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Explore Every Second at the TELUS Spark Science Center, Calgary

Written By | Sep 16, 2021
Digital Immersion Gallaey, TELUS Spark Science Center, Calgary, Canada

Digital Immersion Gallery at the TELUS Spark Science Center, Calgary, CA

CALGARY, CA:  For this traveler, Calgary, Canada is a top-ten travel destination.  And it just got better with the exhibit Every Second at the Digital Immersion Gallary at the TELUS Spark Science Center. Calgary, located in the western Canadian province of Alberta, is Canada’s fourth-largest city. It is picturesquely set where the prairies end and the foothills that are the eastern gateway to the Rocky Mountains begin.

The city offers so much for the modern traveler – from food and music experiences as well as learning opportunities and outside adventures. It is the perfect destination for single, couple, and family travelers.  It simply has it all.  The TELUS Spark Scinece Center just adds another fun adventure to your visit, Every Second.  Featuring narration by the legendary Isabella Rosellini, Every Second asks us to think about the framework of time in our lives.

From the first moments of time, our lives evolve

While the first Europeans documented in Calgary in 1873, it was the first sawmill on the Bow River and the arrival f the Canadian Specific Railway that lead to the city’s incorporation and growth to what it is today. That journey of 148 years (including all of 2021) took 1,776 months, or 7,696 weeks, creating a vibrant city with a first-rate food scene, nighttime entertainment, and plenty of activities to keep the whole family busy during the day – Summer, Fall, Winter, and Spring.

And each moment deserves to be celebrated. And in Calgary, Celebrations are King.

Through the years, months, weeks and days of its life, Calgary has long been an important center of trade with the Bow and Elbow waterways providing a way to move goods to and from the city.   Today the Bow and Elbow rivers provide scenic floating, rafting, and river voyages that can take a few hours, or a full day. (86,400 seconds)

A leading annual attraction to the city is the summertime Calgary Stampede – part Rodeo, part midway carnival, and a whole lot of fun.  This yearly event giving the city the nickname “Horse Town” and the residents Stampeders.

The Calgary Stampede: The most fun you can have with your boots on

The city calls this event “The Greatest Outdoor Show on Earth” and arguably it is. The city brings in top-rated food, entertainment, and the best US and Canadian Rodeo Riders – from barrel races to bronco busting, for non-stop fun and excitement. (

Calgary does not stop with good food and adventures in the great outdoors.  The city features some of the most exciting museums and learning centers of any North American city. (Food, fun and Beakerhead – Calgary’s cool art & science mashup)

Every Second, a new feature of The Digital Immersion Gallery runs through January, 2022

The  TELUS Spark Science Centre’s debut show explores how we spend time during our lives. According to the program, during an average human lifetime, we spend 2 years eating, 11 years working, 19 years walking, 25 years sleeping. We stand for 30 years. We sit for 19 years. We laugh for 115 days.  The exhibit is about science, but much more.

Angela Stinson, the Director of Strategic Projects at Telus Spark, says Every Second informs people about the statistics surrounding one’s life but also brings attention to events that one might consider insignificant.

“I think that’s the beauty of it. It’s about science but it’s also about emotion. There’s really a story behind the science. That’s what I think this show is offering to the visitor,” said Stinson.

Digital Immersion Gallary at the TELUS Spark Science Center, Calgary

Digital Immersion Gallary at the TELUS Spark Science Center, Calgary, CA

The Every Second gallery

A 6,000 square gallery is needed to tell that story of the human life in seconds, minutes, weeks, and years that make up the human life.  But how on is life? The average Lifespan of Humans varies by country: Japan (83.7 years), Switzerland (83.4), Singapore (83.1), Australia (82.8), Spain (82.8), Iceland and Italy (82.7 each).

The highest average life expectancy for men is the highest in Switzerland (81.3), Iceland (81.2), and Australia (80.9), but for women, the best countries to live long are Japan (86.8), Singapore (86.1), South Korea (85.5) and Spain (85.5). The lowest average lifespan of humans, which is slightly above 50 years, is in the countries like Angola, Chad, Sierra Lione, Central African Republic, etc. (My Age Calculator)

In the U.S., the average life span is 78 years according to the UN.  Or 80.4 years per the CIA for males.  Women fair better with 82.2 years per the CIA. For men in Canada, 79-80 years is the average in B.C., Alberta, Ontario, and Quebec. Again, women fair better with the average being 83-84 years.

Canada’s First Nations and the annual Calgary Stampede

As guests walk into the gallery, they become immersed in a multi-media exhibit developed by the Science Center and Supply and Demand Studio, Inc. the genius behind the Cirque de Soleil. 

The digital experience is not unlike taking a role in an approximate 15-minute movie that questions what you see, and retain throughout your life. The many events we all share or hope to share with the people walking the timeline of our journey around the sun. (365 days, 12 months, 52 weeks or 31,557,600 seconds).

Some of the takeaways from the exhibit are:

• Every second, there are 4.66 births in the world
• There are 280 babies born per minute
• There are 403,200 babies born per day
• There are 147 million births per year
• The average child laughs 300 times a day
• The average adult laughs 17 times a day
• There are 20 trillion snowflakes in an average snowstorm
• There are 1.2 billion adolescents aged 10 to 19 years old alive today
• 81% of adolescents use social media
• 50% of adolescents check social media as soon as they wake up
• Adolescents send on average 110 messages a day
• The average age of a first kiss is 14.5 years old
• The average kiss lasts 12 seconds
• A kiss exchanges 80 million bacteria, 9 milliliters of water and 0.7 milligrams of
• The average person falls in love 4 times in their lifetime
• Humans spend 2 years eating. 11 years working. 19 years walking. 25 years
sleeping. We stand for 30 years. We sit for 19 years. We laugh for only 115 days.
• The average age to purchase a first home is 27
• A person owns 3 homes in their lifetime
• The average person owns 9.5 cars in their lifetime
• The average person spends 37,935 hours driving a car and 6 full months waiting
at traffic lights
• An apple tree takes 6-10 years to bear fruit
• The average person consumes more than 86,000 cups of coffee over the course
of a lifetime

Ask yourself how many of the above coincide with your life and plan to visit:

The TELUS Spark Science Center
220 St. George’s Drive, NE
Calgary, AB

Purchase general admission tickets here and be sure to check their website for a wide variety of programs to add moments to your life.

Note: The popularity of western Canada’s first permanent Digital Immersion Gallery (DIG) has reached the stratosphere! Make the most of your visit by pre-booking your 30-minute timeslot that guarantees your space for this unparalleled experience. Arrive and stay at the science centre for as long as you’d like to enjoy all that Spark has to offer.

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