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The Oscars and the Hollywood Idiots: Did anybody watch?

Written By | Feb 10, 2020
Oscars, Hollywood Idiots

WASHINGTON: The Oscars have come and mercifully have gone. But they’ll be back. Like syphilis without the threat of penicillin, this social disease of pomposity, this mutual admiration society will find its way back next year.  Whispering in our ear“Yoo-Hoo. Here we are. The good people who know everything and also what is best for you.” The return of the Hollywood Idiots.

The solution to social disease is to avoid the whore who has it.

Just say “no” as it were. Although concealed through beauty and desire, the rot is there, waiting to strike with, blindness, infertility or even lifetime impairment. This is about all the Oscars give these days, except to the whores and pimps who run it.

They fleece their fans, most of whom they despise, for the gold coins they covet.

Last year’s awards were the lowest since Nielsen began keeping track in 1974. (TV Ratings for 2018 Oscars Were The Lowest Ever | Time) This year saw a 12% upward movement. This year saw the first time there was no host. (Hostless Oscars sees viewership jump 12%, the first gain in 5 years)

Maybe there is a message in this avenue.

Perhaps, no-host, no actors, nobody at all in the glamorous raucous arena. Just empty seats would really give it an upward movement in viewership. Just present a rolling screen before the cameras listing the winner (there’s irony–“winners” in Hollywood) of each production.

Or even better, simply present a lengthy Tweet to the world.  Or perhaps the Academy Awards could start its own social network platform: “Twinkle.” Short for “Twinkle, twinkle little stars(s).”

Imagine not having to listen to some mediocre warm-blooded animal life Brad Pitt offer his opinion–on anything. Or not ever again having to listen to Robert De Niro unleash his lavishly lewd lascivious lines (as per his performance at the Tony Awards). (Profanity warning)

Nobody can use the F word like Robert—except maybe Rashida (MF)Tlaib, actress wannabe.

But the greatest MIA of all should be Jane Fonda.

She once loved North Vietnam soldiers and their weapons pointed at American soldiers. But now in her new facelift (literally and figuratively), she is apparently a climatologist extraordinaire. But in old clothes, wearing a recycled gown, bless her heart.

This woman who has lived off of the fame of her father and generosity of fans now must listen to her babble about the farcical climate change harangue delivered by mental midgets like AOC. She even moved to Washington as if her mere presence is transcendent.

Perhaps it is fitting that “Hanoi” Jane, now maybe “Bad Weather” Jane should give out the award to a movie titled Parasite.

And the winner is….

And, of course, Parasite is a foreign film the themes of which are class-conflict and social inequality.

These are items that Hollywood and its Oscar community worry themselves sick over. After all, Leonardo Dicaprio probably spends endless sleepless nights worrying that everyone cannot have their own Gulfstream Jet—although at the same time fueling them with nothing more than 100% clean jet fuel.

But a moment of greatness—probably the only great moment—was by Julia Butters. The ten-year-old, carrying a $2,500.00 purse she revealed when asked, the contents. She had a turkey sandwich. She said she just didn’t like some of the food they had there—70% plant-based.

So, what normal person would not rather have turkey than something like Tofu on dried lettuce, or some such climate-friendly horse dung?

Out of the mouths of babes.

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Paul H. Yarbrough

Paul H. Yarbrough

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