Hamas is indistinguishable from the Palestinian people


LOS ANGELES, July 28, 2014 — As Israel’s incursion into Gaza becomes broader in scope, attempts at halting the violence have failed. The United Nations and Secretary of State John Kerry have failed because they are the United Nations and Secretary of State John Kerry. Neither entity has any leverage or global respect, and both the Israelis and Palestinians know it. This disregard exists because neither the United States or Secretary Kerry have a clear understanding of the conflict.

The shallow problem is that Hamas, the governing body of the Palestinians in Gaza, refuses to honor ceasefire agreements. They even violate their own ceasefire proposals. As one high-ranking Israeli leader pointed out, the definition of a ceasefire is “Israel ceases, Hamas fires.”

Hamas has squandered its typical public relations advantage. Outside of the worst anti-Semites, most people understand that Hamas is a terrorist organization that uses its own civilians as human shields. This has led Palestinian sympathizers to resort to one last desperate public relations tactic.

The claim is that Hamas must be separated from the overall Palestinian people. Like every other Palestinian claim in this conflict from “cycle of violence” to “refugees” to the “illegal occupation,” this narrative of separation is totally false.

Hamas is indistinguishable from the Palestinian people as a whole. They are one and the same.

The overall Palestinian population is every bit as bloodthirsty as Hamas. They are every bit as dedicated to violence.

The charge is serious, but it is based on overwhelming evidence.

Hamas was democratically elected with 80% of the vote of the Palestinian people. They chose to elect a murderous, terrorist government.

Those who make a living making excuses for the Palestinian people offer up the tired canard that the Palestinian people voted for Hamas to build civil institutions and stop the corruption. They voted for Hamas despite its terrorist activities, not because of them.

Imagine if the Ku Klux Klan ran for political office and won 80% of the American vote. Would black Americans accept white voters insisting that they voted for the KKK for reasons other than racism? If the KKK built roads and schools, would that be a legitimate defense? Most black Americans would claim that an organization committed to burning black churches and lynching black people would not be redeemable. Black Americans would be totally right. Murdering innocent people invalidates any other good deeds.

When former KKK leader David Duke ran for Governor of Louisiana, he was soundly rejected. Is it possible that many of his supporters were just frustrated Americans rather than racists? The answer is not bloody likely. Supporting a racist for elected office makes somebody a racist.

Try telling Orthodox Jews that a Holocaust denier running for office is mitigated by his support for child tax credits for religious schools.

Hamas are murderers. The Palestinian people voted for murderers. They knew what they were getting. They agreed with the Palestinian party platform, which is the total destruction of Israel.

The evidence comes in the behavior of these so-called peaceful civilians. Their battle cry of “From the river to the sea, Palestine will be free.” That is the entire area of Israel. Palestinians are not demanding their own plot of land next to Israel. Palestinians are demanding all of the land, with zero Israel.

If the Palestinians truly wanted to be free from Hamas, they would do what virtually every other Arab civilization is doing in the Middle East.

In Egypt, the people demanded freedom and overthrew dictator Hosni Mubarak. They then overthrew the Muslim brotherhood when Mohammed Morsi broke his promise of bringing democracy.

In Libya, the people demanded freedom and overthrew Moammar Khadafi. Now they are fighting to beat back the Muslim Brotherhood.

In Syria, there is a vicious fight to overthrow butcher Bashar Assad.

In the Gaza Strip, there has been a population of zero Jews since 2005. Gaza is not occupied. The Palestinians have total control of it.

Blockades and checkpoints exist because the Palestinians will not stop trying to murder Israelis.

The Palestinian people elected a horrible government. While other Arabs chose to stand up, they chose to stand down. Unlike many other peoples throughout history, the Palestinians chose not to fight for their freedom against their oppressors. From the American Revolution to the French Revolution, peoples have engaged in bloody struggles to be free.

The Palestinians have accepted being citizens of a terrorist state. Either they lack the basic desire to be free that every other bunch of human beings possess, or they support the aspirational goals of the people ruling them.

