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Passenger Shaming – Planes, trains and automobiles

Written By | Jan 18, 2020

BUFFALO, NY – Passenger shaming. What is it? Calling out the poor behavior of fellow passengers, while on trains, planes or automobiles. We have some doozies for you.

It’s hard to unsee the images of barefoot passengers propping their feet on their TV screens or seat in front of them. Or of the gross items, people put in the seatback pockets. Or of the babies getting a diaper change on an open tray table and leaving the diaper is the seat pocket. It’s an airplane, not your home

I’ve seen some bad habits in all forms of transportation. Do they really know it’s bad? It’s time to passenger shame, I’ll protect the guilty where I can.


Last year I drove 1000’s of miles, flew over 135 flight segments and uncountable mass transit rides on subways to trains.

Snorts, snuffles, and sneezes – If you are sick, please wear a mask, cover your mouth, use a tissue or stay home.


Bad behavior continues on planes today. From bare feet, gross food options that smell up the plane, putting on nail polish making the plane smell like acetone. I’ve been on planes where airport police have escorted people off the plane (we all cheered). Try to have a little decorum. By the way, make sure to dress appropriately. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve seen people look like they rolled out of bed and have everything they’re carrying with them in a Walmart bag. There used to be a dress code, I think it’s time to reinstate it.

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Trains / Subways:

Mass transit is always full of issues. If you are on the subway and manspreading, be aware of other people. Seriously. If I was to put my purse down on the bench and everyone else was standing, I think you’d be mad that I was taking up extra space as well. Be courteous and please let the elderly and disabled be seated. I’ve seen people sleeping on the subway taking up the whole bench or multiple seats, putting their bags on the bench, eating a full meal and smelling up the train, and an even worse habit that impacts many people: failing to wear deodorant! Seriously, take a shower, wash your clothes and try to take care of personal hygiene. We don’t want to smell your body odor.


When you own your own vehicle it’s easy for you to take care of it the way you would like, I discuss this all the time. If you’re one of those people that leaves McDonald’s bags in the backseat or on the floor, your car is probably going to smell disgusting. It’s also not going to help with revaluing.It reeks up the car. I believe that the way you take care of your things is the way you take care of yourself.

When talking about bad behaviors and how sloppy your vehicle is, that’s only one piece of the puzzle. People are so distracted, they tend to not even take care of their own driving behaviors, and that would lead to a whole nother pet peeve segment. Try to focus on the road and forget everything else that’s distracting you.

School Buses:

Most of us rode on school buses, and we knew there were rules. However, it seems when you ride in mass transportation there just aren’t any rules. It’s almost like we don’t remember there are other people on the bus, sharing the ride. Again I see people doing some pretty rude and disgusting things including, picking their nose, picking their toes, cutting their toenails, yeah it’s really disgusting! Let’s try to keep your personal hygiene at home and remember to do it in private.


When it comes to scooters you probably have seen my previous video. I am not a fan of these forms of transportation. Besides the fact there’s been a lot of accidents and a few deaths; those that rent out the scooters just tend to drop them just wherever! No clue, no care, just dropping them wherever they’re done with their ride. Besides the fact that it’s dangerous, it seems like many cities are starting to realize this is a bad idea. If you’re going to use a scooter, at least put the kickstand up and park it someplace where no one will get hurt.

I feel like the Emily Post of planes, trains, and automobiles. Try to remember we share many modes of transportation, not just in the air but on the ground. try to have a little decorum, and if you see others doing stupid things, take a picture and tag it with passenger shaming. Let’s call them out!

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