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Portugal Judge Castro sues his Government over alleged Covid Crimes

Written By | Sep 27, 2021
Judge Castro, Covic crimes

Shalev interviews suspended Portuguese Judge Castro. Screen capture, BitChute video.

PORTUGAL: A new YouTube video credited to Carlos Vasconcelos (and appearing below) offers a brief but riveting story of what is currently unfolding in Portugal with regard to Covid-19. In the process, the video highlights the activities of an activist Portuguese judge. Another video, this one by Israeli podcaster Gal Shalev of Israel, interviews this now suspended Portuguese judge, Rui Fonseca e Castro, at length. This BitChute podcast further explores what Judge Castro regards as his country’s “Covid Crimes Against Humanity.”

The event that led to the judge’s recent removal from the bench apparently involved his confrontation with police, during which he challenged their treatment of people who were protesting against mask mandates. Since that event, multiple videos of his confrontation have gone viral across multiple platforms around the world. Judge Castro has since filed litigation defending Portuguese citizens after his removal from the bench in Portugal.

Judge Castro has confronted authorities concerning their participation in the standard global pandemic narrative for most 2021. Other examples of his activities had grabbed headlines prior to this one.

Podcaster Gal Shalev evaluates news coverage by the “mainstream press” and finds it wanting

Israeli podcaster Gal Shalev, describes himself as an activist. Shalev’s Facebook page offers a profound insight into his beliefs… beliefs many of us share with him.

In a March 13 pinned post Facebook entry, Shalev eloquently defines what the mainstream news media is supposed to be.

“Free press is the pillar of a democratic country. This is to protect the interests of the citizens in the country against wolves and influencers. The media is supposed to educate the viewers, produce investigations, ask questions and make the elites in the country fear their existence. The media can build or smash its own head, it can crush corporations, break banks, shed light on criminal acts, stop wars and save lives, even get innocent people out of jail. This is just a drop of the power the media has. It’s a huge power with double responsibility. The media is supposed to criticize those with capital, government and corporations. They are supposed to criticize police, politicians and businessmen. Against them, the power of media is a reasonable force.”

Shalev also offers his informed opinion on what today’s mainstream news media has actually become.

“The media today is a political-hybrid-corporate arm in a fascist dictatorial country that commits crimes against humanity. The media allows every unnecessary death in the country, every suicide every rape in the family, every old man who dies alone in bed, you don’t know about him until the smell comes out The media allows human experiment and draws the act as a gift to the whole nation.

What’s the media selling?

Shalev continues:

“The media has become a sales channel of a criminal company in every sense of the word. Just like that, it’s not an exaggeration, a company accused of several criminal cases paid billions and still profitable. The media lets pregnant women get vaccinated, even if there are no permits, no data, and certainly no injuries. [They are] supposed to tell the story of the casualties, about the dead and also all the suffering.

“The media has not only lost its way, it is an active partner in everything that is going on here, they will be prosecuted as one! They will be prosecuted and no one will forgive! You were supposed to be the guard dogs, you became enemies of the country (Israel) in a moment.”

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Shalev’s illuminating podcast interview with Judge Castro

In a recent podcast, Shalev discussed the current situation in Portugal with Judge Castro, whose primary area of expertise is criminal law.

The entire one-hour BitChute video interview discussing alleged Covid crimes appears below.

Shalev noted Judge Castro has moved in and out of government during his career. He has shifted from being a practicing lawyer to becoming a judge; then back to a lawyer and then to a judge again. Shalev noted that Judge Castro thinks our current times increasingly embrace something earlier regarded as “crimes against humanity.” As in the Nuremberg Trials after World War II.

Key Podcast excerpts

Shalev asks Judge Castro if he summarized him in his introduction correctly. (Transcriptions below slightly edited for clarity. —Ed.)

Castro: Yes, well I’ve been during my life I’ve been, like you said, back and forth been a lawyer and a judge… And a right now I am a, I am a judge and not a lawyer… Um despite I am a, I am suspended and um yes, I, I, I filed a criminal charge against um, against the president, the prime minister, the, the, staff (of) government the other ministers, a bunch of people, also doctors and the nurses… um, the entire intervening in the injection (Covid vaccines) uh, process for crimes against humanity because these injections of this substance are not free of thought we are being coerced to accept that because it’s a condition to for a, for life to go back to normal as it was, as it used to be.

Which is life they don’t, they don’t have any intention to, to, to return us, to return us back to life that we had before. But people are being coerced to accept something that is actually …killing us. At least is something … experimental and in my view [it can] bring lots of a tragic events, lots of illnesses, and um diseases… Most of all, I think it is going to bring us a huge very serious problem with infertility for the years to come.

