Obama and Kerry’s Iran deal is unraveling

Photo Credit: US Department of State/Wikimedia Commons
Photo Credit: US Department of State/Wikimedia Commons

Israel, January 15, 2014 — There are many current events taking place with regard to Israel that require media attention.

It would be worthwhile to discuss the death of former Israeli Prime Minister Ariel Sharon, recounting his greatest successes, most costly failures and what his life meant to the Jewish State.

Notorious “pro-Israel” (read: anti-Israel) pundit Peter Beinart deserves attention this week, as well. The self-hating Daily Beast columnist penned an article in the self-loathing Israeli news rag, Haaretz, claiming that Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu incites more hatred than the freed-terrorist-embracing, anti-Semitic-dissertation-writing Palestinian Authority President Mahmoud Abbas. He misrepresents the settlement movement as well as the words and intentions of Netanyahu and former hard-line hawk Rabbi Mier Kahane. In this piece of yellow journalism, Beinart’s arrogance is only superseded by his dishonesty.

Also egregiously in the news is the distortion of the treatment Israel is giving to African migrants who are flowing across its borders at an unprecedented rate that would be unsustainable to any country, let alone one of Israel’s size. It would be worth expressing at length that just because America is refusing to secure its borders despite the toll it is taking on its legal citizens doesn’t mean the rest of the world has to be in idiotic synchronization.

Comments are probably also obligatory regarding BuzzFeed’s new spin on old anti-Zionism. Liberals love to take Israel to task for its alleged human rights violations but what do they do when Israel out-liberals them? When Israel announced last week that the government will fund abortions, BuzzFeed, which has been attacking the Jewish State with growing ferocity, decided to dedicate an entire article to how hypocritical American pro-life conservative backers of Israel are, as if liberals agree with every policy held by the countries they claim to support.

Granted, everything written above is enough to distract even the most focused Israel supporter, but an extra push to zero-in on the most important issue at hand is imperative.

The single most significant current event for any person with pro-Israel and pro-Western sentiments is that after all of the hugging, preaching and spiking of the football, President Obama and Secretary Kerry’s horrifying deal with the Iranians is on the ropes.

This is not like ObamaCare, where the conservatives claim Obama is in serious trouble because he lied (also known as “Keep-Your-Plan-Gate”) while the pathetic Republican leadership continues to fumble this golden opportunity and the mainstream media endlessly whitewashes the deluge of horror stories that this disastrous legislation is responsible for.

Why is opposition to Obama and Kerry’s Iran plan, which is set to go into effect on January 20, different? It appears that despite the administration and its co-conspirator’s best efforts, some of Obama’s closest allies in Congress refuse to fall in line behind a policy that halts sanctions and gains nothing but Iran’s pinky-swear that it won’t continue to pursue weapons of mass destruction. Congressmen and women received exemptions from ObamaCare so what do they care if millions of other Americans are placed in medical and financial peril after losing their policies. A nuclear bomb pointed at America, however, is inescapable, even for those so far to the left that they make the Pacific Ocean look like it sits in the mid-west.

According to a Fox News report, “Fifty-nine senators now back a new sanctions package they say would increase the pressure on Iran to make nuclear concessions, according to congressional aides…the Senate is now close to the 60 votes needed to pass most legislation. And advocates are not far away from rounding up the 67 votes they would need to override a presidential veto, which the White House has vowed if the bill makes it out of Congress.”

However, the most telling of part of the report is that, “sixteen Democrats are on board including Senator Chuck Schumer of New York.” That would be the regularly mindless Obama-zombie liberal hack Chuck Schumer. If Schumer can’t get on board with this plan, than it is safe to assume that the “many more” Democrats that, “are understood to be sitting on the fence,” can be persuaded to oppose this autocratic and delusional plan of action.

The White House has begun its mudslinging once again (a sign that this legislation is indeed worth fighting for), attempting to paint every pro-sanctions lawmaker as a warmonger. On Thursday, the White House released a statement accusing Democratic senators who support the new round of sanctions of angling for war.

“If Congress passes this bill, it will be proactively taking an action that will make diplomacy less likely to succeed,” read the statement from Bernadette Meehan, spokesperson for the National Security Council. “The American people have been clear that they prefer a peaceful resolution to this issue. If certain members of Congress want the United States to take military action, they should be up front with the American public and say so. Otherwise, it’s not clear why any member of Congress would support a bill that possibly closes the door on diplomacy and makes it more likely that the United States will have to choose between military options or allowing Iran’s nuclear program to proceed.”

This immature, defensive and all too predictable reaction by the Obama regime is absolutely absurd considering Israel, and the rest of the sane world, has thus far forgone military action at Obama’s behest to give, that’s right, sanctions, a try.

Sadly, there will always be mindless head-in-the-sand dreamers (a term apparently now sensitive to political correctness) who must be exposed for their irresponsible actions and words. Many right-wing Jews have been hesitant to criticize Democratic National Committee Chairman Debbie Wasserman-Schultz, citing her staunch pro-Israel policies. However, thanks to the Emergency Committee for Israel and former Congressman Allen West, Wasserman-Schultz’s true allegiances have been exposed.

According to West, “a 30-second TV ad that will begin airing this weekend in Rep. Debbie Wasserman Schultz’s congressional district contrasting her very public pro-Israel rhetoric and tough talk on Iran with her behind-the-scenes obstruction of a new bipartisan Iran sanctions bill.”

West points out that just like “Alcee Hastings, a former impeached federal judge, [who sold] out inner city black communities, Wasserman-Schultz will do the same to advance party politics in blind obedience.”

Sadly, for people like Wasserman-Schultz, this proves common sense will always lose to liberal idealism. The free world cannot allow this to become the standard.

With the sanctions deadline fast approaching and so many votes still up for grabs, pro-Israel supporters and anti-radical Islam proponents (and who can honestly say that they are not anti-radical Islam proponents?) must take action immediately.

The pro-Israel lobbying group, AIPAC, is even providing contact information for undecided voters, including Democrat Maryland Senator Barbara Mikulski (202-224-4654) who has claims to be a “staunch supporter of Israel and sanctions for 37 years.”

Now is the time to write and call. Let your voices be heard in the halls of Washington. Rally support among your friends. Take the future of the Western World into your own hands. Do not leave it up to the few lost liberal souls who seek to advance an agenda based on ideals, hopes and arrogance no matter the facts on the ground.

Do not be distracted by the background noise. Reality has Obama and Kerry on the ropes. Together we can swing the arm that delivers the knock out to Washington and Teheran.

The writer holds an M.A. in Counter-Terrorisms and Homeland Security from the IDC Herzliya 

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