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Ignoring Muslim radicalization in Britain at America’s peril

Written By | Apr 14, 2016

PASEDENA, Calif., April 12, 2016 — In the wake of devastating terror attacks in Paris and Brussels, it is impossible to ignore the serious and growing problem of radical Islam in Europe.

Though it refuses to call them that, the New York Times now admits that “no-go zones” in Europe are real, creating hotbeds of terror that the police cannot patrol. Both the Paris and Brussels attacks are directly connected to neighborhoods controlled by radical Muslims under Sharia law. Muslim immigrants in these areas are not assimilating into the society of their host countries.

According to a poll conducted by ICM Research for a documentary that aired Wednesdday on Britain’s Channel 4, “What British Muslims Really Think,” two out of three Muslims in Britain would not provide government authorities with any information about imminent or planned terror plots.

In other words, almost 70 percent of the Muslims in Britain would side with radical Islamic terrorists over the British government. They clearly sympathize with groups like ISIS.

There are other troubling inferences we can draw from the same poll. Twenty-three percent of British Muslims want to be ruled by Sharia law rather than British civil law, and a shocking 50 percent of them want homosexuality to be outlawed. This further debunks the “religion of peace” narrative.

Politicians claim that radical Islam makes up a tiny segment of the Muslim population, but this poll completely refutes that premise, at least in Britain. Europe has an enormous task on its hands to stop this impetus to a twin legal system that includes Sharia law.  The task will get no easier if hundreds of thousands of refugees are let into Europe.

Might the same happen in America? There are said to be at least 80 radical mosques in the U.S. Towns like Dearborn, Michigan, are seeing Muslim immigrants band together to dominate local politics and recast it in their image rather than assimilate into an American society that values rights of religious freedom and peaceful protest.

It has been said that the city of Dearborn is slowly becoming a “no-go zone” right here in America. Once home to American auto ingenuity and Ford, Dearborn is now home to a population that is 30 percent Arab Americans, according to the 2000 census. Many are from families who have been in the city since the early 20th century.

However, with the largest proportion of Arab Americans of any city in the United States, the politics have changed. Should the fact that a U.S. city may be ceding control to an Islamic fundamentalist-ruled government, whether that community be American born or immigrant, be cause for concern?

(Forward to 9:00 on the video to see mob stoning Christians while Dearborn police do nothing to protect them.)

At some point, Europe will need to take a much harsher stance against those who refuse to assimilate; failure to do so will result in more loss of life.


Andrew Mark Miller