Media mush on San Bernardino and those endless talking head(ache)s

Where do the cable news networks dig up their talking head “experts” who analyze terrorism?


CHARLOTTE, NC, November 8, 2015 – Question. Where do the cable news networks dig up their talking head “experts” who analyze terrorism?

It has been a week since the shootings in San Bernardino, California and the media is still asking the same stupid, irrelevant questions while reporting the same mundane insignificant pap.

“They found a Koran in the young married couple’s home.”

Guess what? They were Muslims. Imagine finding a Koran.

“Sayed Farook memorized the Koran.” The word “Koran” means “recital.” The word “Muslim” means “one who submits.” It is not unusual for Muslims to commit the Koran to memory. It is a common practice. If Farook memorized the Islamic holy book, so what?

“It is beginning to look like Tashfeen Malik may have radicalized her husband.” In the words of Hillary Clinton, “what difference does it make?” It does not matter who radicalized who or even whether one of them radicalized the other. They both committed brutal murderous acts that injured and killed a lot of innocent people.

The only thing of significance in that comment is that a female may have been the instigator given the practice of minimizing the role of women in Islamic society. Other than that, who radicalized who is moot.

“Tashfeen Malik’s co-workers gave her a baby shower.” That’s Western thinking pure and simple. It means little other than the fact that we as Americans still believe that if we are nice to Muslim extremists they will not resort to their core beliefs and turn on us. Wrong. First and foremost they are Muslims which means the only obligation they feel is to Allah. This sort of simplistic thinking is what keeps Islamists one step ahead of us in the war on terror.

Is there not someone out there who can focus on what is important regarding San Bernardino and Paris and whatever will follow rather than covering minutia that gets us nowhere closer to resolving the major crisis of global terrorism?

Lecturer and political analyst, Hugh Fitzgerald nails it when he calls it “Mental Junk.” “I have heard that the FBI has finally bravely concluded that ‘Yes, it was an act of terrorism,’” writes Fitzgerald, “but beyond that apparently daring declaration, nothing is said about what that ‘terrorism’ was intended to do, or about how it was prompted by what texts of what religion.” (emphasis added)

Our leaders in Washington and our naïve national media have been beating around the bush (the plant, not George) so long that the bush is now nothing more than a weed.

Continues Fitzgerland, “In contrast to this disinformation to which we are daily subjected, no one should be embarrassed, much less apologetic, for daring to consider the evidence of his senses – that is, the Jihad news that mounts and mounts from all over the world, and especially that which demonstrates the cruel treatment of non-Muslims by Muslims wherever Muslims rule, save in a handful of cases where special circumstances have allowed for a taming or constraining – possibly temporary – of Islam, as in Kazakhstan or Kemalist Turkey. Nor should we be apologetic about becoming aware of the evidence provided in books, rather than from television reports or newspaper dispatches, by the historians of Islamic conquest: that is, the 1350-year history of the conquest of non-Muslim lands and the subsequent subjugation of the autochthonous non-Muslims.”

And yet, we continue to apologize. Continue to wring our hands. Continue to wonder “why?” Continue to believe we can negotiate with an ideology that is 180-degrees from our own. Continue to wonder why they hate us. Continue to blame ourselves. Continue to ignore the obvious that Islam is a hate-based belief system that may have peaceful followers but is radical to the extremes of killing anyone who does adhere to its tenets.

Why is that concept so difficult to accept? Why are we so willing to create excuse after excuse to justify and apologize for an “ism” filled with pure hatred and evil.

The media asks, “What would make a young couple with a six month old child, a good job, a nice house and a bright future want to kill innocent people?”

For the West it is a logical question, but it makes no sense in the world of jihad. The child, job, house and future DID NOT MATTER. The San Bernardino terrorists did not see themselves as terrorists. They were believers who viewed themselves as martyrs whose job it was to “convert” non-Muslims to their ideals.

It makes no difference that we do not understand it. What makes a difference is that they believe it. They believed it so strongly they were willing to kill and to die for it.

We must begin to focus on the relevance of Islamic jihad rather than changing the subject by seeking answers that distract from its true objectives.

Bob Taylor has been traveling the world for more than 30 years as a writer and award winning television producer focusing on international events, people and cultures around the globe.

Taylor is founder of The Magellan Travel Club (

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