HILARIOUS: Watch Hillary Clinton supporters struggle to explain their love for Hillary (VIDEO)


CHICAGO, June 13, 2014 – National Democrat strategists will want to cover their ears for this one.

This week, Hillary Clinton supporters in Chicago were asked to explain their admiration for the former FLOTUS and bumbled painfully to articulate any reason why.

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Clinton was in the Windy City on the first leg of her “Hard Choices” book tour and was appearing at a forum with Mayor Rahm Emanuel for Chicago Ideas Week on Wednesday. Hundreds of Clinton supporters greeted Clinton at the event.

Supporters were asked if they were “ready for Hillary?”

“I am,” one woman answered.

“But what are you ready for though?”

“I don’t know quite yet,” responded the woman. “I agree with a lot of the ideas she has about policy and I think she is a very strong candidate.”

“What is the number one policy that you agree with?”

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“Um, I don’t know quite yet. I’m…young,” the flustered woman said.

Many of Clinton supporters weren’t from Chicago at all but admitted they were bused in from other states. Most expressed no knowledge about any of the problems facing the city.

“Rahm Emanuel, the Mayor of the City of Chicago, is in there with Hillary, supporting her to be President of the United States. What is Rahm Emanuel doing about the murder crisis in Chicago?”

“See I’m not from Chicago. I’m just working for ‘Ready for Hillary.’ I’m from Jersey,” explained another supporter.

Another woman said she was from the suburbs and so the murder crisis did not affect her, while another said that Hillary reminded the audience how important it was to get kids into the classroom.

Getting kids into the classroom – now there is a novel idea for Chicago Idea week.

Many were also enthusiastic about a Hillary-Rahm presidential ticket but, again, could not articulate any reason why.

The lone Clinton supporter from Chicago was the only one who expressed reservations. “The jury is out on that,” the woman said with a laugh.

Although short on actual ideas, Clinton supporters were very adamant about one thing: They were indeed definitely ready for Hillary.

However, what that really means is anyone’s guess.

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  • terrywest0206

    God help us. They’ll vote for her, but they don’t know why. That’s how we elected Hussein.

  • JoeLake

    O, Lord.

  • neviander

    Most people on both sides haven’t the foggiest idea what ‘their’ candidate’s policies are, or what their history is, or how the economy works, or who our enemies are, etc., etc.

  • alexis martinez

    more conservative BS…notice how this guy stands around the network news trucks giving folks the impression that he is a repoter. and instead of ‘reporting” he is constantly giving a right wing talking points.. . Hillary Clinton to this point has not even been willing to say if she’ll run or not… so asking policy questions is dishonest and misleading, especially since she has yet to put out a platform. My support of her is the GREAT job she has done…as a Senator..Secretary of State… and the grace that she has shown towards our President Obama

    • Karen

      Okay, Alexis, can you tell me one GREAT thing she did as either a senator or as Secretary of State? Just one is all I’m asking for.

      • buesswg

        Good job where have you been? She has been a failure at any job she has done. She had a hand in the murders of our people in Benghazi. And you call that a good job. Well I can tell you are a true Communist/Democrat.

        • Karen

          Apparently, you don’t know how to read, buesswg. I asked Alexis, to tell me one great thing Hitlery had done while she was in either office. She’s done nothing! Absolutely nothing but harm, and apparently, Alexis knows it because she never answered my question. Either that, or she’s just another of the unwashed uninformed.

          I never said she did a good job, nor did I imply it. I am a Conservative Republican, by the way. Learn to read, why don’t you?

    • estes1944

      Alexis, where have you been? She hasn’t done ONE outstanding thing to help this great country except let the 5 American men die because of the ‘video’ inspired killings at the consulate in Benghazi. She stated “What difference doe it make”. Well it makes a great deal of difference because we in the military will do everything to protect each other and leave no man/woman behind. You stated she hasn’t stated if she will run, what do you think she is doing with her book shindig?? She is testing the waters to see how the populaces will receive her. This is a test run. Get it??????????? She adores Obama because she is indebted to him for making her Secretary of state.

    • localman22

      Even when Mrs. Clinton herself was asked, she could not name any “accomplishments” she was responsible for as Secretary of State. She spend a lot of time traveling, but accomplished nothing. She failed to supervise her department, ignoring the repeated requests for additional security in Benghazi, and then left U.S. personnel there when all other western countries pulled out because it was too dangerous.

      Then there was the “reset” of relations with Russia, which has now led to Putin invading Ukraine with no consequences. (What could the U.S. do? Prohibit all U.S. Banks from doing business with Russia, including Visa, Mastercard and AMEX. Russia would fold pretty quickly when that kind of economic pressure was put on them.)

      Then there’s the failures in Syria. Then there are the failures to get a force to stay in Iraq, resulting in the terrorist takeover happening now.

      Clinton was a disaster as Secretary of State. She would be a disaster as President.

      • Karen

        She didn’t do that all by herself, localman22. Her cohort, our “supreme leader” had a major hand in all of that, as well. They’re two of a kind and i hope to God she doesn’t run for president. If she does, I pray she’s not elected. Two disasters, one right after the other will most surely leave this country in ruins, if we can even survive this one.

    • Tgirl

      Just read their autobiography! I love liberals. They read NOTHING and base their views on political BS! I asked Obama supporters if they read his book “Dreams of my Father”. Not a ONE had! They voted blindly for someone they knew NOTHING about!

      • buesswg

        And just look at what that has gotten us. A two tone Communist/Muslim/Democrat that is tearing our country apart.

  • Alley Cat

    I’m definitely NOT for Hillary but this is the worst interviewer I have ever seen. I thought this was supposed to be about asking about Hillary but keeps bringing up the mayor of Chicago. Plus acting ridiculous and wasting time.

  • Len Ear

    The liberal mind is mostly detached from reality.

  • dennodog

    “A waste is a terrible thing to mind.”

  • Al Baniya

    Today’s liberals are mostly marxists. No question.

  • Liberalism is Nonsense

    I think we can all agree that homosexual sodomy is a vile perversion.

  • George Allegro

    One of the defining characteristics of today’s liberalism is a dogmatic reliance upon fortune-tellers and soothsayers.