You are a liar

    • Syed Rizvi

      I am from Pakistan and sorry in that country Shias are treated like cockroaches. You want Iran to kill Sunnis by checking there name & just bomb all their mosques? that might become equal.

      • wasi

        I am from Pakistan too U blatant liar Rizvi, shia are mafia in Pakistan and every where just like this loser writer. Now u r proving that shia in fact are cockroaches by making such an allegation. And Y wudnt ur lie , u r a shia

      • Snakker

        Shame on you Syed Rizvi. In Pakistan you people enjoy all the facilities which other people nationals have. We sunnies never dicreminate you people even you people are working in Beurocracy, Army, and own lot of land and enjoy your free Khurafat which you people called matam in muharams. On the other hand sunnis in iran living in a hell created by you people for them. No mosque overthere, no share in jobs coz you pigs think that sunnis can take control of your creepy messy iran. Barbaric killings of sunni muslims in sistan balochistan. You people are curse on earth just like jews coz they created you people. Answer me one question that how many shias were present when our beloved prophet (PBUH) was alived and lead the muslims. Answer is no only we sunnis belongs to that group which was lead by prophed Muhammad (PBUH) when he was alive. We are prophet followers. Its a long debate but i finally say. Shame on you people. In my point of view every shia in Pakistan is a irani agent. I wish our government deport them. You people have you hidden agenda you people try to hijack our media, our government in the form of PPP, our beaurocray, and tried to inject your irani agents in our army to complete the irani agenda. You people are not Pakistani citizens you people are Irani agents. Pakistani govt must deport you people just like UAE. Allah will save our sunni man and women from your cursed. Ameen

    • wasi

      Excellent writing Syyed Ali Hosseini, All shia including this author are one to support Iranian terrorism, they are hand in glove with imperialist powers and infidels. They leave leave no chance to inflict the worse injuries on Ahle Sunnah. You cant match them on blogging as its their domain as their employment to create fitna. Iran has had underhand love affair with US through out, they always supported US aggression on muslim countries for their common interests. And by now we all know Iranian so called revolution was a in fact a US revolution to find their under cover ally in Muslims

      • MustMalangi

        And Saudies have Open Love affair with US. isnt 🙂
        What is Ahle Sunnah dude? I thought Prophet SAW didnt preach any Ahle Sunnah etc etc… You are simply Ahle Jahil Mullah, nothing else.

  • MommaJM

    Killing the Heretics? They would all be committing suicide. They should look in the mirror and quote #1 of the proclamation promote virtues, love they neighbor, brothers and enemy are virtues. Prevent abominable acts: Killing, murder, thieving, hate, destroying are all abominable acts. As Rafed has said we should never become divided and all love Allah. All of this division in religions is all about human ego and who is right, get back to being a spiritual being. The prophet Mohammad, PBUH, must be weeping over his country and his followers.

  • aicha

    go attak isra-hel better

  • A Rizvi

    So, the “faith” of these “Muslims” is in actual “danger” because of what the Shi’a believe in?

  • Abdullah Ali

    It was held actuallly in Bandung,West Java Provincel, about 150 kms away from Jakarta by a bunch of the haters (takfiri) and, a lot of Sunni ulama–the tolerant ones, including the biggest ulama organization in Indonesia (Nahdhatul ulama), except the unique member zen al-kaff–and also Indonesia Human Rights are all against it.

    • Victor L. Velazquez

      AS Salaam Alaikum Wr Wb my dear beloved brother, sorry that these things happen to you, Allah(swt) will take care of these peoples., On the day of judgment. Insha Allah.
      The Ahlulbayt. Victor L. Velazquez. My name on Pal Talk is vvelazq238 and my Pal talk room name is Shia is understanding the Ahlulbayt.
      Allah Akbar

  • Abu Fadhl

    Thank you Mr Husain to bring up this issue. in Jakarta. This event was actually held in Bandung, West Java instead of Jakarta. The governor, although cancelled his attendance to this event, sent one of his man and gave his blessing for this declaration.
    @Mr Sayyed Ali Hoseini, yes the situation in Indonesia is that crucial in terms of intolerancy. I was attended Ashura commemoration last year and found a group of people waited for us outside the building and yelled at us ‘KUFR!!!’ And other provocative chanting. I believe there are ‘big hands’ playing in Indonesia to destroy peace in our community.

