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The grand historic Due Torri Hotel in fabulous Verona, Italy

Written By | Feb 19, 2020
Due Torri Hotel

The Due Torri Hotel in the historical center of Verona. (Photo by Alison Reynolds)

VERONA, ITALY: The Due Torri Hotel in Verona is a brilliantly sensational and historically significant 5 star luxury hotel in the heart of the ancient historical center of Verona.  One of the stellar members of Leading Hotels of the World, it is the flagship hotel of the Duetorrihotels group of  luxury hotels.  It’s impeccable location is right next door to the gothic 13th century Basilica of Saint Anastasia. 

Due Torri Hotel

The ancient Roman Arena in the center of Verona. (Photo by Alison Reynolds)

The Due Torri Hotel: A history at the center of Verona

It is a short walking distance from most of the historic sights of Verona, including the ancient Roman Theatre just across the Adige River, and the extraordinary Roman Arena by the Verona City Hall.

Due Torri Hotel

The magnificent lobby at the Due Torri Hotel. (Photo by Alison Reynolds)

A medieval palace dating from the 13th century, it was first converted to a luxury hotel in 1674.  Mozart stayed here in 1770 when he was thirteen. Johann von Goethe was a guest at about the same time.  

The Due Torri Hotel: A member of Leading Hotels of the World

In its previous incarnations it has hosted potentates and kings, including King Louis XVII of France, Napoleon III, and Vittorio Emanuele II. In 1866 Giuseppe Garibaldi spoke to the people of Verona from the hotel balcony. 

It was acquired and completely renovated by Duetorrihotels group in 2010.  It has 89 stunning rooms, including 11 extraordinary suites. The Due Torri Hotel combines the elegance of the past with the gorgeous modern amenities of a truly landmark luxury hotel.

Due Torri Hotel

The Ponte Pietre over the Adige River in Verona. (Photo by Alison Reynolds)

The historic center of Verona is a peninsula surrounded on three sides by the Adige River. It is a prominent player in two of William Shakespeare’s most famous plays, Romeo and Juliet and Two Gentlemen of Verona. The ancient Ponte Pietre crosses the Adige just yards from the Due Torri Hotel.

The Due Torri Hotel: The lobby and bar area

The stunning façade is set on an open piazza next to the Chiesa di Saint Anastasia. The lobby is a masterwork of medieval construction. Thick stone columns and marble arches strecth across the whole of the ground floor. The ceiling is covered with masterful artworks. 

Due Torri Hotel

The bar at the Due Torri Hotel (Photo by Alison Reynolds)

The bar sitting area in one corner has a cobalt blue domed ceiling decorated with white stars, lending an ethereal brilliance to the room. The history of the ages comes alive as one ponders the majestic personalities and historical figures who have crossed through this very same room.

The Due Torri Hotel: The 4th floor room

Our stunning fourth floor room is a wonderland of elegance. The walls are covered with rose colored damask cloth with white needlepoint floral patterns and gold vertical stripes. Creamy plaster walls between the damask panels rise to 10 foot ceilings with golden carved crown moldings. The floors are covered with Parquet blond wood surrounded by a darker trim pattern.

Due Torri Hotel

The 4th floor room at the Due Torri Hotel. (Photo by Alison Reynolds)

A sumptuous king size bed with a carved wooden headboard is crowned by a gold horse carving and twin golden saints on either end of the headboard.  A Murano Glass chandelier hangs from the center of the ceiling. A loveseat covered in red silk sits at the foot of the bed. 

The Due Torri Hotel: Room with a view

Twin antique dressers with marble table tops and carved golden handles sit on either side of the bed. The room is filled with antique furniture, including a sturdy writing desk in one corner adorned with  carved wooden legs. 

A wooden framed floor to ceiling glass door leads to a stunning terrace overlooking the rooftops of Verona. The Torre dei Lamberti, the ancient bell tower at the center of the Verona, rises to the sky. The red tile roofs stretch in all directions in a vista for the ages. 

Due Torri Hotel

The view from the room terrace of the Torre Dei Lamberti. (Photo by Alison Reynolds)

It could easily be the same view that Mozart looked out across. That Napoleon III gazed across. On this glorious day it belongs it the discerning guests of the Due Torri Hotel. 

The Due Torri experience: Sumptuous furnishings in a grand room

Just off the entrance to the room are a series of 3 large beautiful closets in their own alcove with mirrored doors. The bathroom is a work of art, covered in creamy marble, with twin sinks and gold fixtures. The large porcelain tub features a golden rain shower and handheld spray.

