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“Botched” TV show reminds why certified plastic surgeons necessary

Written By | Jul 17, 2014
Botched plastic surgeons

WASHINGTON, July 17, 2014 — Plastic surgery is a wildly popular way to sculpt the body. However, many eager patients are subjecting themselves to sub par or all-out illegal procedures. Beauty clinics mix the doctor’s office with the beauty salon – and many of them aren’t certified. If you or anyone near you is considering plastic surgery, be sure to go with a certified and reliable plastic surgeon.

You have heard the horror stories and maybe seen a few implants-gone-wrong cases. Even under specialized board certified surgeons, plastic surgery can pose a potentially life threatening risk. This is surgery, not a surface treatment at a beauty salon.

When done correctly, and under proper medical supervision, plastic surgery can indeed be a beautiful thing (after healing). For many people plastic surgery greatly improves confidence and can correct lifelong physical deformity. Plastic surgery procedures can add grace to aging.

For unhappy plastic surgery there is still hope. One TV series is playing off of gone-wrong plastic surgery. It’s called “Botched” and features two plastic surgeons who task themselves with fixing patients who have experienced plastic surgery nightmares. The series doesn’t skim on the real-life plastic surgery office gossip, reaching abuse level jokes. But hey, that’s the world that drives millions to plastic surgery in the first place.

If you missed Sundays Episode on E! where 33 year old Toby Justin-Bieber-wannabe requested a forehead and jaw reduction from Doctor Dubrow, you can catch the detailed recap HERE. Dubrow laughs off the request by pointing out that the surgery will make the L.A. based songwriter look like a Neanderthal for two months, “There’s hats to cover it with,” he chuckles before ushering him away.

More shocking is Desiree’s Tummy Tuck from Tijuana. Bottom line, ice should NEVER be used as an anesthetic! The low-grade tummy tuck killed a good portion of skin around her mid-drift and relocated her vagina nearer to her belly button than could ever look or feel natural. “My dream is for my stomach to look flat and for my vagina to be put back in its place,” she says to Dr. Dubrow. Her mom, the same who recommended the Tijuana doctor, is with her the day of surgery.

Then there’s Charlotte, who experienced the boob job horror story we all cringe at. While her first boob job went fine at age 17, her second doctor gave her Triple D’s as part of her after-pregnancy procedure. “I didn’t know that size existed,” she laments. “My breasts look like cow udders.” Dr. Dubrow takes on the case, getting Charlotte back to non-cow-udder size in time for her sister-in-law’s strapless dress wedding.

“Botched” casts a light on the fact that plastic surgery is becoming common and quick and patients need to be smart when choosing their procedure and doctor. Hopes for “quick fixes” are fueled by advertisements making boob jobs, butt lifts and tummy tucks look as risk free as facials or waxing. Perhaps that is what drives women (or men) to cheap un-certified plastic surgery offices. Even “awake surgery” is becoming a thing! In awake surgery the patient is woozy but doesn’t require an anesthesiologist on site. Thus less regulation, thus more room for error, thus high risk. Luckily, regulations within the states are improving and certified centers operate at approved levels. The same can’t be said of Tijuana…

“Botched” can be viewed every Sunday night on E!

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