If Palestinians had any decency, they would overthrow Hamas. They would risk their lives and take to the streets against their actual oppressors, not some neighboring people simply trying to be left alone in peace. They would not celebrate in the streets with rocket fire after America suffered the September 11th attacks. They would not celebrate in the streets with rocket fire after the Space Shuttle Challenger burst into flames (one of the seven NASA astronauts was Jewish).

This is where the worst of the Palestinian sympathizers will shed crocodile tears over the Palestinian ch-ch-ch-ch-children.

This is hypocritical because children are dying all over the world in much larger numbers, but only the Palestinians get special sympathy status. One could even say the sympathy reserved for these Palestinian children is “disproportionate.”

Children of KKK supporters do not receive much sympathy. Their parents are sometimes killed, and few tears are shed. People choose to support good or evil. A moral conscience must trump everything else.

Palestinian children dying is a tragedy because any children dying is a tragedy. The question to ask is why they are dying. The answer makes the anti-Israel elites uncomfortable, but it must be said.

Palestinian children are the victims of terrible parents. Only terrible parents would vote for such a terrible government.

Hamas is just the instrument spreading evil. The Palestinian people are the problem. If there was any evidence to distinguish their attitudes and actions, the Palestinian people would have already offered it. The Palestinian people and Hamas are one and the same, and deserve to be treated as such.



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  • bruceben9

    It is almost unbelievable that most of the world is blind to the hate of Islam towards anything and everything not islamic. The claim that the extremists are only a tiny percent is total bee ess.

    • Gilesy

      Did you know you wrote that, rather than just thinking it?

    • briksteroo

      As evidenced by what?

  • Israel lover

    Thank you Eric. There are consequences to all of our actions. Palestinians voted for terrorism the consequence unfortunately is that young children will die.

    • Gilesy

      Those voices in your head are not to be trusted, I say.

      • wanegain

        Dear Guest,

        I am 1000% with you and thank you for all the information you are trying to get through thick headed people like them. They are the outcome of years of brainwashing which I will not discuss but yet again they do not think on their own, they just watch and believe everything they see/hear.

        Is it a Palestinian child’s fault to have been born inside an occupied territory? Is it their fault that they are victims of ongoing oppression? Do you find it fair to be surrounded by a foreign army in your own land?

        I really really don’t and can’t understand how normal people (if you are indeed normal) can defend a country, who by the way is not in their own land, is killing innocents by the hundreds on a daily basis.

        If, and may God protect me from this, but if a person or a group of people enter my home and claim it theirs, I would breathe my last breath trying to take back my home at any cost. Think about that for a second.

        Anyways, it is people like you Guest that the world needs.


  • thomas tinling

    its quite clear that the Palestinian people are only oppressing themselves it will be many many years before they will ever have credibility and can be trusted and that will only begin to count down when they earnestly seek peace

    • Gilesy

      Yeah. That makes sense.

  • Gilesy

    Thomas and all the rest of you… How can they seek peace when they are under overwhelming bombardment from an Israeli government that wants to annihilate them? Neither the US/UK or Israel really have any intention of agreeing peace with the Palestinians. This is the other side of your very blinkered view.

    • blacktygrrrr

      What gives you the idea that Israel wants to annihilate anyone? It says in the Hamas charter that Israel must be obliterated. Have you ever heard an Israeli government say Palestinians must be wiped from the Earth?

      Just say you hate Jews and be done with it. At least that would be honest. Only a Jew hater would blame a country of Israel desperate for peace for committing the crimes against humanity that have marked the entire history of Palestinian existence.

      People are being murdered every day from Chicago to Africa to Syria, yet only the Palestinians get attention for their suffering. Ever ask yourself why? Because the other places do not give people a chance to kick around the Jews just for being Jews.

      That is moral bankruptcy and anti-Semitism, nothing more, nothing less.

      eric @ the Tygrrrr Express

  • Gilesy

    The Palestinians voted for a Hamas government, not terrorism. You may not like their choice, but it was what you would call Democracy. After years of feeling betrayed by Arafat and the PLO, it’s not really surprising.

    Human beings – men, women, children (you remember those?) are being slaughtered in their hundreds by Israeli shells supplied by US and UK.

    The infrastructure that would allow civil governance to exist under democratic process is being deliberately reduced to rubble.

