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Vladimir Putin’s nuclear solution to ISIS

Written By | Dec 10, 2015

WASHINGTON, Dec. 10, 2015 – Should Russia deliver a nuclear knockout punch to ISIS as President Vladimir Putin has suggested he could do? There is growing support in America, especially from supporters of GOP presidential poll leader Donald Trump, that tough talk and tough action are what is needed to turn the ISIS Caliphate Syrian headquarters and surrounding desert into glass.

Is this a viable solution for a sworn terrorist enemy of not only America and western powers, but also of tens of millions of Muslims who are targeted for eradication by ISIS?

The Islamic Civil War is America’s war now 

Putin recently suggested that the nuclear solution could be used to eliminate the terrorists in Syria by fitting current Russian missiles with nuclear warheads.

Nuclear weapons have not been used against enemy forces since the United States dropped them on Japan in 1945, bringing an end to World War II. Then-U.S. President Harry S. Truman was not handcuffed by current rules of engagement implemented by President Barrack Obama concerning when and where to bomb.  Had Obama been president at that time, World War II could conceivably been prolonged another four to eight years or more with loss of tens of thousands of American military lives.

The barbaric tactics employed by ISIS has made a very convincing case for the use of the ultimate terrorist elimination weapon. While wartime Japan did engage in numerous atrocities against captured enemy forces, none of the prisoners of war suffered from Japanese beheading or being burned alive. Both are tactics used by ISIS.

Putin, like U.S. president Truman, is not forced to use weakened rules of engagement promulgated by a reluctant commander in chief. Putin voiced a bit of caution by stating that he hoped the situation would not come to the use of nuclear weapons, but stated missiles, “have proved modern and highly effective,” reported Fox News.

After the apparent ISIS-inspired terrorist attack in San Bernardino, California, which resulted in the tragic massacre of 14 Americans, the military stakes and possible weapon options are increasing. Trump, who had previously called for a registry of Muslims entering the United States, recently stated that all Muslims entering the United States should be banned until Congress and the White House developed a solution to better vet them and avoid allowing potential terrorists to enter the nation.

The controversial position has set off a political firestorm and led both sides of the political spectrum to denounce Trump. Even House Speaker Paul Ryan strongly derided Trump’s position.

Trump’s proposed moratorium on Muslim immigration

But the strongly worded missive from Trump has not stripped him of his Republican voter backing. In fact, based upon recent polling, Trump’s hold on the lead as only been strengthened. Recently released CBS News polling indicates “35 percent of Republican primary voters support Trump, up 13 points since October, while Ted Cruz is in second place at 16 percent,” reported CBS News.

Meanwhile, according to Forbes Magazine, a Zogby Analytics poll has places GOP presidential poll leader at 25 points over his rival, neurologist Dr. Ben Carson.

Does Putin’s announcement of a possible nuclear option in Syria indicate that he is signaling this as a serious option? Or perhaps Putin, not necessarily known for speaking in delicate terms about his intentions on dealing with terrorists could be channeling Trump’s view. After all the Donald stressed recently that he would “Bomb the sh-t” out of the terrorists if elected president.

Tough actions from Vladimir Putin and Donald Trump may just be what is needed to bring a real solution to ISIS, even if it means using nuclear warheads to turn the Syrian Desert into glass.

Kevin Fobbs

Kevin Fobbs began writing professionally in 1975. He has been published in the "New York Times," and has written for the "Detroit News," "Michigan Chronicle," “GOPUSA,” "Soul Source" and "Writers Digest" magazines as well as the Ann Arbor and Cleveland "Examiner," "Free Patriot," "Conservatives4 Palin" and "Positively Republican." The former daily host of The Kevin Fobbs Show on conservative News Talk WDTK - 1400 AM in Detroit, he is also a published author. His Christian children’s book, “Is There a Lion in My Kitchen,” hit bookstores in 2014. He writes for Communities Digital News, and his weekly show "Standing at Freedom’s Gate" on Community Digital News Hour tackles the latest national and international issues of freedom, faith and protecting the homeland and heartland of America as well as solutions that are needed. Fobbs also writes for Clash Daily, Renew America and BuzzPo. He covers Second Amendment, Illegal Immigration, Pro-Life, patriotism, terrorism and other domestic and foreign affairs issues. As the former 12-year Community Concerns columnist with The Detroit News, he covered community, family relations, domestic abuse, education, business, government relations, and community and business dispute resolution. Fobbs obtained a political science and journalism degree from Eastern Michigan University in 1978 and attended Wayne State University Law School. He spearheaded and managed state and national campaigns as well as several of President George W. Bush's White House initiatives in areas including Education, Social Security, Welfare Reform, and Faith-Based Initiatives.