The feel of the room is magnificent, like a chamber of an aristocratic Duke. The atmosphere is euphoric, especially as the sun rises and sets and the view across the skyline of Verona is a stirring reminder of the history of this ancient city. The warmth of the rose tinged damask walls matches the ethereal glow in our hearts. This is a true retreat for the senses.

Fine dining at the Due Torri Hotel

Dinner at the Due Torri Restaurant is a sophisticated culinary excursion in a beautiful dining room just off the lobby. The menu is innovative and backed up by superb service from a crack staff.

Due Torri Hotel

The restaurant at the Due Torri Hotel. (Photo by Alison Reynolds)

An aperitif of Franciacorte 2016 is a lovely way to begin the dinner. Our server Tania has been with the hotel 8 years, and brings a wealth of knowledge to the wine choices and the dinner ahead.

Amberjack carpaccio with mixed salad, roasted chili peppers and wasabi sauce is a fantastic starter. The amberjack is tasty, very fresh, with subtle undertones of flavor. The portion size is a perfect starter to the evening. 

Crudite, tagliolini, and goat cheese ravioli

This is followed by a fantastic crudité of Red prawns with coral mayonnaise, guacamole and cherry flavors. The visual presentation is as wonderful as the brilliantly fresh prawns, spread out across the plate like a modern art painting. It is voraciously consumed with eagerness and delight.

Tagliolini pasta with carpet shell mussels, chicory and bottarga is exceptional. The combination of ingredients is a taste sensation that reminds us that we are in the heart of Italy. 

Ravioli with goat chess ricotta and nettles, marigold, and red Recioto wine reduction is sensational. The raviolis are beautifully done, their turned-up corners looking like little baskets of pasta. They explode in the mouth with an exuberant cross section of flavors and tastes.

Fine dining at one of the Leading Hotels of the World

Grilled Meagre, a rich and hearty form of sea bass, is perfectly cooked. Firm and succulent on the outside, but flaky and tender on the inside. Boston scallops are a lovely grand finale, with a seared outer shell giving way to succulently juicy interior.

The evening is accompanied by a selection of white wines to complement the meal. Beautifully chosen by our server, they allow us to explore a succession of the local wines of the Verona and Veneto area.

A dessert of freshly made tiramisu is sensational, as the evening slows to a gradual end over several cups of coffee. Like the hotel itself, dinner at the Due Torri Ristorante is an excursion into elegance, class, and style, delivered with panache and a glorious touch of effervescence.

The Due Torri Hotel: The glory of Verona

Verona is a beautiful city, filled with monuments, churches, and the grand history of the past. While the alleged alley of Juliet is a ridiculous tourist sham, the cityscape from which the Shakespearean drama of the Montagues and Capulets is enthralling, with glorious sights around every corner.

  • Due Torri Hotel
    The Due Torri Hotel in Verona. (Photo by Alison Reynolds)
  • Due Torri Hotel
    The lobby of the Due Torri Hotel. (Photo by Alison Reynolds)
  • Due Torri Hotel
    The room at the Due Torri Hotel. (Photo by Alison Reynolds)
  • Due Torri Hotel
    The view from the terrace of the room. (Photo by Alison Reynolds)
  • Due Torri Hotel
    The Roman Arena in the center of Verona. (Photo by Alison Reynolds)
  • Due Torri Hotel
    The view of Verona and the Adige River. (Photo by Alison Reynolds)

Cross the Adige river on the ancient Roman bridge and take the funicular to the top of the ridge of Castel San Pietro, just above the gorgeous Roman Theater. While the centuries old palace is undergoing renovation, the views across the cityscape is spectacular.

The ancient Roman Arena is a short walk from the Due Torri Hotel. Follow the narrow cobblestone streets past the marketplace Piazza della Erbe and the towering clock tower of Torre dei Lamberti. Stroll doen the very upscale shopping street of Via Mazzini and emerge into Piazza Bra.

The Roman Arena and the majesty of historic center

There, dominating the view with glorious antiquity, is the stunning Roman Arena. Beautifully intact, it is used today as a concert venue for opera and touring bands. One can easily imagine a Pink Floyd concert being held in its hallowed interiors.

Majestically flanked by the Verona city hall on one side and the Modern Art Museum at the Palazzo della Gran Guardina, the Arena and Piazza Bra is the beating heartbeat of Verona. The city is filled with fine restaurants and hidden little trattoria. Verona boasts no less than 5 Michelin starred restaurants.

At the center of all that is grand about Verona is the amazing Due Torri Hotel. Truly one of the Leading Hotels of the World, its elegance, history, and grandeur is unsurpassed. It carries the history of the ages as a living monument, and is an extraordinary place from which to explore the greatness and the beauty of Verona.

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