Netanyahu should have boycotted his meeting with Obama months ago

Samantha Power
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GIVAT SHMUEL, Israel March 5, 2014 — As Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu took to the air on Sunday en route to DC, US President Barack Obama took to the press to hammer Netanyahu for the umpteenth time.

In his interview with Bloomberg journalist Jeffery Goldberg, no fan of Netanyahu himself, Obama placed 100% of the responsibility for making peace on the shoulders of Israel. POTUS told Goldberg, “If there’s something you know you have to do, even if it’s difficult or unpleasant, you might as well just go ahead and do it, because waiting isn’t going to help. When I have a conversation with Bibi, that’s the essence of my conversation: If not now, when? And if not you, Mr. Prime Minister, then who? How does this get resolved?” His implication that Israel is the reason peace has not prevailed is not only naïve but historically disingenuous.

It would appear that the only person Obama holds less accountable for their actions than himself is the Palestinians.

In a brilliant piece in the Jerusalem Post on Tuesday, Herb Keinon pointed out that while Netanyahu did not hesitate to answer back the moment he landed, telling reporters on the tarmac that, “the tango in the Middle East needs at least three,” the real test for Obama will not be this week but the next. As Keinon points out, “[Palestinian Authority President Mahmoud] Abbas is coming to Washington next week for his own talks with Obama. What will be telling is whether that meeting will be preceded by another Obama interview, only this time one in which Obama publicly takes Abbas to task over issues such as incitement and refusal to recognize Israel as the nation-state of the Jewish people.”

While this makes it abundantly clear why Netanyahu should have foregone his visit to Pennsylvania Avenue once he landed, it does not explain why he should never have left Israel intending to visit in the first place.

So while endless media outlets will no doubt spend days analyzing and reanalyzing the most recent Bibi-Obama photo-op, the truth is that, due to clear signals sent by Barack Obama, Israel should have been boycotting the White House months ago.

Two clear-as-day signals in particular should have prompted the Jewish State to give the US the cold shoulder, and those signals were the appointments of Samantha Power and Robert Malley.

In June of last year Obama nominated Power for the post of United States Ambassador to the United Nations. He did this, despite the fact that, “Power has a documented record of describing both the U.S and Israel as committing war crimes and being human rights-abusers; urging the U.S. to distance itself from Israel and take the Palestinian side; complaining that U.S. support for Israel harms U.S. interests; comparing terrorist Yasser Arafat to former Israeli Prime Minister Ariel Sharon; and showing antipathy to those who support Israel,” pointed out Morton A. Klein, National President of the Zionist Organization of America in an Arutz7 op-ed at the time of the nomination.

In a now infamous interview in 2002, Power noted that taking action against Israel was needed, even though doing so would involve “alienating a domestic constituency of tremendous political and financial import.”

She more recently blamed Daniel Pearl for his own beheading on Twitter.

This small sample of the vitriol that has spewed from this radical ideologue’s mouth would have made here persona non grata for the 2008 Obama campaign seeking the Presidency, as well as the 2012 Obama White House seeking reelection. A 2013 Obama Administration with nothing to lose, however, can show its true colors without consequence. Thus, Israel-hating Samantha Power became the US Ambassador to the UN.

Perhaps the Power nomination, in and of itself, was not enough for Netanyahu to boycott the White House. However, combining Power’s appointment with Obama’s more recent promotion should have sent Bibi running from the Beltway at top speed.

In 2008, Obama, seeking to find a foothold among pro-Israel Jewish American Democrats, distanced himself from Clinton-era National Security Council staffer Robert Malley. As Jonathan S. Tobin recently noted, Malley is “best known for his stand blaming Israel rather than Yasser Arafat for the collapse of the 2000 Camp David peace summit,” and “when it became known in May of 2008 that Malley had met with Hamas terrorists, the Obama campaign severed ties with Malley.” Not only was this a politically savvy move by Obama, it was the morally correct one as well. Anyone willing to lend legitimacy to a terrorist group that indiscriminately slaughters not only Israelis, but the very people who elected them to power, as Hamas does, has no place in American foreign policy decision-making.