    • Muslim

      May you and all others be protected from all terrorists. May the Best of the Planners (Allah) plan the best for you all. It is somewhat heartening to learn that the moderate Sunni Ulema and Human Rights are raising voices against these takfiris.

  • MohammEd Ali

    2 things left behind by the holy prophet (p..b.u.h.) one is the holy quran and the other is the ahle e bait . Follow them and you are on the right path of islam rest all will vanish , AWAITING for his coming…….. all the signs are coming to reality . LABAIK YA IMAM Mehdi a.j.t.f

  • Ghazanfar

    Plz read Hadith books, Ali(as) will be with the Prophet(saww) on the fountain(Al Kawather) distributing the Paradise or Hell…… The differences among muslims are increasing due to Lack of studies of classic Islamic books and reliance on so called religious leaders who divide people for their own gain…..
    Please All Muslims read the Holy Quran and its Explanations and Hadith books,that were written before Saudi state meaning about 100 years ago. This controversy and divide is created by saudi family and their paid Mullahs. Be united and condemn such actions by any country or state like the above mentioned.Sunni and Shia both take guidance from Allah and his Last Prophet Muhammad(saww), and essentially have same beliefs, anyone who thinks otherwise must read Holy Quran and Hadith books of both sects and not listen to hate mongers.

    • MustMalangi

      Totally agreed with you, Saudi is Country which is created by British and Lawrence of Arabia to divide Muslims forever. And fools who follow these Wahhabi teachings simply cannot understand that there is no concept of KINGDOM and KINGS in Islam.

      • wasi

        What abt the Iranian Govt? Who created them ? US as Shah was getting into the plan of regional Alliance with Turkey and Pakistan, they brought a so called revolution of Khomani who was made ready in France. They ve hurt muslims all over the world more than any other Country, just like in syria, iraq, afganistan. They MUST be controlled or eliminated

        • Arash

          your are disgusting
          u are NOT a true muslim i believe, no muslim will wish the others to be eliminated
          shia or sonny, we have the same God, the same Prophet and the same Book.
          Iran was shia since the begining, 1400 years ago.
          about the syria , you should think of Russia.
          about Afganistan, its USA & RUssia & Saudi
          Read some more!!!
          its the USA & Israel Wish to start the war between muslims.

        • MustMalangi

          Your definition of “Muslim” is very myopic mate. Tell me how many “Sunni Muslim” Jihadi organisations helped or supported people of Philistine as of today? The oil burned by Israeli Hellis and Jets is coming from which country? Who are the biggest investors in US economy? who supported the Iraq Invasion and danced with American? who supported ruining Libya? who funded and trained ISIL?, who is funding TTP in Pakistan? Shame on your knowledge and mentality.

      • MustMalangi

        Mr Wasi. You really need to improve your knowledge of Islamic History and Politics. Truth hurts but you need to understand the ground realities. Saudi Arabia is a country who has been supporting US and its western allies for all their misdeeds. They have never raised an issue with US against civilian bombing and mass casualties in Iraq and Afghanistan. Why they have never attempted to present any resolution against Israel for its continued acts of aggression against Palestine? Why they didn’t do anything to help the poor Bosnians during Balkans War? Why they fund all madarsa to ignite religious hatred and violence to spread their version of Islam?

  • naj241

    “Mun kunto Mulla, Fa’aza Ali-un Mulla,” who said that ‘aicha?’ Actually, the sect Ahle-sunnat was started by Mauwia [who sanctioned cursing the ‘House of the Prophet’ (Ahl-e-Bayt) from the Friday pulpit until Omer bin Abdul Aziz stopped it. The poor man was poisoned for that. Read the Islamic history before you make an ignorant statement.

    • wase

      shut up Naj. Ahle Sunnat is Islam. Shia is distorted sect that was planted 300 years after death of Imam Jafar Sadiq. All maloons supporting Jews and their cause, like in Afghanistan, Syria and Iraq. Certified US frends

  • DeanMiah

    I may differ in my opinion of those labelled as “Shia” but this type of division is not going to help in the unity of Muslims. At times it felt like a convention against “Iran” have the Sunni’s been pushed to the corner to react so loud? Or is this the next phase of more blood shed and self destruction. If a Muslim believes in Allah, Prophet Muhammed as the final messenger and the Quran as the final revelation than that should suffice? Politics aside that is what matters, because life is too short and no one is without sin. Perhaps we should look at such developments critically from both sides somewhere in time, the poison of division got concentrated and the original message of brotherhood/sisterhood seriously damaged.

