Can ISIS get access to nuclear weapons through Pakistan?

A Scud missile displayed in Raqqa, Syria, this week by ISIS is “more propaganda than operational”
A Scud missile displayed in Raqqa, Syria, this week by ISIS is “more propaganda than operational”

CHARLOTTE, N.C., November 25, 2014 – The United States and its Western allies have capitulated to Iran, extending talks designed to limit the Iranian nuclear weapons program.

The Iranians got precisely what they wanted, which is more time to develop their nuclear arsenal. At the same time, a potentially more dangerous result may be developing in another Muslim country that already has nuclear weapons. As usual, Western media have ignored the story, either out of ignorance or apathy. Either way, the situation poses a deadly threat to the nations that oppose ISIS.

According to Walid Shoebat, a former Muslim Brotherhood member who has become a major voice against Islamic terrorism, “ISIS now has camped in Pakistan and all across Pakistan” with the black flag of the Islamic State popping up all over the country.

Despite U.S. airstrikes which have supposedly slowed the spread of ISIS, Shoebat warns that “western news consumers are not paying as much attention to how fast the Islamic State is moving.”

Economic problems and political tensions have made Pakistan even more unstable than usual for the region, making the presence of the Islamic State, which has been confirmed by the Pakistani government, a highly disturbing development.

If ISIS gains control of or gets an ally in Pakistan, it could gain access to Pakistan’s nuclear weapons. Given the inhumanity of ISIS, that possibility should fill observers with foreboding; ISIS is a group that might very well use nuclear weapons to advance their cause.

Says Karl Kaltenthaler, a professor at the University of Akron and an expert on the rise of Islamic extremism, “The message they’re trying to convey is they are brutal to their enemies, and they are righteous in their cause. If you mess with them, you’re going to pay a high price, and they will stop at nothing to achieve the triumph of their vision for Islam.”

According to Shoebat, a staggering 98 percent of Pakistanis support Islamic jihad, and they have no qualms about the savagery of ISIS.

If that sounds far-fetched, remember that it was Pakistan that sheltered Osama bin Laden and protected him for several years. It was only through a covert operation which did not involve informing the Pakistani government of our intentions that the U.S. was able to kill bin Laden.

Furthermore, as Shoebat points out, “among all the nuclear states Pakistan is the only country that leaked and transferred nuclear technology to the countries that are still under UN and U.S. sanctions. It is also the only nuclear state that shelters and protects terrorist organizations such as al-Qaeda, the Taliban, Haqani Network and now the infamous ISIS.”

Shoebat explains why an ISIS-Pakistan alliance is such a threat. “While the global leaders certainly understand that there is an extreme threat to global security if the risk that ISIS could get a hold of nuclear weapons, all world leaders, especially Americans, do is hold international conferences on addressing the issue,” says Shoebat.

Anyone paying even a moderate amount of attention realizes that “talking without action” has been the primary focus of the Obama administration’s foreign policy under Secertaries of State Hillary Clinton and John Kerry. Such an approach will not suffice against an action-oriented, emboldened terrorist organization like ISIS.

As the prospect of a nuclear Iran looms, Shoebat has a dire warning for the West: “ISIS will strive for acquiring nuclear weapons in Pakistan and will get them, its only a matter of time. Assuming even if ISIS doesn’t fight for it, there are elements in Pakistan that may sell either nuclear technology or nuclear weapons to ISIS. If ISIS obtains nuclear weapons in Pakistan a new chapter of terrorism will emerge, and ISIS will turn into an invincible force.”

For the moment such prospects are nothing more than speculation. But given that ISIS is creeping its way into the dangerous territory of Pakistan combined with the common cause to defeat all things non-Muslim, the prospects are not good if the Islamic State can find a way to access nuclear weapons.

While the media may not be paying attention, we can only hope that Western governments are taking notice.


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  • My Take

    The fears, which have been expressed by the analysts, are illegitimate concerns. To be precise, the anxiety among the analysts is due to the lack of information available about Pakistan’s ability to maintain her control of her nuclear weapons or radioactive material and prevent their unintended use. Moreover, they are not fully aware about Pakistan’s nuclear regulatory authority’s responsibility and credibility. The official stance of Pakistan is that she has adopted an
    effective mechanism for the security of nuclear facilities, fissile material storage, production facilities and nuclear know-how trade. No illicit traffic of Pakistan’s nuclear material and nuclear accident have occurred so far.