To vaxx, or not to vaxx? More Covid crimes?

Shalev: Well, I want to take what you said and allow me to tear it apart a little bit into a couple of pieces. Because you said a couple of things… One you are talking about a medical procedure that might not be beneficial and it might be even harmful to humanity. That’s one, that’s medical. And then on the other hand you said something that’s in regards to the law right? Like coercing people to go through a medical experiment is unlawful and that’s what you’re saying. So I would like to play devil’s advocate…

Judge Castro: Mmm hmm.

Shalev: If, if this experiment, if this injection was beneficial and it was safe, do you still think it would have been wrong to make people get it in order to get their life back together?

Judge Castro: The thing is this. If this would be beneficial and it would be safe people would run to get it without any condition. If we had a pandemic a real deadly pandemic people would stay at home without any measurement. That, that’s the point. We are under a fabricated pandemic. I am not denying the virus because I don’t have the knowledge, the scientific knowledge, much to, to discuss that on that level… [W]hat I know there was already psyops before if it was one or two or three or four… [T]hat doesn’t matter. [W]e are living with virus. Humanity is living with virus it is like that. It is, it is our nature.”

Judge Castro expressed skepticism that public opinion might consider these issues as actual Covid crimes

The implication of the judge’s opinion is that armed conflicts will come. The majority of the world will not comply to any elite minority regardless of their objectives or plan.

Shalev: I want to ask you a very difficult question. But the only reason I am asking it now is because I don’t want to forget uh, later, because I think we’re going to get into a lot of things here. And… I want you to feel free not to answer this question because it’s actually a, a pretty dangerous question to answer because it might put you in a position that’s a little bit in a predicament. When I asked you do you think [the courts could revolve] this process and you said, ‘No’, that scares me. …Because as a judge, as a person of law, who knows the law, understands this is not going to be, you know, handled through the law… [T]he only thing that I could imagine…

Would that mean that at some point, in the future… we would need some sort of a coup? Some sort of a coup with the army and with the police… You know the police understanding that they’re doing something wrong, the army understanding that if this continues this is just… You know, it might take them a long time to wake up but maybe at some point… Do you think a coup is the only way? And feel free not to answer this if this might be just a rhetorical question. Do you think a coup is the only answer?

Judge Castro: … I don’t know, right now I don’t know… what the answer could be of course. …[E]very, all these, all these scenarios have crossed my mind and um, and that’s one of them… It’s something that… will never happen …very soon because [we have] yet to suffer… the …real deal …of where we are leading in…

Latin 101

Shalev proceeds by questioning Judge Castro’s t-shirt, which read, “Habeas Corpus,” asking him what that was all about. Judge Castro explained that the Latin legal term means to release you from unlawful arrest. He paralleled the shirt with the Portugal unlawful lockdowns of its citizens. The judge also accused the government of Portugal as being deeply corrupt and infiltrated by pedophilia.

In addition, addressing his current activism, he mentioned he is not looking for any financial help. He chooses to file criminal charges and handle preparations himself, stating that the news media routinely avoids him and also avoids reporting on his ongoing litigation regarding Covid crimes. He said while some simply label him a conspiracy theorist, the people afflicted with injection side effects continue coming forward to stand by him.

Judge Castro outlines the gravity of the Globalists’ likely Grand Plan

Conducted in English, Shalev’s entire hour-long interview proves extremely worthwhile in its entirety. Judge Castro emphasizes that we must wage this fight more for future generations rather than for ourselves. He tells the world to wake up and stop the eugenics currently waged against our children. This involves alleged Covid crimes and related human sanctity issues.

Both men seem to avoid the unspoken, underlying back story. It concerns the ongoing agenda of globalists. They allegedly want to reduce the world’s population to fight “climate change,” either real or imagined.

Concluding the interview, Shalev asks Judge Castro if he thinks we should stay calm in our opposition. Or alternatively, should we resort to violence or consider other alternatives?

Judge Castro thinks that as long as people wear masks outdoors, they are not ready for a violent overthrow of globalists’ draconian measures and hidden agendas. The implication: People are not all awake to what lies ahead, nor do they yet understanding the big picture.

But the Judge still manages an optimistic conclusion.

“I hope that in the end, everybody is willing to fight the fight that is ahead of us.”



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Mark Schwendau

Mark Schwendau is a Christian conservative patriot and retired technology professor (CAD-CAM and web development) who prides himself on his critical thinking ability. Schwendau has had a long sideline of newspaper editorial writing where he used the byline, “- bringing little known facts to people who simply want to know the truth.” Mark is on alternative free speech social media platforms after lifetime bans from Facebook and Twitter and shadow bans from Instagram and Fox News commenting. His website is www.IDrawIWrite.Tech