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The CIA Museum at Langley – Yahoo News goes inside (video)

Written By | Jul 21, 2014

WASHINGTON, July 20, 2014 – You cannot visit what looks to be the one of the coolest attractions in Washington, DC – the CIA Museum at Langley.

Having lived in the DC area, visiting countless museums and places not on the tourist trap, the existence of the CIA Museum at Langley has been one greatly kept secret. Its not unknown, its just whether you knew to ask.

And the answer will be no. The public is not allowed. Its purpose, according to the CIA website is:

The CIA Museum supports the Agency’s operational, recruitment and training missions and helps visitors better understand CIA and its contributions to national security.

The Museum’s staff works with Presidential libraries and other major museums and institutions for display in public exhibitions.

These collaborations help promote a wider understanding of the craft of intelligence and its role in the American experience.

The archived collection includes declassified intelligence artifacts and a robust art collection that “helps visitors better understand CIA and the contributions it makes to national security.”

Items include items from the personal collections of former operatives as well as clothing, equipment, weapons and other items. One item revealed on the video produced by Yahoo News below is Osama Bin Laden’s assault weapon recovered from when he was killed during a CIA operaiton.

Every artifact and photograph has been declassified by the appropriate officials for public viewing. Please note that because the Museum is located on the CIA compound, it is not open to the public for tours.

Please visit the CIA Museum page where you will find additional information, and a virtual tour, about the museum and a virtual tour. The site also has an interesting Headquarters Virtual Tour.

Information provided by the CIA Website.

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