Obama wanted to send a message to Jewish voters that he would not tolerate anti-Israel radicals in his administration. As scary as the thought may be, Israel would be in a better situation today if Obama were up for reelection once again.

Last month it was announced that the White House had appointed Robert Malley as a senior director at the National Security Council. This means that the unabashed Hamas supporter will now significantly influence policy at one of the most powerful security bodies on the planet.

Malley is an enemy of Israel. Power is an enemy of Israel. Obama, by appointing these two when accountability for his actions is marginable, sent a message that he intends to be less friend and more foe to the Jewish State.

The moment Malley sat down at his NSC desk was the moment Benjamin Netanyahu should have RSVP’d no to a White House powwow.

Israel has enough enemies in the world, it should not have to tolerate its allies spitting in its face and asking them for a thank you.

While it was no shock that Bibi’s visit to DC was a waste of time, Israel would have been better served if the PM had taken to the lawn of the White House with a picket sign then to a chair in the Oval Office with a forced smile.

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  • Phil K McLeod

    We all new this was going to take place. Obama does not care about Isreal problems period. He is just talking out of you know what. I’m a fan for Isreal and not this moron President. Can wait tell his out office. Period.

  • Gray Eagle

    Just like a Zebra can’t hide it’s stripes, obama can’t hid or deceive or Lie any more about his radical views, intentions, and his true beliefs, obama is the enemy of any one or place that wants freedom, and Benyamin Netanyahu I’m sure is aware of who he’s dealing with,,, The free world knows what obama is,,, it’s just a matter of time,,,,

    • tammy

      BB knows what he is. He is doing what he thinks is best for his people. BB is a very smart man and won’t be tricked

  • Byron Shutt

    Are the Jews in America paying attention? What is wrong with you supporting a President that engages people who want your destruction……and don’t think it will stop at Israel.

  • JOEL714


  • Bruce Wayne

    Let’s just hope all the damage Obama’s administration has done to America can be undone.The next president’s Inaugural Address should be: “My fellow countrymen, the great American nightmare is over. We have our country back. Thank you, and God Bless America!”

    • dekate

      Mew can only pray this happens.!!!!

  • Brian Murphy

    the writer of this article is clearly biased in favour of Netanyahu and his fanatical ultra conservatives who think the old testament grants them title of the world; the writers views are childish as he cannot see the big picture or understand what has happened since the Jews robbed the Palestinian people of their land in 1948 which the English had no legal international right to grant to the Jewish people. Since then the Jews have been stealing more land and suppressing the life of the Palestinian people who are forced to live in a desert refugee camp under constant threats from the Jewish army, air force etc; they are denied medical international aid, have no independent electricity or water or the essentials of human living; the Jews destroyed their sewerage systems, electricity and water works in their last vindictive invasion a few years ago, killing many innocent civilians and children needlessly as their main attack was on the dwelling houses and infrastructure of the Palestinian refugees. Samantha Power is Irish and a fair person and like most Europeans she knows the truth of Jewish aggression and how the Jewish government attacked aid ships in international waters recently which were bringing medical aid to the Palestinian refugees; many innocent sailors were murdered by the Jews then. Obama has put the facts clearly to Netanyahu and clearly the Jews do not like the truth as they are obsessed with money just as they crucified Jesus who confronted them with the truth 2000 years ago. It is time to be honest and realistic about world peace as this savage aggression is spawning global jihad murdering millions annually. and causing a hell world wide. Why not be honest and work for world peace for a change. Clearly Netanyahu wants it both ways; to eat the cake and keep it. He wants a settlement that benefits Israel only and blames the Palestinians for not agreeing to such ridiculous terms, as signing away their claim to all the land that the Jews stole from them by force since 1948 and since. The English occupied the land of present day Israel in 1948 but England had no legal right to grant the land to the refugee European Jews who did not want to continue living in Europe as they suffered terribly from the Germans in the world war. This is clearly a case for perhaps outside mediation or the court of human rights but Israel has refused over the years to obey the recommendations of the United Nations to be humane with the Palestinian people and treat them fairly, as they themselves would like to be treated.