    People’s lives are being shattered and the path to further bloodshed is being laid, as school friends, mothers, fathers, grandparents are being shot to pieces.

    • blacktygrrrr

      Gilesy, try telling black people that Louisiana voters voted for David Duke, but not because they were racists. See if you can sell that. When you lay down with dogs, you get fleas. Also, even if your argument had credence, why are they not standing up against Hamas now like every other Arab group is doing against their corrupt leaders?

      Lastly, war is all about death and destruction. The way to end wars is either checkmate or stalemate. Until Hamas stops firing rockets, they are to blame for everything that happens to their people.

      eric @ the Tygrrrr Express

      • Gilesy

        Why do you repeatedly compare two issues that have little similarity – the treatment of a African American people by European Americans (let’s not pretend we can blame it on just the KKK)?

        Your example would perhaps work better the other way round. An ethnic group that held all the power and wealth mistreated demonized, and enslaved another ethnic group. In more recent American history the imprisonment and killing of African Americans continued. Appalling inequalities still exist, despite the election of an African American president, which also suggests the the situation isn’t as simple as your woefully infantile analysis that it is all just a case of KKK racists lynching people because of the colour of their skin.

        I’m suggesting here that the treatment of the Palestinians in Gaza is more similar to that of African Americans in the US than the inverse comparison you draw.

        Palestinians are mistreated, demonized, killed in their hundreds and before workers from the wretched parts of the world became available, were used as cheap Labour in Israel.

        The demonization of Palestinians is an interesting point too. Ardent pro IDF politicians in the US and in Israel talk about the people in Gaza “dying like dogs”. This is a common analogy used by people, who for some reason hate and despise whole population, and you continue this with your comment about dogs and fleas.

        I don’t imagine you intend to publish articles that come across as race hatred but that that is what I get from your writing.

        • blacktygrrrr


          Where do you get your information from? I am asking you seriously.

          The reason Palestinians want to work in Israel is because that is the only place where they are treated like humans. It is the same reason Mexicans come to America, legally or illegally: for a better life. They are not being used or exploited. They are making more money they can bring back home than they would in their home countries.

          Israel allows gay marriage and is a pluralistic society. It is a liberal Democracy. The Palestinians have been brutalized, but in their native lands of Egypt and Jordan.

          As for the massive Palestinian deaths, it is because Hamas waged war against Israel and refuses to recognize Israel’s right to exist.

          Israel has everything to gain from peace. Hamas has everything to gain from war.

          Connect the dots.

          eric @ the Tygrrrr Express

          • Gilesy

            You haven’t answered the questions I asked.

          • blacktygrrrr

            I did, you just did not like the answer.

            The fact that you jumped to the conclusion of race hatred on my part means you enter this discussion with predetermined and most likely inflexible opinions.

            I don’t dignify accusations of the race card by letting you decide that I have to disprove your assertion. People who play the race card can go pound sand.

            So if you want to ask me questions that do not involve you playing the race card, we can try again. I have no use for anybody that feels the need to claim bigotry just because they disagree with me.

            I’m over it. If your response is “this proves you are a racist,” then I am still over it.

            eric @ the Tygrrrr Express

          • Gilesy

            I must now follow your link to “car porn: patriotic rides”. Good bye.

          • Gilesy

            I didn’t intend to suggest you are racist, and if you got that impression, I apologise.

            I asked why you compare two very dissimilar examples when you mention racist actions by the dominant ethnic section if society against African Americans and the behaviour of people in a desperate situation in Gaza. I don’t recall cases of African Americans persecuting, concentrating, demonizing, and murdering European Americans in their thousands, for this is surely what is being perpetrated right now by the IDF.

            That was my question.

          • blacktygrrrr


            Apology accepted.

            So your point is that the Palestinians are the little guy.

            There is a reflexive need for those on the left to always support the little guy, the poor guy, the down trodden, etc.

            Justice is supposed to be cold, blind and even-handed. If the rich guy or the big guy, you back them. If the little guy or the poor guy is the bad guy, you still punish them.

            The fact that the little guy in this case is the Palestinians is irrelevant. They are still the bad guy. They are 100% the cause of their misery.

