The extermination of Christians in the Middle East is this generation’s Holocaust

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CHARLOTTE, NC, July 20, 2014 — International media remain apathetic to Christian persecution in the Middle East.

Speaking on “Breitbart News Saturday” Dr. Sebastian Gorka addressed the subject after being asked by the host, Alex Marlow, why the press is not interested in the story.

Before Gorka gave his answer he called the situation “a Christian version of the Holocaust and nothing less.”

Gorka then went on to say that the West has done much to stand up for Muslims in the past two decades. “Whether it was to save the Muslims in Bosnia or the Albanians, Kosovars, and Muslims in Serbia, it is now time for a humanitarian operation to save the remaining Christians in Iraq,” he said. “It is time for the American people and our representatives to do something for our co-religionists remaining in the Middle East.”

Much of Gorka’s position is based upon the fact that Muslims are relative newcomers to the religious confrontations in the Middle East and around the world. Christianity existed at least 600 years before Muhammad’s first revelation inspired Islam, but today it is Christians and Jews who are the primary targets in the region.

Gorka went on to issue a scathing criticism against the press by asserting that “the mainstream media are warped in terms of their world view. So when it comes to the idea of religious persecution, they say, ‘Well who really cares because I don’t believe in God. If you are not sophisticated enough to be a post-modernist secularist… tough on you!’”

As Gorka, who is the National Security Editor for Breitbart, explains, it was the in-your-face victory laps the Obama administration took about the killing of Osama bin Laden and the president’s role in personally “destroying” al-Qaeda that gave rise to the formation of ISIS in Iraq and Syria.

Oddly enough, Raymond Ibrahim has a differing view that the evolution of ISIS, or the Islamic State as it is now called, may have some temporary benefits for non-Muslims in that region. That aspect of the story will be outlined in a separate article.

Jihadists recognize the media’s ideology that “a dark skin person always has to be the victim,” according to Garza. Islamic extremists use that knowledge heavily to their advantage to gain sympathy and to justify their violence.

Basically Islamic fundamentalism can be summed up in three words; justification, victimization and intolerance. That is the foundation of their strategy against the West.

Says Gorka, “Christians are politically targeted in America frequently; they are being physically targeted in Africa, Syria, and Iraq.”

Rarely do journalists and newspapers focus upon disrespect or insensitivity to Christians. Dark skinned minorities, however, are a constant narrative that frequently spurs debate for days or, even, months at a time. The Washington Redskins nickname is a prime example.

Odds are good that if they were called the Washington “Honkies” no one would care or think twice about it. There was certainly never a debate when the baseball team was known as the “Senators” which is a derogatory term that is just about as disgraceful as it can get in the nation’s capital.
The recent turmoil between Israel and Gaza is a clear indication of how the media relates to both sides of the issue. Part of that is also derived from the viewpoint of the current administration which frequently says one thing and then does another regarding Israel.

While the plight of Christians goes under-reported in the West, Muslim grievances are frequently over-reported with little or no in-depth knowledge of the subject. The result is a distortion of facts simply because they hit home within the common sense logic of Western mores.

Despite the number of Christians dying throughout the Middle East, Raymond Ibrahim says there is, at least, a sliver of relief in Syria/Iraq. Though open for debate, his conclusions are both interesting and worth consideration as we look at that part of the story tomorrow.

Bob Taylor has been traveling the world for more than 30 years as a writer and award winning television producer focusing on international events, people and cultures around the globe. Taylor is founder of The Magellan Travel Club (

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  • OziGooner .

    Little has been done to thwart ISIS’s rapid development. The biggest traitor in the Middle East is US foreign policy. It makes me and many others sick that the US and it’s spineless allies in the West have unconditionally allowed extremist groups to establish themselves in Syria hoping that they will defeat Al-Assad who is tolerant of all minorities. Just last weekend, ISIS has given ultimatums to innocent Christians in and around Mosul to either leave their homes, or convert to Islam while the world’s media is focused on the self-righteous Jews and it’s issues with Hamas in Gaza. The 3 ‘dirty players’ in this tidal-wave by ISIS are Turkey who allow these cowards to cross into Syria because the Turkish government itself is no longer secular and wants to be the regional policeman in it’s region. Saudi Arabia finances these bastards to rape and pillage innocent people (particularly non-Sunni Muslims) as well as bribing the US government to turn the other way while all this mayhem continues, and the Jewish-influenced US government who only care about Israel when it comes to non-Muslims in the Middle East. The US’s foreign policy has pathetically destroyed once stable countries like Libya, Iraq, Bosnia where radicals now have free voice and exercise whatever they wish to do whilst the Western media are forced to ignore the plight in those countries now.