    • CanadianMuslim

      I keep telling that to people. As long as you believe in Allah, Prophet Muhammed as the final messenger and the Quran as the final revelation, then you are a muslim. Any belief beyond that, & whether you practice or not, doesn’t matter!! Fact is no one will have the right to tell you your are not muslim and the rest is between you and God. So WHY the division?? Why the hate??

  • D∛Evil أَحْمَد

    What a bunch of nu-nazis

    Just like a big replay of “Jahliah”

  • Hasan

    Are these Muslims? I am a Muslim and my beliefs prohibit me from being sectarian against non muslims, let alone muslims.

    I understand that Wahhabis and Saudia Arabia are fueling these conferences and movements against Shia in particular and against mankind in general.

    From this tribune, I urge the UN and secretary general as well as all Muslim clerics around the world to stop such atrocities.

  • Khalid Mansoor

    So what? I am a sunni and everything he stated is truth. Show me one line that he wrote which is false?

  • Nasser Al Ghamdi

    Curse be upon you and may you rot in hell for all eternity. I will make 100 du’as every night specifically to you so that it comes true for you inshallah.

  • KhaleejRafid

    You are a liar. Inshallah on the day of judgement you and your family will burn in hell for all eternity. Ameen

  • Hussain Nasser

    You are a liar. Please don’t beg us for help when you and your children and all the other people you have led astray are burning in Jahanam for all eternity. I will make supplication every night until I die for this to come true. Aaameen

    • ejaz

      what a BIG Loser u r

  • A Rizvi

    @couchtripper:disqus – Your shallow counterattack only makes me wonder what your faith is.
    Oh, and you’d give me an answer IF you had one 🙂

  • Ali

    This is wrong ! Sad part is its Muslims against Muslims ….. As it’s always been …. Let’s try to be good Humanbeings first ..and if they might have been this conference would have never taken place .

  • Ali

    Nothing really has changed since 1400 years ….really Sad

  • Ali

    Who are we do judge …. Life is an exam just try to pass it ….

  • Ali

    Who are we to judge *

  • davidkennerly

    I have been to Indonesia a number of times although not since 2006 or so. I was hopeful then that it might be becoming more tolerant of other religions as well as, in my case, agnostics and non-believers. This appears not to be the case. If anything, it appears to be becoming more like Malaysia and, worse, the Middle East. Not an encouraging development, I would say. I hated Suharto and was even there when he was overthrown. But now I think that that opportunity for genuine freedom was completely squandered. The anti-Chinese riots were horrifying. Is it possible that Indonesia was better off under the old general? That would be a terrible thing, if true. Even so, I miss Indonesia and its people. A lovely place with wonderful people. What a shame!

  • Abu Fadhl

    perhaps you want to read my previous comment before accusing any hidden agenda by the writer? or you would like to be provided by evidences from local newspaper? It is not about sunni vs shiah, it is about invisible hands want to dominate by destroying peace. Wake up.

  • Malang

    Anit Shia Groups are frightened due to sudden arrival of Imam Al Mahdi A.S which is very near. So i request to all Shia people to get ready themselves for arrival of Holy Imam. And do not response to these foolish alliance, as these alliance were made so many times but failed to avail fruit and remain only a black part of history. The enemies of Ahlu Bait A.S shall remain in world till the Judgement day, if all the world become Shia than what we shia do. Our creation is only rests with for doing Tabarah on these bastered enemies. So dont worry my shia brothers and sisters. let do your Job and get Shahdat for early meeting with Imam Ali A.S.

  • MustMalangi

    How do you know that?

  • CanadianMuslim

    Loooool yeah riiiighhtt.. you’re too funny! How did shias make islam look bad?? What historical facts do you have of that?? Problem here is how you people (I’m talking closed minded full of hatred ppl) just don’t want to see passed your hate! Today’s shias aren’t perfect, they are only humans, as are sunnies, but you keep wanting to point a finger to the one that you cannot tolerate their view because its easier for you. Can’t you see that there is a much bigger political and economical agenda here? The people promoting the hate don’t care about any muslim, but their using their brainwashed followers to promote such hate. Divide and conquer thats what it is.

  • Zunera

    Please be respectful

    • wasi

      B respectful 2 what? losers like aicha

  • Muavia Aurangzeb.

