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Malaysia Airlines flight 370 ‘ended’ in the southern Indian Ocean, prime minister says

Written By | Mar 24, 2014

ATLANTA, March 24, 2014 Malaysia Airlines flight 370 “ended” in the southern Indian Ocean, killing all 239 people aboard the flight, Malaysian Prime Minister Najib Razakon said Monday, according to various media reports.

The flight went missing on March 8, shortly after departing from Kuala Lumpur. The airliner, which was traveling to Beijing, apparently changed course mid-flight and headed toward the southern Indian Ocean.

“This is a remote location far from any possible landing sites,” Voice of America quoted Razakon as saying. “It is therefore with deep sadness and regret that I must inform you, that according to this new data, flight MH 370 ended in the southern Indian Ocean.”

Investigators looking for the aircraft believe they found debris floating in the Ocean off the coast of Australia. The Telegraph newspaper on Monday reported the plane might have crashed as the result of a suicide mission.

Speculation on what happened to the plane, and whether it might have been hijacked, ran rampant since the jet went missing.

For more than two weeks, survivors have held out hope the plane, and their loved ones, would be discovered. However, the news Monday was grim, and family members of the flight’s passengers were alerted to the news via text message, prompting criticism from some, media reports indicate.


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