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The Gulf: Fabulous food served from repurposed shipping containers

Written By | Mar 5, 2018
The Gull restaurant in Gulf Shores, Alabama

ORANGE BEACH, Alabama, March 6, 2018. – Driving along Perdido Beach Blvd, in Orange Beach, Alabama, you can’t miss the bright blue shipping containers stacked on top of each other. But this isn’t a storage facility, this is a restaurant and bar, made out of repurposed shipping containers. Twenty-seven of them to be exact. Called The Gulf, for its namesake location, it holds several surprising features.

The Gulf, Orange Beach, Alabama, Food, Travel

The Gull features seasonal mojitos

Located on the beach in Orange Beach, AL, The Gulf isn’t a just an unusual space. The beachfront restaurant features epic mojitos and fresh food with ingredients delivered daily. Food is made based on what is seasonal. Mojitos are seasonal as well flavored with fruits,  like blackberries and blueberries.

Put The Gulf on your list of must visit places when you are in Orange Beach, Alabama

Besides a prime beach location and magnificent mojitos, the food is impressive as well. With no refrigerator on site, The Gulf creates its menu from the food sourced locally and delivered each day. Patrons can walk up to the open window to place their order and select from the daily items that are listed on the chalkboard.

The Gulf, Orange Beach, Alabama, Food, Travel

Steak Frites are one of the menu items available at this Orange Beach restaurant

While the restaurant is busy during the peak summer season, regular returning visitors know the best time to visit Orange Beach is in the fall, when the humidity has fallen and the throngs of tourists have left.

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It’s much easier to score a seat at one of the comfy couches right on Orange Beaches’ sugar sand beaches.

The Gulf, Orange Beach, Alabama, Food, Travel

Comfy couches in the sand are perfect to enjoy Mojitos at The Gulf

While The Gulf may not look like the most romantic spot, here’s a gesture that all lovers will find appealing: the love lock.

While heading upstairs to the rooftop at The Gulf, you’ll spot a chain fence covered in locks. The significance is that couples put a lock on the fence and throw the key in the ocean, signifying their unbreakable commitment to each other.

27500 Perdido Beach Blvd, Orange Beach, AL 36561

The Gulf website


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