Obama’s prayer breakfast comments: Purposeful distraction


CHARLOTTE, NC, February 6, 2015 – There were so many lies and misleading statements in Barack Obama’s comments at the National Prayer Breakfast that it is difficult to know where to begin.

In typical Islamic fashion, the president chose to “change the subject” from talking about burning a Jordanian pilot alive to condemning Christianity. “We are summoned to push back against those who would distort our religion (emphasis added) for their nihilistic ends,” said the president.

“Our religion?” Did he really say that? As Pamela Geller of Atlas Shrugs pointedly asked, “What religion is that? Islam is not my religion, Mr. President. Is it yours?”

As a reminder, Robert Spencer of Jihad Watch noted, “Back in 2008, (Obama) referred to ‘my Muslim faith.’” Spencer then added that the media dismissed it as a “slip of the tongue.”

The problem is that it was not a “slip of the tongue.” It was calculated, just like everything else this president does.

Provocation and misdirection are two of Barack Obama’s favorite strategies. They are designed to polarize issues and to create controversy so that nothing of any real consequence can be accomplished.

By taking on Christianity, Obama effectively changed the narrative from ISIS to a non-issue by using offensive and distracting rhetoric. It was clearly intentional.

Perhaps Raymond Ibrahim summed up the president’s provocations with the most eloquent rebuttals by writing, “the wide gulf between violence and hate ‘justified in the name of Christ’ and violence and hate ‘justified in the name of Muhammad’ is that Christ never justified it, while Muhammad continuously did.” (emphasis added)

Somehow that argument never comes up in any comparison between Islam and Christianity. It is a tried and true Islamic tactic. Obama knows it and he uses it to his advantage.

Back to Pamela Geller, “he falsely claimed (Islam) was being ‘hijacked.” Hijacked, how? Jihadists are citing Quran chapter and verse. They are using Muhammad as their ‘perfect example.’ Obama never said Christianity had been hijacked a thousand years ago. But he did make the outrageous claim that Jim Crow and slavery were sanctioned in the name of Christ.

“Jesus did not behead, kill, rape or steal from conquered people, calling the theft righteous booty. Jesus did not marry a six-year-old. Muhammad did. And he slaughtered untold numbers, with his mujahedeen raping and pillaging every bloody step of the way.”

Comparisons between Christ and Muhammad are just as irrelevant as comparing the Crusades with modern day Islamic extremism.

“As for the much maligned Crusades,” writes Raymond Ibrahim, “Obama naturally follows the mainstream academic narrative that anachronistically portrays the crusaders as greedy, white, Christian imperialists who decided to conquer peace-loving Muslims in the Middle East.

“…the true sources and causes behind the Crusades shows that they were a response to the very same atrocities being committed by the Islamic State today.” (emphasis added)

Here again is another significant part of the story and the comparisons that never arise during a debate about Islam and Christianity.

But two can play Obama’s game. As Ibrahim points out, if Obama wants to go back a thousand years, then consider the words of Pope Urban II who spoke out ten centuries ago.

From the confines of Jerusalem and the city of Constantinople a horrible tale has gone forth and very frequently has been brought to our ears, namely, that a race from the kingdom of the Persians (i.e., Muslim Turks) … has invaded the lands of those Christians and has depopulated them by the sword, pillage and fire; it has led away a part of the captives into its own country (as slaves), and a part it has destroyed by cruel tortures; it has either entirely destroyed the churches of God or appropriated them for the rites of its own religion …. What shall I say of the abominable rape of the women? To speak of it is worse than to be silent… (emphasis added)

Conservative commentator Mark Levin responded to Obama’s remarks by saying, “Obama has a very high tolerance for misery, not his own, but for everybody else’s and he’s turning the world inside-out.”

Indeed Mr. Obama is doing precisely that, turning the world upside down. But not because of his “Christian” faith. For whatever reasons that motivate this president, it is because he cannot bring himself to condemn the very religion that was instrumental in his upbringing regardless of how much evidence there is to the contrary.

Raymond Ibrahim concludes by asking, “(Muhammad), the prophet of Islam, did everything the Islamic State is doing.

“If Muslims are supposed to follow the example of Muhammad, and if Muhammad engaged in and justified every barbarity being committed by the Islamic State and other Muslims –how, exactly, are they ‘hijacking’ Islam?”

Sadly there are too few people like Ibrahim, Spencer, Geller and Levine who actually “get” the true message of Barack Obama.

Bob Taylor has been traveling the world for more than 30 years as a writer and award winning television producer focusing on international events, people and cultures around the globe.

Taylor is founder of The Magellan Travel Club (www.MagellanTravelClub.com)

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