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Live Chat: True Blood “Death Is Not The End”, Sunday 9pm EST

Written By | Jul 13, 2014
The death of Alcide

WASHINGTON, July 13, 2014 – Last weeks episode, “Fire in the Hole,” killed off Alcide (Joe Manganiello) who had just tracked Sookie (Anna Paquin) in wolf form, finding her in the woods with Bill (Stephen Moyer) trying to lure H-vamps out of the darkness.

Sookie’s reasoning being that they would capture here, Bill would follow and they would find Arlene, Holly and the others being held captive.

Once again Sookie decided to “act” without thinking about the consequences.  In this instance, because she did not bother to tell Alcide what she was doing, it caused the death of the man she loved.

Bill has revealed that Sookie is no longer in “his blood” and his participation was one of bemusement, as he is no longer driven by the Sookie obsession.

Jason’s Vamp girlfriend Violet eviscerated Hoyt’s mother Maxine Fortenberry, which for some (me) was a ‘yeah!’ moment. But only after Sam Merlotte was confronted by the town anti-vampire or anything else not human vigilante group led by Ralph and Maxine.

Sam turned into an owl and flew away, eventually meeting up with Alcide and Sam (Sam Trammell) who were there to take out the the H-vamps along with Sheriff Andy (Chris Bauer) and Jason (Ryan Kwanten).

It was when Alcide shifted back to his human form that he was shot by one of the armed townsfolk lurking in the woods who killed him simply for being supernatural.

He stopped to verbally confront Bill, who he felt was moving in on Sookie territory.

 “As soon as he knows Sookie’s all right, it’s like, ‘Hey, Bill, I’m gonna f–kin’ kill you right now.’ He probably just should have done it rather than talk about it—it’s the fatal flaw in TV and film, you know, everybody wants to talk about it. And then the gun shot goes off,’” Manganiello told EW before the episode aired.

“I don’t know how to make it more suspenseful than that. I get shot in the head by this random character whose name I don’t even know and die naked in the woods.

The good news is they did recover Holly Clearly (Lauren  Elizabeth Bowles), who was being held by the H-Vamps at Fangstasia, where Arlene and others are still waiting to be rescued.

In other news, Pam has found Eric, who is infected with the Vampire hepatitis that turns them into mindless, ravenous creatures.  Eric was ready for true death, until Pam taunted him with the knowledge that Sarah Newlin is alive, and well, and she knows where.

In an interview Anna Camp (Sarah Newlin) said  “There’re wasting no time getting down to the final core members of the show.”

So the body count is Tara, Alcide, Maxine and they promise SEVEN more character deaths. Watch with us tonight to see who is next.

Here is a preview to tonight’s show “Death is not the end”    Don’t watch alone.  Join our live chat, right here, starting at 9:00pm Eastern.

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