Israel braces as Obama tells Putin ‘if you like Ukraine you can keep Ukraine’

Obama Putin
(The Official White House Photostream/Wikimedia Commons)

GIVAT SHMUEL, Israel March 2, 2014 — Israel has more at stake in the current Russian-Ukrainian tension that one may think.

Any time a radical left-wing politician needs to suddenly adopt a hardline military stance, taking a position that wholly neglects every speech and action he has taken with regard to his own military until that point; his words carry little-to-no weight. President Obama is one such radical liberal and his foreign policy statements are of the aforementioned flaccid ramblings of a lightweight variety.

Even Obama’s own propaganda rag, The New York Times, pointed out on Sunday how inept America currently is with regard to the new Crimean conflict. In his column, Peter Baker writes, “President Obama has warned Russia that ‘there will be costs’ for a military intervention in Ukraine. But the United States has few palatable options for imposing such costs, and recent history has shown that when it considers its interests at stake, Russia has been willing to pay the price.”

While it is obvious that Obama will fail to deter Russia, it is not immediately apparent why this endangers Israel.

As a Communities Digital News peer recently wrote, many anti-Israel academics claim that the Jewish State has been a burden on the US, earning them enemies in the Arab world simply through association. While this column has already taken the time to debunk that nonsensical argument, a further postulation is now forming given Obama’s ineptitude regarding Russia.

Before he was even elected to the presidency, Obama made it very clear that his foreign policy would be fashioned in a manner that would be agreeable to the international community first, even if that seemingly harmed the interests of the United States. Obama made it clear that the wishes of the United Nations and the European Union would take precedence over “selfish” national concerns. His pathetic groveling to the Muslim community that did, and still does, hate him is another example of Obama’s kowtowing on the global stage.

As America continues to declare itself Israel’s greatest ally, despite its endless attempts to treat it like Vichy, France, the US must be mindful of its own appearance in the international community. America has a responsibility to be the bad-guy-deterring military powerhouse it claims to be, or its allies will be caught with their pants down. An American military with no teeth is of little help to Israel, Ukraine or South Korea.

While anti-Zionists such as Professor John Mearsheimer claim that, “Israel is a major strategic liability for the United States,” Obama’s embarrassing incompetence is proving that the opposite is, in fact, true.

The measure of a personal friend and a strategic ally are the same. A friend and an ally are only as important as they are reliant in your greatest times of need. As Obama continues to slash the US Military’s budget and embarrass the once awe-instilling nation on the world stage will be of no comfort to their friends, even if it wishes to be. The weaker America is, the more it becomes a strategic liability for Israel.

Thus, as Putin continues to defy Obama after their phone conversation, where POTUS no doubt signaled to the Russian leader that if he liked Ukraine he could keep Ukraine, Israel just became that much more vulnerable. For the sake of Israel, America and the rest of the western world, let us pray that whatever Obama conveyed to Putin was as dishonest as his ObamaCare promises to the American people.

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  • daffusjay

    After the election he said I will have more flexibility. Is this what he was talking about, just turn my head and speak empty words and support Putin at the same time.

  • Mommamia1

    Notice the shoe in the picture squarely aimed at obama’s keister.

  • Winston Smith

    Brilliant headline. 🙂

  • tony1948

    He his a coward president, He is not a commander in cheif he’s word is all; air

  • rickochey

    obama only interest in Ukraine is the Muslim population that is in the north. Where the F was all this on Benghazi?

  • Dennis Smith

    Israel has got to have nuclear strike ready to go. As we all know Iran will get the bomb thanks to Obama and if Iran strikes so will the Palestinians. That whole area will blow up into bits.
    You really are the DEVIL Obama 666.

  • Steven Wedig

    when will everybody figure it out Obama isn’t stupid he’s a traitor

    • Pam

      He is a shyster that is exploiting his office and the public fund for as much personal gain as he can grab with both hands. He not only does not care what happens in the world he didn’t even bother to get advisers that could run the country while he golfed and vacationed!

  • Guest

    I’m seriously considering Putin as having bigger balls than the whole

  • RedneckCanuckpraysforUSsouls

    I’m seriously considering Putin as having bigger balls than the entire government of the United States…. He doesn’t even have to sit up straight in front of this


  • Gray Eagle

    obama’s ineptness is about to come to a head,, the only problem is, because of obama’s failure to project a strong nation, we (America) are all at risk , stupid inept politicians like obama should pay for their failures with us (America) as their judge & sen-tenser

  • Mommamia1

    Could Putin look less interested or convinced in what oblahblah has to say?

  • Andy Miller III

    Go ahead, embarrass us again Obama.

  • endtimes

    this president is not stupid at all he’s dangerous by every means just look at all the smokescreens there’s something coming down the pipes America needs to brace it self this man is a traitor ,no one spends millions of dollars to seal there records if they weren’t hiding something this man is not American ,his goal is the destruction of America look at the people who mentored this man growing up they were all anti American ,he hates what we stand for in the usa

  • Guest

    putin a world leader now- has common sense -hate injustice-

  • LovinMalamutes

    Unfortunately, everyone seems to be missing the entire picture of all this, and how it is absolutely being done on purpose, regardless of how inept the POTUS may appear. He has, is, and will continue to focus on his true agenda, that of destroying AMERICA and ISRAEL! WAKE UP and SEE, the true EVIL is IN THE WHITEHOUSE, being backed by his demons CONGRESS! This is just my opinion, based on my perception of every step that has been taken by these filthy hyenas known as POLITICIAN!