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Trinidad and Tobago Carnival: Music, art and feathers in the Caribbean

Written By | Jan 31, 2018

Carnival Dancer: Image uncredited from promotional site

TRINIDAD, January 31, 2018: Trinidad and Tobago is renowned for the “Art of the Carnival“, a fete of costume colors, music, and fun with plenty of events, concerts, and festivals being held all month long.  Carnival proper is February 12th and 13th.  But if come earlier, or stay longer, the festival wraps a cute bow around a native celebration quickly attracting tourists.

Picture gorgeous faces and skimpy bikini’s, bodies sculpted to physical perfection and sun-kissed skin.

What’s not to want?

It’s a little bit of the ultimate costumed fashion week, intimately mixed with a little bit of soca sun and tribal lavishness.  An island fashion romanticism that combines the fun of Mardi Gras with an island vibe.

You can definitely pick up a glimpse of the some of the hottest bodies in fitness, all polished and tropically toned, primed and full of agile festival vigor. Any business trip, travel excursion, and even sports media trip should have this event at the very top of its list.

Carnival flyer

Carnival flyer

With some of these costumes, the only eye dulling feature is the fact that you can’t take all of it in at once.   If a picture is worth a thousand words, being there, your island dictionary will expand.

Paramin Carnival

The best perches are usually high in the hills in the northern range. That best place would be in Paramin. Take a visit. Four-wheel drive is a must. Stick shift is a must. Female driver a definite plus.

Having nerves of steel is entirely up to you.

Paramin an old Spanish Port. The Spanish first settled the island after it was discovered by Christopher Columbus on his third voyage in 1948. The island was later inhabited by the French.

Until the last call is called, libations usually run all day. Fetting, having the social credits to have your drink on the bar before you sit down, becomes a challenge for partiers.

The Carnival Costumes

The costumes include full plumage, strings of sparkling beads and very little fabric.

What is your preference, skinny plumage or thick plumage, participate in a little debut of self-expression on JOuvert. Because the target of personal fashion is just that, personal.

Fashion, and bodies warm and fit make gravity-defying costumes the eye-candy mainstay of this two-day style rendering exhibit.

International Currency Investing in Trinidad and Tobago


Fb Carnival

Feathers are just light enough to not weigh you down on this itty bitty costume trip.  Tribe feathers leaving sparkling glitter in their waft.

Not the sort of place you want to get sick in with all the fun and festivities around you, so be smart.  Don’t ruin your Carnival with too much booze, illicit drugs or drinking water from the tap.

Your cerebral externalities conjuring up some sound space to store and kindle memories of all your mingles during your tropical escape. So get fit for this one if steel pan is on your agenda.

Travel Tips a Carnival get-a-way

Your buying needs can easily be handled by the credit card that lets you get anything anywhere. In other words, Visa is accepted just about everywhere.

Stunning and ravishing are two descriptions that describe the costumes, and weather, during Carnival.

On or off the business expense account the trip is affordable, perfect for a quick trip out of the house. Current temperatures are in the 80’s. Degrees range from plus or minus 7 Fahrenheit per day. Humidity 66 dew points at 22 winds slight and steady increase over the next 3 days

Accommodations are secure. Travel in large groups. Packs of 12 or more.  Practice basic safety.  Travel with people, take note of locations, make sure phones are charged so you can contact people. Put the phone number of a reliable taxi person in your phone and make sure someone in the group stays sober.

Other tips for fun: hang out at bars on Ariapita, don’t be afraid to get paint or glitter on you, pack light if you’re carrying a bag, put the phone in a ziplock bag in case there are spills. Always try booking rooms/hotels, planes/boat tickets way in advance.

Travel Span always has great tickets, today advertising $158 from New York to T&T.

Plenty folks run away to Tobago on Ash Wednesday to cool down.

Sports fans should make it down for the February 2, 2018 Tobago THA Pan Champ Finals at Dwight Yoakam Stadium.

It is only a $7 dollar ferry ride, or a $30 dollar flight from Trinidad to the sister island of Tobago. If you want to swim it I suggest backstroke start late at night stars will be the best way to dodge the twisting currents. Seriously, take the ferry.

One of my favorite things to do is to follow the Honey Trail, to enjoy T&T’s honey trade. It puts you face to face with what nature and paradise really ought to be.

The real fanfare is the band launching parties. Here the open air atmosphere and entertainment are mixed with the best costumes. Birds are usually the most common band and one year they even had a theme called honey.

Date: February: 12 and 13, 2018.
Time: 48 hours.
Location: Republic of Trinidad and Tobago.
Featuring: Bands from Fatal Attraction, Isle of Olympia, Tribe and more.



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