Malaysia bolsters ISIS with praise and child suicide bombers

ISIS releases it's 5 year territorial expansion plan on Twitter (Twitter)
ISIS releases it's 5 year territorial expansion plan on Twitter (Twitter)

WASHINGTON, June 24, 2014 — Following months of anti-Shia vitriol in Malaysia, news sources have confirmed that dozens of Malaysians, including young children, have been recruited by ISIS as suicide bombers. According to Malaysian newspaper The Star, “Ahmad Tarmimi has the dubious honour of being Malaysia’s first suicide bomber linked to the Islamic State of Iraq and Sham.” Tarmimi conducted a suicide attack last month that resulted in the deaths of more than two dozen Iraqi military members.

“Authorities believe ISIL prefers the younger ones to become suicide bombers as soldiers would be less suspicious of children. Most ISIL recruits are aged between 12 and 18,” a source told the Star.

In this instance, “Reports state that Ahmad Tarmimi, who received militant training in Port Dickson at the end of last year, drove a military SUV filled with tonnes of explosives into the SWAT headquarters, blowing himself up in the process…
“His exploits were published in the ISIS official website with the title, ‘Mujahidin Malaysia Syahid Dalam Operasi Martyrdom’ with his photograph also featured,” said the Star.

VW News reports “ISIS… is apparently looking to example its territory as far as the East coast of North Africa and all the way into South East Asia, with Malaysia and Indonesia in its sights.”

ISIS releases it's 5 year territorial expansion plan.
#ISIS releases it’s 5 year territorial expansion plan. (Twitter)

The above map is being circulated by ISIS fans on Twitter, and shows the organization’s dreams of overtaking much of central Asia. The black background with Arabic writing is the official logo for ISIS.

The Star also reports that Malaysians have been undergoing extensive physical and weapons terrorist training sessions before arriving in the Middle East. The training camps typically feature a four month training session for recruits, similar to that of many military academies. The “endgame” according to the Star, is for the Malaysians to become suicide bombers against US, Western, or religious targets.

Meanwhile, Malaysian Prime Minister Najib Razak said, according to Channel News Asia “[i]n his speech to his ruling party the United Malays National Organisation (UMNO) on Monday night, he said that if UMNO members were as brave as ISIS militants, the party would be strong.”

The newspaper also reported “PM Najib said that UMNO members should emulate militants in the Middle East, whom he described as fearless in fighting for their cause.”

“Some militants from Malaysia were reported to have received physical and weapons training by ISIS militants in order to join the insurgencies in Syria and Iraq,” Channel News Asia concludes.

New Straight Times supports the analysis, saying “… the trend shows no sign of abating. Sources said scores of other Malaysians were also planning to enlist and aid the group.”

It is believed that much of the recruitment of Malaysians into ISIS is occurring through social media outlets.

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  • mynewsclips

    Rahat as long as Shias justified the crimes of Asad against sunni civilians there will always be sunni support for anti-Shia movement. I don’t know any sunni country mobilizing thousands of men against Shias as what Shias powers are doing be Hizbolla(the party of shaitan), Iran and Iraq with state support. Sunnies still treat Syrians issue with in the context of Syria if sunni powers mobilize their people as being done in Iran, Iraq and Lebanon by Shias imagine what will happen to the Shias regiems. No sunnie like the tactics ISIL but for starter lets work to remove and punish the Shias criminal Asad that will calm down the situation for everyone in middle east.

    • Haider

      ” I don’t know any sunni country mobilizing thousands of men against
      Shias as what Shias powers are doing be Hizbolla(the party of shaitan),
      Iran and Iraq with state support.”

      Please get your head out of the sandbox…. Here is recent example. Saudi army entering Bahrain

      No Shia supports Assad. He is just viewed as the lesser of 2 evils. Surprisingly Saddam was the same way and he meted out inhumane punishment to the Shias for decades yet nobody batted an eye. It really shows your hypocritical stance on the ME.

  • arun1

    Maybe India needs to protect itself and start bombing ISIS now

    • hitlerfear

      Arun india is the country where hindu religion are worshipping to devil anf drinking urine of cow illitrate country they dont any first isis captured and teach how to live a life

      • G Das

        @hitlerfear, isis is welcome, who knows, india might ship them all to mars as they have the technology to do it, and it came from cows urine and devils according to you.

      • CHACKRA

        You are the one worshipping the devil and that is why there is so much unrest in your region. Don’t talk about Hinduism as it is the purest of all. Usually I don’t put down other religions but you are making me to because your people look down on other religions. And fyi what ever religion you are praying to came God knows how many years after hinduism. And yes my illiterate country managed to reach mars. What have yours done? Kill innocent people in the name of religion?

  • Shadaan

    Sunni Muslim have to realise that the Shias are in majority in Iraq and they have to learn to live under the Shias. Violence in the name of religion is what the Sunnis have been promoting for centuries. If your God is real where is this violence and chaos coming from. Maybe you followers are not real Muslims, but individuals who use Islam for their own egos or gain. If I love God in the way I want to who is the other to direct my belief, just agree to disagree and there I no other way with humans.

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  • Ginger

    I love the fact that this map is from the game “Victoria Empire under the Sun” and as such the map depicts the world in the mid 19th century (apart from the obvious ISIS State covering Most of the screen).

  • hitlerfear

    See the history muslims has heavy loss from shia not from kaafir

  • SC

    I would think (and hope) the FBI, CIA and US military monitor Prime Minister Najib’s intelligence cables.
    We all know that Najib Razak has a soft spot for ISIS given his open rhetoric to UMNO and his sympathies for the ISIS cause.
    Even Najib’s comments in the company of the Australian Prime Minister Abbott showed little conviction in condemning ISIS. It was a reluctant comment spoken to appease the minds of the West.
    Najib Razak is a large donor, in Funding, AID, Crude Oil and Militant extraction. Najib has done nothing to stop the people flows to Syria and Iraq via Turkey to fight for ISIS.
    Germany, France, America, Britain and Australia: Najib Razak CAN NOT be trusted….

  • zabada

    I read alhadith,Almahdi will be sent under black flag in Iraq.Then Khurasan fighters will join them.Then Jesus,Isa pbuh will accompany them..Even it is a weak hadith,it is not a false Hadith,That means it is can be true..Because too many muslims not see the alHadith,they oppose ISIS.Even Bible predicted ..all nation will fight to destroy Anti Christ (America and its ally) a long with Israel..These Muslims are eventually are bad and ignorant muslims.Even new europeons convert are fighting with ISIS,even Chehnyas are fighting with ISIS..Non of them are fighting with Syiah.Why believe America..they are slaves to Zionist..lives and breath for their master,Jews banker in America.American scholars them selves know this well.Refer to the Hadith,the prophecy no one can defeat ISIS.No body can,t defeat God will.Let we see.Stay a way from America,Zionist Jews and Whites Zionist.