Why the Islamic State is more dangerous than previous terror groups


CHARLOTTE, NC, October 12, 2014 – A key feature of the growth and appeal of the Islamic State to Western recruits that has either been overlooked or misunderstood is the basic goal of ISIS to re-establish the Caliphate.

Unlike other Islamic jihadi organizations in the past, the Islamic State has made the claim that it has succeeded in its goal to return the Caliphate to dominance while continuing to expand Islamic ideals.

Apologists frequently argue that “Muslims are free to interpret Islam in any way they choose.” It is a primary appeal of the religion, especially for new converts to the faith.

What apologists do not say however, is that even though various factions of Islam may have some differences, they ALL believe that returning the Caliphate to its historical strength is the primary objective of the religion.

Therein lies the added danger of the Islamic State, because of broadened enticement to disaffected impressionable Western Muslims who may come from segments of society that are better educated and more middle or upper class than its traditional base of followers.

Among the major fallacies of correct celebrities and apologists, such as Ben Affleck, is the belief in “Islamophobia” and that such a fear is racist.

Islam is not a “race.” Its followers come from all parts of the world and all walks of life. Apologists for Islam either forget, fail to acknowledge or do not realize that Islamic jihad was a founding principle of the religion. So much so that some Islamics sects believe jihad to be the sixth pillar of the faith.

Within ten years after the hijrah (migration) to Medina, which is regarded as the birth of Islam, the primary weapon of expansion was jihad to such a degree that over 30 countries that exist on today’s maps were conquered by Islam.

Even the United States became involved in fighting Muslims just 25 years after being founded as a nation.

Barack Obama loves to proclaim that Thomas Jefferson possessed a Koran during his time as president. What Obama fails to mention is that Jefferson used the book as a reference to assist in deciding how to understand and deal with the Muslim Barbary pirates who were enslaving our sailors after plundering American ships in the Mediterranean.

What Affleck, and many other Westerners do not realize, is that the Muslim expansion following Muhammad’s death lasted approximately 1,000 years. It is that millennial-long proliferation of Islam that ISIS is attempting recreate.

Other than “justification” and “intolerance”, the primary tool Islam uses to appeal to apologists is “victimization.” Muslims are always “victimized” by outside forces. It is never their fault.

As an aside question, does that sound familiar in regard to the current occupant of the White House?

The fallacy of the argument lies in the inherent lessons of Islam’s core beliefs rather than from Western criticism. Beyond that, the real danger is that those who ignore the violent teachings of the Koran and the Hadith do not realize that we are not at the beginning of a war, but rather in the middle of it, and Islam is winning.

Sometimes terminology is subtle and goes unnoticed by the media. For example, no one in the Obama administration, including the president himself, refers to the organization currently expanding through Syria and Iraq to the borders of Turkey as either the Islamic State or ISIS.
Originally “ISIS” stood for “the Islamic State in Syria and Iraq.”

After ISIS had claimed enough territory in those countries, it quickly changed its name to the Islamic State because, as mentioned above, that is their way of saying they have re-established the Caliphate.

However, the Obama administration refers to the group only as “ISIL.” The reason is simple but it speaks volumes about the president’s thinking.

“ISIL”, which is the second name ISIS chose before becoming the Islamic State, stands for the “Islamic State in the Levant.”
Why does that make any difference?

Because the “Islamic State in the Levant” includes Israel and that provides the president the escape-clause he needs if and when diplomatic decisions must be made in the region.

If that sounds like a lot of wordsmithing and mumbo-jumbo, that’s because it is. And that is a major facet of the problem the international community faces in dealing with global terrorism.

The “Ben Afflecks” of the world need to either wake up or grow up and see the truth. Otherwise they should stop perpetuating misinformation that is detrimental to the safety of our own citizens and others in the West.

Bob Taylor has been traveling the world for more than 30 years as a writer and award winning television producer focusing on international events, people and cultures around the globe.

Taylor is founder of The Magellan Travel Club (www.MagellanTravelClub.com)

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