    • streetfleet2000

      The bankers gain profit from financing both sides. The banks want war.

    • I’m going to take the liberty of rephrasing and correcting a few things for you.

      I’m a staunch Conservative and Christian, but very non-conformist as individualism is a key pillar of Conservatism. Haven’t been in a church in 30 years, do not care for organized “collective” religion.

      I’m 58 years old with hair down to my butt who would pass for moonbat leftist reject from the 60s any day of the year. I’m very much into a border no less fortified than N. Koreas, free market capitalism, limited government…yadda yadda now you know a little of so as to set my premise.


      “The biggest traitor in the Middle East is US foreign policy. It makes me and many others sick that the US and it’s spineless allies in the West have unconditionally allowed extremist groups to establish themselves in Syria hoping that they will defeat Al-Assad who is tolerant of all minorities.”

      Thats mostly wrong.

      US policy as it stood during the Bush years resulting from 911 was one of the most functional anti-terrorism policies ever. Our problem today is not US policy but rather “Obama Policy” which has only been successful when it was policies from the previous admin. being used.

      99% of what it took to capture/kill Bin Laden was achieved by the Bush admin, water boarding and all is what got “the messenger”. A lead that carried over to Barrys admin.

      He griped about the Patriot Act during his 08 campaign and then doubled down on it after elected.

      Amid vast disapproval from his constituents he doubled down on drone policy also.

      Tony Blair, one of our more dedicated allies in the war on terror was utterly disgusted at the results of Obamas blind ambition of pulling every single troop out of Iraq regardless of the majority of Generals in the field that suggested at least a skeleton crew.

      Bushs withdrawal plan was “incremental depending on conditions.

      What pee’s me of more than anything, and I dont for the life of me understand why we dont hear this point made more often, is this…


      They volunteered, most of them, knowing damn well they were going to end up in Afghanistan or Iraq. I seriously doubt any of those troops thought they were fighting an unjust war and if so were just collecting a paycheck.

      Iraq was getting somewhere.

      Constitutional Republics such as ours and Democracies are not raised to fruition over night. It can take decades, especially in backarsewards dysfunctional regions such as the Middle East.

      All that work, all that money and all that blood…for nothing.

      Just so this moron in office could please his electorate.

      “Assad who is tolerant of all minorities.”

      No hes not.

      Hes a Bathist/secularist much like Saddam who has slaughtered opposing minorities.

      “while the world’s media is focused on the self-righteous Jews”

      Seriously ?
      How does getting bombed with no provocation on numerous occasions get you “self righteous” ?
      They take better care of their POWs than they do their own criminals doing time.
      You must understand…
      Palestinians are an invented people. Mercenaries/refugees from assorted neighboring Arab stated who’s whole purpose is to remove Jews from Israel. In most denominations of Islam this precondition is necessary to hasten the return of the prophets and move on to larger groups of infidels… like us.
      Our problem is not US policy.
      Its Obamas unwillingness to enforce and exercise the laws and conditions set down after 911
      Instead we’ve seen an apologist self loathing tour of Liberal vanity that dictates a belief that passiveness in dealing with the most non- progressed autocratic insecure idiots on Earth will work.
      Clearly the Middle East has gone to doodoo since Barry got his hands on it, and those policies of his that allowed this train wreck are hardly what you’d call “US policy”.

      • We’veBeenInvaded

        As usual long winded buffoonery from the buffoon, they won’t tell you, So i took the “”liberty”” Ha ha… PS… No-one will read your long ‘@ss-wind” post ha ha…
        Oh, except you, so i predict that will be your only thumbs up.. Ha ha ha ……

  • RoxanneRoxanadana

    If you must use the word genocide to apply to Christian persecution, at least use it in a fashion intended by its creators. The Christians who face genocide are 10,000,000 Copts in Egypt. We should be making plans for mass emigration of these people NOW.

    Yes, other Christians face persecution. No doubt about it. But the LETHAL, MASS MURDERING variety now threatens millions of Copts. WE MUST ACT.