    Please note that 100% of all Al Quaida, Taliban, Jundullah, Lashkar Jhangvi, Sipah Sahaba etc are either Wahabis or Salafis. There are no Shias in these internationaly known terrorists.

  • Syed Rizvi

    Bukhari doesn’t have this hadith. Muslim has this but with Ahlul bayt. I don’t know where your taking your hadith from? if its from Muwatta Imam Malik then its the only book of Sihah e Sitta which has Sunnah written. Technically Shias don’t have issue with SUnnah or Ahlul Bayth. Because its same for us. We cannot consider Caliphs who had no religious knowledge to be teaching about Sunnah of Prophet saww when only Ali a.s was with him most of the time.

    And the best thing is while Sunnis like the above in this conference want to incite sectarianism we Shias have been mature and will not be as childish & slaves of America & Saudia.

    • wasi

      Shia are USA’s boot lickers, they ve been helping US in all crimes. A sect based on hatred of Sahabah. Lanat on haters of Sahabah

      • Dahmane

        You consider everyone who saw the Prophet (sawa) is a Sahabi then you must also curse Sura Jumu’a as well for saying your Sahabas left the Prophet standing during the Friday prayers when they heard the caravan approaching the mosque.
        The topic is out of scope but it just gives me the creep to see comments like yours. You reflect hatred and ignorance and for anything you jump to cursing and violence. By the way I am a Sunni from Algeria and consider the pure Ahlul Beit are the ones chosen by the devine to lead the Umma.
        It’s not me who says so, it’s the Coran and re-enforced by the Prophet’s hadith (Sahih Muslim (bab assahab volume 4)) go and see for yourself and educate yourself before you throw stupid comments and insult people.

      • Hasnain Zaidi

        Dear brother, please remove the spec of disblief and go to your true Maulanas and ask them regarding the incident of Mubahela & Ghadir and if they are true to their one father then they will not hide the truth and will explain you that from returning the last haj our beloved holy prophet PBUH stayed at this spot (ghadeer) for nearly seven days and made an announcement which hazrat jibraeel a.s. has revealed on him PBUH that tell the gathering that ” man kunto maulaho fa haza ali un maula” (to whomsoever I am Maula, Ali is also his Maula )so matter of Qayadat was revealed, that after the demise of holy prophet PBUH Ali a.s. will be the Imam of Muslim community. At the time of this declaration all the bigwig and top shot of muslim community (be it Abubaker, Umar, Usman, Muawiya) were present there and they have congratulated Hazrat Ali a.s. and has accepted there maula but after the demise of holy Prophet PBUH which was happened merely two or three month of this announcement, the bigwig instead of attending funeral of Holy Prophet PBUH taken interest in arranging a meeting and declaring the 1st caliph against the wishes of god as well as the holy prophet PBUH.

      • MustMalangi

        Dude, the whole world knows who licks the boots and A&& of Americans, you dont need to use your little brain to explain your point of view. US economy will collapse without Saudi… Ask your beloved King to Kick out ARAMCO from Saudi, have guts?

  • Dahmane

    How amazing are these Wahabis & Salafis, they only seem to unite to kill other Muslims but never when its needed to protect others. These two groups were created to do just that: Kill Muslims and demonetise Islam. These 2 groups were imposed on the Muslim umma by western thinkers to replace the old ways of the Christian church. The church is known for its dark past, to those who bother to read about history, from about 100 CE to 1800 CE.
    They Christianised Europe, Asia, Africa and the Arab world by force and those who didn’t were executed in the most horrific death. They used to burn Arabic and Persian books of knowledge because science seemed evil to them and it contradicted their teaching and belief. They realised their mistakes in 12th century when they started translating Arabic & Persian books to Greek and changed history to say science started in Greece meaning the European man of course. The Greeks hanged Socrates because of his scientific views on the sun which was worshipped as a god but all sciences come from them. How amazing, hey?

    To change the church dark image, they learned the sciences and wisdom of Islam and applied them to the Christian teaching but it didn’t stop there. To darken the image of Islam, they created these Wahabi, Salafi sects and others centuries before to halt the strong advance of Islam and promote Christianity. To cut the story short, we have reached rock bottom because of these so called Muslim sects and of course the Shia’s are different to them therefore death is their end. They managed to replace the beautiful of Islam with killing, massacres, spilling blood, rapes, chop of heads and so on. Islam today, thanks to Wahabis/Salafis monsters, seem to the average European or the rest of humanity as the most evil religion ever know to the planet.

