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Shia Rights Watch releases video documenting ISIS human rights abuses

Written By | Nov 6, 2014

WASHINGTON, November 5, 2014 — Last week, Shia Rights Watch released a 9-minute video outlining some of the atrocities perpetrated by ISIS in Iraq. In conjunction with Imam Hussain TV and Laaya Productions, several interviews were conducted with victims of the unfolding disaster in the country.

Those interviewed repeated stories of rape, murder, and forced relocation from cities such as Mosul and Tal Afar. Mosul, which was overtaken by ISIS forces last summer, was where over 670 Shia prisoners were executed.This video also mentions the slaughter in the Salaheddin province where an estimated 1,700 Shia were killed.

The video released by Shia Rights Watch shows the trauma that has been inflicted upon venerable populations, something that is rarely covered through conventional media sources. Shia Rights Watch hopes that this documentary can shed light onto the deteriorating conditions Shia in Iraq face and galvanize international support for the protection of innocent Shia in Iraq and throughout the world.

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Alan Williams

Alan is a Global Affairs major experienced intern who has enhanced his world view by advocating for minority rights. As a young activist who belongs to African American minority group, he has dedicated his professional and academic life to research and writing about minorities who need to be heard, such as Shia Muslims. He has contributed to Shia Rights Watch news section and has conducted research in Yemen and Egypt.