    • Carl Gottstein

      How about if we arm them and let them defend themselves. Where would you “relocate them”? Let me guess. America. As if we can absorbed 10,000,000 more “refugees”. Folks need to fight for their lives.

      • RoxanneRoxanadana

        Actually, we really could take them in! There’s plenty of room & these folks are hard workers. There is no way these people can defend themselves against 40,000,000 Muslims.

  • Jordan Reynolds Phan

    In all honesty, people complain about illegal aliens coming to America from Mexico, I expect them to do the same to these christians! there NOT FROM AMERICA REGARDLESS. All I’m saying here is, we have plenty of homeless people in our country, we need to take care of our land before we do anything otherwise. Christian, Muslim, Jew, I don’t care, they were not born in america!

    • Bren Pool Vignaroli

      I understand your frustrations..especially the point you made about the homeless and how they need to be better cared for in our country. Very frustrating…but let me add this one thought. The last line in your post bothers me…and I am sure if you rethink it, you might understand why I disagree. When you say, “Christian, Muslim, Jew, I don’t care, they were not born in america!”
      I don’t think I need to tell you that, we are after all, a nation of immigrants. Some of us may have longer and stronger ties. I had family fighting in the Civil War and beyond, also very strong ties with the Choctaw/Cherokee Nation of Oklahoma. Though my family tree started way back when, my family migrated from Europe. My point is, there is a RIGHT and a WRONG way of doing things. Today we are witnessing the WRONG way and we have an administration and lawless government officials who are working very hard to support this act of civil disobedience. WE ARE, after all, a nation of laws. Working hard for the love of a country you dream of living in, and finally coming to our shores to become an American citizen…is the way to do it. Rushing our borders, paying “coyotes” hundreds and sometimes thousands of dollars, traveling 100’s of hours in the dead of night across a hot dry desert or floating across the Rio on a worn out Pontoon…is NOT the way to embrace this country of freedoms and opportunities. In fact, what that does is break down our system…a weaken our economy. We are seeing this happen right before our eyes.
      I am all for LEGAL immigration…doing it the way MY family and YOUR family did it. But these folks today, are starting off on the wrong foot, breaking our immigration laws and turning us into a free for all for ANYTHING and EVERYTHING to come in and basically have their way with us. We are living in very dangerous times, and therefore….we are sitting ducks … just waiting for the shots to start flying. That is not the America my family fought AND died for. This is NOT what our Founding Fathers had in mind and though they encouraged immigration…they were clear that an immigration
      policy should first and foremost serve the national interest.
      This has to stop…and why we all must vote our conscience in 2016. God Bless YOU Jordan, and God Bless America!

      • Jordan Reynolds Phan

        I hear, and understand you perfectly. 🙂
        I just think that the condition the us is in right now, taking in millions of new people would cause quite a bit of trouble. It’s just fact that, we don’t have space, and the space do do have should be first given back to those that lost it! And I’m a huge nature lover, if we were forced to take down more trees and damage the land, I would highly disagree with it. But I do see your point! Blessed Be 🙂

  • Jeff smith

    Christians are being persecuted all over the world. Why haven’t we organized politically and militarily? I read these stories and realize that there is nothing that I can do to help my fellow Christians in a meaningful way (sending money and weapons to defend themselves).

    Christ taught us to turn the other cheek but does that mean that we should lay down and wait to be exterminated? Shouldn’t we organize and defend all Christians regardless of denomination (or non denomination). Our belief in Jesus Christ is what unites us all.

    • Sarah Reed

      Unfortunately, if it was Israel or other Jews killing the Christians, then you would see it plastered all over the media. If Muslims are killing anyone, who cares; we don’t want to offend them.

    • mollysdad

      The answer to your question begins with Jesus’ personal observance of the commandment of the Law concerning Amalek (Deuteronomy 25; 1 Samuel 15). In consequence of this observance, He commands all civil rulers on earth to deploy their armed forces to destroy the Islamic Caliphate and to slaughter the Caliph and everyone who gives him the bay’at of allegiance, leaving none alive and taking no plunder. So, yes, it is God’s will that the nations – and any citizen’s militia legitimately organised and armed – wage holy war against the Caliphate. “As for those of my enemies who did not want me to be their King, bring them here and kill them in my presence.” (Luke 19:27)