    • canucksam

      What a crock of anti-semitism.

    • tammy

      You have no idea what you are talking about. #1 there are no such people as Palestinians. That name was given to them by Arafat. The Jews have always been the majority people in the Israeli area. After WW2 the lands were divided. The Muslims were given Jordan and the Jews, Israel. The so called Palestinians were a nomadic group that were and are much like the gypsies. No Muslim country wanted them. They are considered thieves, liars and filthy people. Even tho they were suppose to live in Jordan, the people there don’t want them. Instead they want Israel to give up their land and give it to the Palestinians so they don’t have to be bothered. Israel has already given up about 1/2 their land. BTW the Romans were behind the death of Jesus. The areas that the Jews are putting in their settlements are Jewish lands and the Jews should kick the murderous Muslims out of the Golan Heights and the West Bank. Those lands belong to Israel. Make the “Palestinians live where they are suppose to live, with the other Muslims. Btw You are not only miss informed but an anti-Semite. The Jews are Gods people. Whatever you do to them, God will do to you. When Jesus comes, you better run

      • Brian Murphy

        we are all God’s people, as each person is created by God even though they are born into families with no religion and the world really belongs to us all in that we share things and try and live in peace with each other. Jesus was killed by the Jewish priests who forced the Roman governor to crucify Him as Jesus confronted the Jewish priests with their hypocrisy of religious belief, they were enraged and the Jewish priests urged to mob to demand the Crucifixion of Jesus; the mob shouted “we have no king but Caeser” and this forced Pilate to please the Jewish priests even though he wanted to free Jesus as even Pilate, a pagan could see that Jesus was innocent, stating “I see no guilt in this Man”. Jews believe that they only are are a chosen race, but that was in the old Testament; once the Jews rejected Jesus and insisted on murdering HIm, the Christian spread Christianity to the pagans as the Jews refused to listen to what Jesus had taught the apostles. I am not anti semite but for us all to survive we have to try and tolerate each other’s difference of belief, culture, race, colour etc and we have to try and have a fair society, not a two tier system of Apartheid as was in South Africa. Jews say that God gave them all this land in the bible; what God meant was He merely wanted Abraham to move to a place to live with his family. We all share the earth and we will all be judged by God when we die. The Messiah will not come again as Jesus came 2000 years ago but the Jews believe that He is yet to come. Anyhow with terrible war in Syria and refugees of 3 million from Syria, the Jewish people should show understanding of these uneducated Palestinians who know nothing else. Shooting them is not the answer to peace.The Golan heights were occupied by Jewish army in the 1967 war; this does not confer ownership and the same holds true for other lands seized by Israel in the wars. The Golan heights are important as a source of water for millions of civilians living there for thousands of years.Jordan etc is full of refugees from Syria war who are dying from starvation and cold. There are many areas in the world where people kill each other over land with arguments going back in time, but life is too short for all this barbarism.

    • eagle 1

      6 million Jew my brother sister were robe from me what do you know about robbery?

  • Gigi

    Obama makes me sick. He should read the old testament of the Holy bible and get some direction as to who his allies should be. YOu do not side with Palestine.

    • tammy

      Obama knows who he stands with. In his book, he said “I will always take the side of the Muslims”

  • Ricky Trimnal

    This country will suffer as long as Obama continues to accept them over Israel. Never since Israel has returned to being a Nation has this been done.

  • walleye

    Still scratching my head, as to why the American Jewish community supported him in two elections. Why?

  • VictoriaRain

    Praying for Israel. God bless her and keep her and may God have mercy on us.

  • harrison j. bounel

    american jews lead by debbie shultz have forsaken the israeli state for their savior , or so they think, obama. they kissed his ring and sold out their heritage home

  • NN

    Correction from Ambassador Power: @DanielPearlFNDN’s work [not Daniel
    Pearl himself] is a reminder that individual accountability + reconciliation
    are required to break cycles of violence.