            Take the last 24 hours. Israel wanted a ceasefire. Within minutes, Hamas used the ceasefire to get through the tunnel and kidnap an Israeli.

            The Palestinians elected Hamas. They deserve the consequences because we all get the government we deserve and the consequences that come with it.

            The IDF is not killing Palestinians in the “thousands.” 1,500 people have died. That is not thousands. Had Hamas not murdered 3 innocent Israeli teenagers, all 1,500 Palestinians would be alive today. Blaming the IDF is disgusting. Blame Hamas, who also shoots its own people so it has extra bodies to blame on Israel.

            eric @ the Tygrrrr Express

          • Gilesy

            I’m so glad you accepted my apology. I’m also impressed at the way you categorised me as a “lefty” and taught me invaluable lessons about the “big guy”and the “little guy”. Thank you. Your perspicacity and intelligence shine out through your words.

            I also like the way you repeat your comparison of Palestinians to dogs, with the clever “love the underdog” phrase.

            It is also good to learn that 1500 people died because 3 young men were killed. I’ll remember that handy yardstick of justice when applying sentences to homicides in domestic court cases. “You have murdered three people, so I will now wipe out the population of your entire town.”

            I would love to continue reading your entertaining publication, but it simply reflects the views and opinions I read every day in all the daily newspapers, see on the network news, and hear in the local bar.

          • blacktygrrrr

            Of course you are a lefty. Your answer was liberalism in all its splendor.

            1) Smugness, with a healthy dose of condescension.

            2) Invented “dog whistle” words. The fact that you can claim that the term “underdog,” which is often used to describe plucky sports teams, is me calling Palestinians dogs, is simply insane. You will probably take the term dog whistle and do likewise.

            You played the race card, I called you out on it, you apologized, I accepted your apology, and you resorted with more nastiness and another playing of the race card.

            Yes, you are a liberal. Otherwise you would have made your points without smugness, nastiness, and phony cries of bigotry.

            I also have little regard for cowards who hide behind fake screen names. I write a column and use my real name. It takes zero moral fiber to hurl insults behind an anonymous keyboard.

            Like most liberals, you have no interest in a serious discussion. If you feel the need to resort to playground style rankout contests, that means you have no ideas you can express in a cogent manner.

            As I said, yes, you are a liberal. Your crying bigotry coarsens society.

            eric @ the Tygrrrr Express

          • Flaury

            Hey, hey, hey Tygrrr, not all “Lefties” are siding with the Palestinians. I think your article is right on! I have lived and worked as a volunteer in Israel for a year in 1977-78, was there to see how happy the Israeli’s were with the Camp David Accord between Egypt and Israel, brokered by Jimmy Carter. It still stands. I also did see how the Israeli’s did instill fear and hatred of Arabs into their kids. One night they organized a dropping of a group of 11-12 yr. olds. Gave them a compass and map and told them to find their way home to the Kibbutz. While the kids were trying to find their way, a group of IDF soldiers living on the Kibbutz, dressed up as Arabs and ambushed them. The kids naturally were scared stiff. I am sure the same thing happens on the Arab side. But 80% of the Palestinians did elect Hamas, not because they expected to get peace. They also now still allow Hamas to hide their weapons inside schools and hospitals, resulting in all the civilian casualties. And then blame Israel.

          • Robbie Der[

            There’s nothing wrong with being a Liberal, just like there’s nothing wrong with being a Conservative. I just want to get that out in the open, it’s how you -act- on it.

            A conservative who may believe that Homosexual Marriage is wrong, but doesn’t go out and try to have gay rights trampled upon is fine.

            A Liberal who believes that certain races have suffered more than their fair share, but doesn’t discriminate in the classroom based on (upper or underdog race) is fine as well.

            Now as for your statement on Israel. I agree. 110%. Hamas has been the aggressor and on multiple stages Palestinians have created terrorist havoc in Israel.

            As for the other person? Palestinians should be treated with human rights and basic justice. If at the very least, their own people. And as we all know Arab countries are a haven for human rights. /sarcasm

    • Robbie Der[

      Yes. They did vote for Hamas government. That government has a platform that says ‘Eradicate All Jews’ sure it may not be terrorism, but Hamas has made actions that resemble aggression to a neighboring country.

