Muslim population growth may become terrorism’s greatest threat to the West

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CHARLOTTE, N.C., June 23, 2015 – One of the most important trends in global society that is almost completely overlooked when it comes to dealing with international terrorism is the dramatic increases in Muslim populations.

Not so much in the Middle East, but in Europe and gradually in the United States.

Islamic growth is rapidly becoming a numbers game that does not bode well for the West for several reasons. As Western populations decline, Muslim birth rates are rising at breakneck speed, to such an extent that soon there will be no practical way to halt Islamic expansion into Western cultures.

Consider that slightly over 100 years ago there were fewer than 200 million Muslims in the world, most of whom lived in traditionally Islamic countries. Compare that with nearly 600 million Christians worldwide which amounted to roughly a 3 to 1 ratio.

Now look at research done by Pew Research Center in America, which estimates that within the next 40 years the Muslim population will more than double the rate of global births, which are expected to rise by 35 percent.

Given those numbers, in the next 60 years there will be more Muslims than Christians in the world.

The politically correct crowd will ask “So what?”

In his book “America Alone,” conservative author Mark Steyn warned, “Islamism is a twenty-first century political project driven by seventh-century ideology.”

At the time Steyn made that statement it was profound. Today it has become common knowledge.

However, other quotations from him still ring out with a powerful message that continues to be largely ignored by people who should be taking notice.

“Christianity spread by acquiring believers and then land; Islam expanded by acquiring land and then believers,” Steyn says.

He continues later with a more controversial message that resonates because it is so true: “When admirers talk up Islam and the great innovations and rich culture of its heyday, they forget that even at its height Muslims were never more than a minority in the Muslim world, and they were in large part living off the energy of others.”
Former prime minister of Malaysia, Dr. Mahathir bin Mohammed, concurs with Steyn: “We produce practically nothing on our own, we can do almost nothing for ourselves, we cannot even manage our own wealth.”

Muslim populations in Europe, which remain largely unassimilated, have become so prominent that their presence is now big enough to make demands on society that should never even be considered. One section of London is now called “Londonistan” and some observers even refer to the entire city in that manner.

Consider that a British soldier was beheaded in broad daylight at a busy London intersection in 2013. Certainly the horror of that incident made international news, but more to the point is that it even happened at all. In what civilized society can such things take place where nothing is done to solve the problem?

Raymond Ibrahim, author and Islamic expert, has issued a warning that while most methods of jihad are recognizable, there is another form that may ultimately be the most dangerous because it flies beneath the radar. Ibrahim calls it the “Baby Jihad.”

As Europe has become increasingly secular in recent decades, Muslim populations are growing with intensity within their own communities. Such a ratio is not a good sign for Western societies if the trend continues and if Western governments do not put an end to the surge of demands due to appeasement and political correctness.

Mark Steyn sums it up with a brutally honest assessment. “‘Stability’ and ‘containment’ pose a challenge in the Muslim world. Whatever they loathe about their regimes, they don’t loathe Islam; in many cases the mosques provide the only political space in those lands. So they breed with gusto, and thus every year we remain committed to ‘stability’ increases the Islamists’ principal advantage; ‘It is secularism itself which is part of the problem, not the solution, since secularism is precisely what strengthens the religion – the vehicle for their political project – and multiplies the raw material.’”

We must begin to face the reality that the world has a problem and that problem is Islam. Not “radical Islam.” Not “Islamic extremism.” Not ISIS, Boko Haram, Hamas et al., but Islam itself.

“Islam is today’s identity of choice for the world’s disaffected,” writes Mark Steyn.

Unfortunately, the religion of Islam was born 14 centuries ago under the same premise, and today that cancer still exists and it is metastasizing.

Perhaps the rapes, beheadings, church burnings and stupid rhetoric are more visible, but the “Baby Jihad” could ultimately become the most devastating form of extremism.

Bob Taylor has been traveling the world for more than 30 years as a writer and award-winning television producer focusing on international events, people and cultures around the globe.

