Obama’s Africa and reality: Replace racism and colonialism with the free market


WASHINGTON, August 4, 2014 — “Africa has the capacity. Africa has the know-how. The questions Africa faces are similar to those confronting countries all over the world: Is there political will, the sense of common purpose to address challenges?” commented Secretary of State John Kerry at the start of US-Africa leaders summit desired by President Obama on Tuesday. Almost 50 African heads of state are attending the summit.

The U.S. meeting follows other summits hosted by Japan and India with Africa. Without Chinese ever-expanding influence throughout Africa, this summit would never have occurred. Kerry’s statements clearly suggest an effort to improve the standing of U.S. business.

But Africa also knows most Western nations rarely acknowledge African success. African intellectuals know that America’s culture of revering the individual allows the U.S. to accept scientific truths from a black man, but it is something many in Europe, Canada and Australia still avoid.

Africa is doing itself a great disservice with all these conferences and summits. They are forever looking outside for help at the same time strangling the very African people they claim to want to serve.

China, like Europe before it, has a reputation of racism and xenophobia. The highly nationalistic Chinese culture suggests that all non-Chinese are inferior. Is it really worth it to Africa to make long term deals with them? Will they accept an African, a black as having a mind?

Both India and the USA have demonstrated they accept scientific truths from any credible source. The rest of the world has fears of outsiders, bordering on hate, which clouds their ability to accept ideas from other peoples. The mindset of China, Europe, Canada and Japan prohibits them from believing a black can think, it does not serve their mind set of a zero sum game, a mindset that has not affected the last three American presidents.

Africans should be grateful to ex President Clinton for the African Growth and Opportunity Act, AGOA, as well as the $15 billion from President George W Bush for the Emergency Plan for AIDS Relief.

African nations have been making these same plans for the last 50 years and nothing has been achieved. Current growth has occurred, not because of any planning but because the world needed Africa’s resources. Free market ensures money circulates to a larger proportion of the population as people are free to join an industry if they see there is an opportunity for profit, and society as a whole benefits.

Nigeria, a country with 150 million people, could expand by reducing the role of government in allocating resources and protecting those who can pay bribes. Uganda has just been forced to change its laws because it relies on donors for its budget, yet the answer is to let the people alone and limit government to collecting taxes, preferably a 10% flat tax. Ghana is having an inflationary problem, yet the answer is simple: have sound money, after 50 years nothing seems to have been learned. Stop inviting these advisors from foundations who can’t believe Africans can think and must always be taught. They are teaching the wrong things keeping Africa down.

What is there in Malawi? Nothing. This is a country that has foreign aid paying for 40% of the national budget. They have not been embarrassed in 50 years, yet the solution is simple: what is government protecting in Malawian economy, the best is to admit failure and allow the people to look after the economy. That is the free market. What could Malawi possibly lose? There is nothing to lose.

Hopefully America will return to its pre-World War II position of demanding end of colonialism in Africa. Roosevelt with the Atlantic Charter had forced Churchill to relinquish his colonies as a condition of American support. This brought a lot of hope to Africans of that generation. But after the war, the USA did a complete turnaround.

It is up to America to lead the world. If American chooses skin color over principles, the rest of the Western world countries like France will always be expected to choose skin color over principle.

Will America support freedom in Africa or bring about fascism for western bankers to make huge fortunes, don’t believe that nonsense that it will be forgotten by next generation when nothing on the ground has really changed. 20 years after Mandela was elected president of South Africa, radicals like Malema can still drive national agenda because nothing on the ground has really changed.

But then again, if Africans are afraid of their own potential, then Africa will remain as is for the next 50 years, and will remain open to every liberal con telling them they do not need to think, all the thinking will be done in Western capitals.

If America wants a true partnership it must break from Western desires to contain Africans economically, and intellectually, the two are essentially the same. Or it can continue with Europe in containing and bullying Africans, the choice is Washington’s.

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  • Daniel Katz

    “Bhekuzulu Khumalo has studied economics learning that mathematics behaves differently according to spatial dimensions, transdimensional mathematics.”

    Seems legit.

    • harrykuheim

      Translated that means, “It’s all Whiteys fault” and we get to “Shake him down” for a few more Billion $$$.

      • Bhekuzulu Khumalo

        I hope you did not get impression I am suggesting it is all Whiteys fault if you did I wrote badly and I apologize

        • chu che

          Don’t bother with him. he’s just another stupid hamburger American sticking his big nose where it doesn’t belong. As usual.

    • Bhekuzulu Khumalo

      Thanks 😉

  • harrykuheim

    What a laugh…Obama’s Father, as a Marxist Economist in the 60’s, was instrumental in DESTROYING the Economy and Free Markets in Africa…Hell bent ,as all Communist Idealists are, on establishing a Command Economy like in the then USSR and China….This was the “Dreams of his Father” Obama wrote about… 50 years later, as a result, Africa is in
    utter Chaos.

    • SteveInSiliconValley

      And now, so is America. For a wonderful insight into what is necessary for nations to thrive, I would highly recommend “Why Nations Fail” by Daron Acemoglu and James Robinson. The author of this article has part of the formula and is to be commended.

  • RGZ_50

    Bhekuzulu, I’m reading your article a little late but better than never. I like your big picture view of Africa and the insight on how the sum of its parts differentiate internally and how the rest of the international community leverages it. Excellent post.