      The Palestinian people voted for Hamas in an overwhelming majority, now they have to sit and eat it while their children are shredded into gooey burnt bone shards. Maybe next time they’ll vote for another party that says ‘Live Peacefully with Israel’ instead.

      If not. Meh. Whatever. I don’t mind seeing the videos of Palestinian mothers weeping over their dead children’s bodies. I won’t be running out of popcorn soon, I just hope they don’t run out of kids.

  • ‘Palestinians’ support Hamas and its use of terror against Israel.
    Hamas, Al Qaeda, Taliban, ISIS, they are all the same types of Islamic Murderers and Muslim Terrorists.
    Go Israel !!!!!!!!!!

  • Brendan Davison

    This article is an untrue and reprehensible smear against the Palestinian people. It’s claims are nothing more than that all Hamas Members are Palestinians, therefore all Palestinians are members of Hamas. Claiming this is no different than claiming that all squares are rectangles, therefore all rectangles are squares, a statement that has been used time and time and time again as the epitome of fallacies. Hamas, while it is made up of Palestinians, does not represent all Palestinians. This article claims that Israel is in the right in their assault on Gaza and has not committed war crimes or violated international law, in blatant disregard of reports by the UN and several NGOs observing the conflict. I strongly condemn this disgraceful article.

    • blacktygrrrr

      Strongly condemn it all you want. You’re still wrong.

      The UN is made up of Arab nations who hate Israel & America as well as European nations on the verge of surrendering to Radical Islam. Anybody who thinks the corrupt UN has an ounce of credibility should just call themselves a Jew-hater and be done with it.

      Name one thing the UN brings this world that is positive?

      I notice you do not mention Palestinian rocket fire. which means you probably believe that rocket fire is justified.

      Again, sounds like Jew-hatred to me.

      eric @ the Tygrrrr Express

      • Brendan Davison

        Who fired first, that is the question you should ask. The answer my friend is Israel.

  • Mahatma Gandhi

    The impudence of the land thieves and genocidal child murderers who have imprisoned two million people for years and now besiege them, and bomb them, and annihilate them, is limitless.

    Yes, the Palestinians are one, and they have all the rights in the world to fight the occupiers and the oppressors who, for over seventy years, have killed them, terrorized them, imprisoned them, tortured them, destroyed their dwellings and stole their water and their lands and turned Palestine into a large concentration camp.

    It is their right to fight the aggressors and let be killed, rather than to carry the burden of an enslaving, agonizing existence.

    The abhorrent, inhumane creature who wrote this text expressed uneuphemistically the very essence of the Zionist genocidal mindset.

    • blacktygrrrr

      For a guy named Ghandi you sure sound angry.

      It was Jordan who massacred thousands of “Palestinians.” Yet you blame Israel.

      I wonder if you simply dislike Jews and wish they never existed.

      After all, there are no Jewish suicide bombers.

      If you can defend people who do not even value their own lives, then the problem can be found in your mirror.

      eric @ the Tygrrrr Express

      • Elroy

        If all Eric Blacktygrrrr has is ‘you’re a Jew hater’ then he unequivocally loses the debate.



  • Mahatma Gandhi

    This article is an instigation to genocide.
    To the person who overviews the comments: I do not get into polemics!

    • blacktygrrrr

      As the author of the column, I call out commenters who offer comments lacking an ounce of substance or truth.

      You claim Israel is committing genocide. Far more Palestinians have been killed by Jordan than Israel. The number is not close. That is not anything other than historical fact. So if you you truly care about dead Palestinians, your beef would be with Jordan. Otherwise, you are just exploiting dead bodies and looking for any excuse to criticize Jews. You would not be the first nor will you be the last.

      eric @ the Tygrrrr Express

  • Joseph marcucilli

    This attitude that Hamas is inseparable from the Palestinian people explains why Israel is fine with killing innocent children and imposing a horrible blockade that denies basic necessities like clean water and medicine.God’s chosen people don’t look so hot right now.When we were fighting the War in Viet Nam Americans believed we were stopping the spread of communism in the region while our opposition believed we like the French before us were occupiers invading their country.This phenomenon is called the fog of war.Israel suffers from this malady.