Taylor is founder of The Magellan Travel Club (

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  • Dreamer

    Your article proves education can’t make you a human being. If you are bigot, outdoing the beasts in thinking, then what’s the use of education or learning. Utterly hate-filled, racist piece.

    • Doug Kursk

      I refuse to float my boat on the rivers of blood your willful blindness will create.

      If there is any racism, hate or bigotry to be found, it is with Muslims and Islam. It is they who are, as we speak, trying hard to eliminate Christianity from the Middle East.

      That you do not like what is written, does not make it any less true..your statements smack of shooting the messenger for speaking against your false god of multiculturalism.

      I invite you to refute any of the statements made.

    • Omar

      Here is undercover footage from some of the largest, most prominent mosques in the UK:

      Search: “Dispatches Channel 4: Undercover Mosque”

      There is a version available for viewing at “topdocumentary.”

      Islam is a violent, abusive, supremacist, political ideology.

      Concern is fully justified

  • Mony Shlomo

    dreamer- facts are not racist. look around the world. where islam is prevailing- minorities are living under stress. the ME is ethnically cleaned from non muslims except israel. europe is starting to see what a huge mistake was islamic immigration and usa to follow. the fact that there are many nice peace loving muslims those not makes it less true. moderates are not the leading force in islam. and lastly’ name calling is not an argument.

  • Stephen Powell

    The only way the Muslim world can increase its numbers is with massive food and economic assistance from the west while accepting unprecedented Muslim mass migration into Western societies. If the west is suicidal enough to directly facilitate its own destruction, it does not deserve to survive. You cannot blame all this on Muslims. If a fool puts a gun to his own head, blame the fool, not the gun. Our clueless leadership is the problem, not Muslims.

  • Pigasus – the pocrine aviator

    We would have saved ourselves a lot of grief if we had heeded the advice of the populationists of a half-century ago to forbid immigration by high birthrate cultures.
    For twelve centuries Islam tormented, conquered, swallowed and erased Un-Islamic cultures. They desisted attacking the West two centuries ago only/b> because the strength of our arms made frontal assault impossible.

    But the foolishness of open immigration has given them the opportunity to overwhelm the West with Birth Jihad. Demographic encroachment, crowding the unbelievers out with procreation, has made the Islamic uterus into the Islamic WMD.

    It can be overcome here in the US, I believe or hope, with vigorous prosecution of the sedition laws because it is more than rude and selfish to agitate for extirpation of Constitutional government by replacing it with theocracy, it is a most serious felony, worth a century of confinement. And Islam can only be defined politically as a continuing conspiracy of subversion.

    I want the branches of the Muslim Brotherhood, CAIR, ISNA, the IIIT, the MSAs, the whole alphabet soup of Islamic conspirators locked away, as a prelude to wholesale denaturalization and expulsion.

    It would have been much better not to have let them in the first place.

  • ebonystone

    A few figures are in order.
    In 1950 the U.K. had a population of 50.1 million, larger than either Pakistan, at 40.4 million, or Bangladesh, at 45.6 million.
    In 2015 the U.K. has 64.1 million (of whom ~ 3 million are Moslems), only about 1/3 the size of either Pakistan, at 199.1 million, or Bangladesh, at 169.0 million.
    In 1950, France, at 42.5 million, was twice as large as all three of its North African territories combined: Morocco at 9.3 million, Tunisia at 3.5 million, and Algeria, at 8.9 million, and there were ~ 1 milion French in Algeria.
    In 2015, France has 66.6 million (of whom ~ 5 million are Moslems), The North African states have grown to 83.8 million, with no French left in Algeria — far larger than France.

    The West has been at or near ZPG for decades, while Moslem countries have tripled their populations or more. It’s this demographic surge, combined with financing from the petro-dollars of the Persian Gulf terror sponsors, that give the Islamic conquest its power. If the West is to survive, it must halt further Moslem immigration at once, and its indigenous peoples must start having more children.