    • sdlfnslnf

      During the first nuclear test of Pakistan, thousands of Paki muslims died in Southern Pakistan. Pakistan’s nuclear capabilities are a joke and so as their security. ISIS will takeover Pakistan, because ISIS is Islam and they represent all muslims.

    • dlewenz

      The ability of ISIS to gain Nuclear Weapons is a given, While the Traitor in the White House closes a Blind Eye To ISIS and the 41 additional Islamic Nazis groups that are growing across the sub-Sahara basin. One does not want to think about the true fall out of a nuclear devise in the hands of ISIS, and yes they will use it, and America is the prime country they will attack.

  • Bobby

    The possible threat of ISIS to the global peace and stability cannot be ignored but the prospects of ISIS getting hold of Pakistan’s nuclear weapons is merely a propaganda against a responsible nuclear state. Why not the nuclear weapons of Israel or India can be get hold by ISIS why only the weapons of Pakistan are magnified at every new dimension of international security. Pakistan is having well maintained and nourished command and control structure which doesn’t need any kind of explanation and constantly seems to be in efforts of enhancing its efficacy with regards to changing international security architecture.

  • Hurmuth

    Pakistan has experienced certain
    very interesting connotations ever since 1998 after becoming nuclear weapon
    state. Anything happens in any part of the world directly would relate to Pakistan
    and spontaneously question the security of nuclear weapons. Pakistan is working
    as fully established nation state whose central focus is political sovereignty
    and territorial integrity. Relating Pakistan with ISIS has no logical grounds
    except covering the headlines. Pakistan provides unbeatable security to its
    nuclear framework. The international community is just coining its interests of
    relating Pakistan with ISIS particularly.

  • Hurmuth

    There is a dire need that world should accept this reality with concrete facts that Pakistan is a responsible nuclear weapon state.

  • Nelson A.

    Pakistan has been working to ensure accurate tracking of all radioactive sources imported into the country. It is very difficult to secure all of Pakistan’s borders against illicit trafficking, especially because there are more than 2,000 miles of open borders with few legal crossing points. Yet, Pakistan has taken action to control the threat of radiological terrorism better. For example, the 2004 Export Control Act includes restrictions and penalties for transshipments. Pakistan has signed the Container Security Initiative, which provided for detectors in Karachi. Officials are engaged in discussions regarding possibly joining the Megaports Initiative. Pakistan also participates in the IAEA Illicit Trafficking Database, which allows countries to share information on incidents involving theft, loss, or pilferage of radiological materials.

  • Duck_of_Death

    The Iranians got precisely what they wanted, which is more time to develop their nuclear “arsenal.”

    No, that’s a lie. Iran does NOT have a nuclear arsenal. Iran has exactly 0 nuclear weapons. Nor does Iran have a nuclear weapons program. You are confusing Iran with Israel. Israel has two hundred or so nuclear weapons. Get your facts straight. But as far as Pakistan goes, you are right that there is great danger that their nuclear weapons may fall into the hands of terrorists one way or the other.

    “Either way, the situation poses a deadly threat to the nations that oppose ISIS.”

    Which would be Iran. As you know, ISIS is a mortal enemy of Iran. I think you are a little confused all around, Bob.

  • My view

    Pakistan protects its nuclear arsenal with same level of security it used for protecting bin laden, pakistan is a perfect breeding place for all terrorists organisation under patronage, training & security of its defense forces and intelligence agencies.
    Very soon US & allied forces will have to shift their anti terror operations from Middle east to pakistan.
    With the political fragility & lack of govt. control over its establishments pakistan is a heaven for islamic terrorists.

  • gfdgdfg

    ISIS represents all muslims and the teachings of Islam. ISIS will take over Pakistan very soon. I hope they capture at least 2/3 rd of Pakistan before may 2015. ISIS is indeed Islam in its purest form!