The Scandals Continue: Updating the 2014 Obama Scandal Handbook

President Obama - Wikimedia
President Obama - Wikimedia

LOS ANGELES, July 7, 2014 — As America celebrated another Independence Day, President Obama continued to face charges of violating everything this great Constitutional Republic stands for. Just three weeks after the various scandals surrounding the Obama administration seemed to reach a fever pitch, the fever got higher.

The last version of the Obama scandals user handbook already is on the verge of being obsolete.

The original handbook was released in May of 2013. It was updated in June of 2013, November of 2013, May of 2014, and June of 2014.

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While America finally saw a brief respite from new scandals, there were serious new developments in other ones, including those that had been dormant for some time. President Obama continued to mock his critics and taunt them over “phony scandals,” but the American people by a clear majority no longer believe his protests. With that, here is the July 2014 updated Obama scandals user handbook.

IRS abuses — This scandal had plenty of breaking news. In addition to Lois Lerner’s hard drive crash in June of 2011, six other employees have had their hard drives crash. The IRS had a contract with storage company Sonasoft to maintain backups. In September of 2011, the IRS canceled that contract.

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While the IRS requires individuals to maintain records for several years, the IRS was only maintaining their own records for six months. A congressional subpoena in August of 2013 for Lerner’s emails was followed by more delays. In February of 2014 the IRS knew the emails were destroyed. They informed the White House but not congress. The National Archives said that the IRS actions did not follow the law, since all such emails must be archived for posterity.

IRS Commissioner John Koskinen failed to mention the missing emails during his March 2014 testimony before congress. In June he testified again at a very contentious hearing and refused to ask for a special prosecutor or allow the FBI to interview IRS personnel. Koskinen has given almost six figures in political contributions to Democrats.

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Lois Lerner, the woman at the heart of the original IRS targeting scandal, was just caught in an email advocating the targeting of Iowa Republican Senator Chuck Grassley. A responding email showed another IRS employee refusing to follow that directive.

As attorney Jay Sekulow pointed out, Lerner’s emails all have recipients. Even without Lerner’s hard drive, it defies credulity that every recipient’s hard drive also crashed.

A poll showed that 76 percent of Americans believe the Obama administration deliberately destroyed evidence. Of the other 24 percent, 12 percent most likely work for the Obama White House, while the remaining 12 percent may not speak English, confusing the IRS with the INS.

The IRS admitted to releasing confidential tax returns of Mitt Romney donors during the 2012 election. The IRS was forced to pay $50,000 to the Family Research Council as part of a settlement for illegally releasing FRC records to the public.

EPA abuses — Their hard drives have crashed as well. Since former EPA Director Lisa Jackson used a personal email address to conduct government business, her home computer would not be affected by the crash of office computers.

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Executive Orders — House Speaker John Boehner filed a lawsuit to rein in President Obama’s use of executive orders. While the number of executive orders issued by Obama is within the range of recent past presidents, the scope of the orders have gone far beyond what is Constitutional. Obama has altered Obamacare 38 times by fiat despite the Chief Executive having no Constitutional authority to unilaterally alter passed legislation. In the face of several Supreme Court decisions that went against him including another 9-0 ruling, a defiant Obama vowed to ignore everyone else. He mockingly taunted Boehner by saying, “So sue me.”

Manipulated jobs numbers — 0.1 percent growth is anemic, but now that number has been revised downward to negative 2.9 percent. The economy actually contracted nearly 3 percent. The Obama administration blamed climate change for the contraction, dismissing any possibility that Obama’s own policies have stifled growth.

Benghazi — Author Ed Klein reported that Hillary knew immediately that the video narrative was false. Obama’s White House ordered her to go with the video story rather than claim it was a terrorist attack. Still unknown is Obama’s whereabouts, the person who gave the stand down order, and the location of the Benghazi survivors.

Illegal Immigrants — First came a mass influx of illegal immigrants at the direction of the White House seeking to find more Democrat voters and establish a permanent liberal governing majority. Then the media was banned from taking pictures of thousands of children sleeping in unsanitary and unsafe conditions. Now a United States Congressman from Oklahoma has been banned from visiting one of the location sites. Leaked pictures show the White House does have something to hide. Ordinary citizens are fighting back as a busload of illegal immigrants meant to be dropped off in Murrieta, California were rerouted to San Diego.

In the last three weeks there have been no new developments in the Fast and Furious, AP telephone records, HHS corruption, Census Bureau manipulations, NSA spying, VA abuses or Bowe Bergdahl-Taliban exchange scandals.

As the world bursts into flames and the American economy teeters, one never-ending scandal remains.

The Obama record — On domestic and foreign policy, virtually everything Obama does fails. Most of the liberal media still refuses to apply the same critical lens to him that they would with a Republican. Knowing he has a free pass, this leads to Obama becoming more emboldened, leading to more scandals.

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  • jb80538

    When was the last time the economy contracted? I’m guessing under Carter.

  • Nameless Cynic

    Funny thing. All these “scandals” have been invented by paranoids and people with political agendas.

    IRS: are you saying that the IRS shouldn’t investigate people claiming that they don’t have to pay taxes? Since it’s been shown that both liberal and conservative groups were “targeted,” what exactly is the “scandal” here?

    Executive orders: Every president back to Grover Cleveland has used more executive orders than Obama. (The only exception was Gerald Ford, who still came close in his two and a half year term to equalling Obama’s score.) And trying to claim that his are “more egregious” is just stupid, since (just one example) Bush claimed that he was going to torture prisoners regardless of what Congress said.

    Benghazi: Despite your claim here, the military members who just testified before Congress all stated that the dreaded Benghazi “stand-down order” was made by generals on the ground in Tripoli, without input from Obama (or Hillary Clinton).

    And on and on.

    So basically, y’all are either lying, or the most gullible people on the face of the earth. Which is it?

  • mindlessminions

    If you believe in this BS you are part of the mindless horde…

  • Guest

    That’s correct. Anyone who believes in this BS that you’re shoveling is definitely part of the mindless horde.

  • Nameless Cynic

    That’s correct. Anyone who believes in this BS that you’re shoveling is definitely part of the mindless horde. I’m glad you agree with me. (A little surprised, to be honest, but glad.)

  • Charlie Randall

    This is great recap and only a “mindless” Liberal like Nameless Cynic would be using Democratic talking points instead of review facts.
    Benghazi – or any other military action never goes ahead on orders of Generals that wasn’t already cleared by President. Although they are always the Generals are ones to fall on the sword. Quite clear the “Coward in Chief” gave order not to save the troops.
    Executive orders – not the number here its the breech of authority trying to bypass congress and make laws in the Executive branch. Case you haven’t checked the Supreme court has been ruling 9-0 against lot these.
    IRS – seriously believe targeting Conservatives was led by mindless bureaucrats and willful resistance isn’t being backed by President?
    Fast an Furious – Resignation of Holder only means that DOJ is closing in and Obama is trying break the link to him. DOJ ruling that they have turn over papers is going set up both for prison time – if there was truly justice they would both face murder sentence for death border guards by the weapons they sold.
    The potential for Liberals to swallow the daily “I didn’t Know” from Obama is proof you don’t care about facts – he is either unable to lead and incompetent because of his ignorance of what his people are doing or he knows and is guilty of knowingly overstepping his authority and not following the laws.