  • xndrdgr8

    This will impact the world of Islam for hundreds of years to come and you can thank Saudi Arabia for this.

  • Faiyazahmed Ahmed

    I would like you to attend the next UMAA and see for yourself just how many Sunni and Shia collaborate together as one Umma. The previous UMAA conference featured many scholars from both schools of thought jointly signing the Muslim Code of Honor that forbids calling each other “unbeliever”. I have attended nearly every UMAA convention with my family and there has never been any slandering or offending of Sunni beliefs, ideas, or groups. Rahat Husain and the UMAA organizers personally ensure this.

    Will you, and all the other commentators of this article, accept this invitation?

  • Faiyazahmed Ahmed

    Watch yourself, my friend. If you read the history, then you would not address Muaviah as “Hazrat Ameer”. Everything he did was against Islam and the teachings of Prophet Muhammad (PBUH). Imam Hasan (AS) had to draft a treaty for the public to realize Muaviah’s true nature, and Muaviah systematically broke all the conditions set in the treaty…

    I am not sure what you mean when you say that Hazrat Ali (AS) pledged his daughter to “Hazrat Syedana Omar Farooq”. From my understanding, this never happened.

    You can’t say “we dont care”. You MUST care; you don’t have a choice.

  • Victor L. Velazquez

    AS Salaam Alaikum Wr Wb. I am Shia Muslim from the USA, these things that are happening are the signs that the Imam Mahdi A.S. will be here soon. Insha Allah, can’t you not see the sings of Allah(swt) Me being a shia is from me studying about Islam, nobody told me that this was right, I found out that this was right by studying Islam to fine the truth, The truth is in the Quran, 2: 124, 2:128, 2:207, 3:31, 5:3, 5:55, 5:67, 33:33, 42:23, 76:8-9. These are only a few verse’s from the Quran, about the Prophet family. (MPBH+F) Alhumdulillah. I am going to tell you a true story about the Night of Power, that Happen to me during 1978 during Ramadan, I was Shia and Allah(swt) bless me with that night and let me tell you , I know the truth, Just like the people of Prophet Jesus A.S. will see, so will the people of the Mahdi A.S. will see when they both come. Insha Allah. I put my picture of when I went into the Army of the USA with the elite Army Rangers. My Ranger class was 5-76 from November 1975 till February 1976. I am one of the best Airborne Ranger.

    I have all the Proof, so believe me when I tell you all of what I say is true and the day of Judgment is soon. on Pal talk my name is vvelazq238, My Islamic room name is Shia is understanding the Ahlulbayt.

  • enchodus .

    If you ask me, the only ones who escalated the conflict are the shias themselves when they decided to support Basshar kill sunni Muslims in Syria…people are naturally angry by such miscalculated decision and by the cruelty practiced in Syria against a nation seeking freedom from tyranny…this is a serious conflict and shias decided to join the wrong cruel and ruthless end….for every action, there is a reaction…in addition, it is politically favorable for Iran to stir conflict in Muslim (sunni) countries and the ultimate goal is Saudi Arabia, thus, Iran is a secret aid to criminal groups and terrorist organisations such as ISIS with the intent of eventually moving such disease to Saudi and other Muslim countries.

  • John Okuuloo

    I have read the article and the comments and am now convinced that Islam is a religion of
    violence. it is no longer illiterate preachers preaching the illiterate public which is often the reason I have been given but these are educated people. Some have even justified the reason using the holy book Quran and Indonesia as a state also supports it. Can someone explain why muslims also
    indiscriminately kill muslims.

  • arash

    THE USA & ISraeil Would Love to start a war between the muslims.

  • Sabiha Saeed

    Shias are tumour in Muslim world THey are allies of West …….

  • WINTER sunshine

    some shia AAlim like khumaini misguided muslims and made them what they wanted muslims to be. Those fake aged scholars with no brain poisoned many people now they are promoting new face of Islam without using own brains. use ur common sense and u will know what is right if you think urself a good momin then u should follow true Islam dont beat urself if u r not guilty.

  • Ahmed

    It is so sad to see Muslims killing other Muslims. Prophet Mohammed was not a Sunni or a Shia. He was a Muslim. Both Shia and Sunni follow same book, we pray 5 times a day, go to haj, do Zakat, fast Ramadan and celebrate Eids. So what is the difference? No one can judge who is write or wrong but Allah. Muslims should unite. Why are we stuck on issues happened 1400 years ago?

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