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Éirinn go Brách: Irish Whiskey wins over green beer for St. Patrick’s day (recipe)

Written By | Mar 10, 2019
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NEW YORK: Éirinn go Brách.  The spirit of Ireland is be eternal, and that spirit is Irish Whiskey.  There is a myth that when Ireland ran out of whiskey, they paused their feud with the English to request more supplies. Which those pesky English denied. It all worked out, according to craic and banter (fun and lore) when a lost barrel was found.

This St. Patrick’s Day, more Americans will be celebrating with a dram of super premium Irish Whiskey than green beer, according to the Distilled Spirits Council. Brown spirits, whiskeys, and bourbons have been gaining in popularity over their white cousins, vodka, tequila, and gin over the last few years.

Premium Irish Whiskey Sales increasing

In fact, the Distilled Spirits Council is reporting that since 2002, high-end premium and super-premium Irish Whiskeys grew a staggering 1,106 percent and 3,385 percent, respectively.

The council says that in 2018, nearly 4.7 million 9-liter cases (+10% compared to 2017) of Irish Whiskey were sold in the United States, generating an astounding $1 billion (+12% compared to 2017) in revenue for distillers.

“This is an exciting time for whiskey hailing from the Emerald Isle. The category is on fire,” said Distilled Spirits Council Public Relations Director Maggie Quinn. “We are experiencing a global whiskey renaissance, and Irish Whiskey, with its triple-distilled soft, sweet and smooth flavor profile is captivating U.S. consumers.  Further, it has a long and storied heritage as one of the first whiskeys, and that is attractive to millennials who are always seeking a backstory in their glass.”

Irish Whiskey, smooth, sweet and forever

Like an Irish accent, Irish Whiskey is smooth and lilting on the palate.  It is an accessible spirit either neat or providing a strong back to the new popular artisan cocktails.

Visiting the Liberties neighborhood requires one to imbibe in the history, the lore and Irish Whiskey, preferably in a public house with some locals that will spin their tails with historical Irish humor.

One of Dublin’s most historic neighborhoods, the area is traditionally associated with the working class. The area is full of past and present history with the River Poddle, market traders and local family-owned businesses. You will also find  the Guinness brewery and whiskey distilling along with the history of the textiles industry and tenement housing.

From Welcome to the Liberties:

The Dublin Liberties Distillery

Irish Whiskey, Ireland, The Liberties, Dublin Liberties Irish Whiskey, Travel, Spirits, Spirit Council, Jacquie KubinThe Liberties Distillery is so named for the working class neighborhood in central Dublin, Ireland.   With a tag line of Whiskey for Rebels, Rascals, and Raconteurs this whiskey has a flavor profile that includes recognizable port, vanilla, nuts, and dark chocolate.  A sweet taste lingers with flavors of figs, raisins, and pralines.

Opening in time for St. Patrick’s day is the Dublin Liberties Distillery.  Located in the historic Liberties district of Dublin, Liberties is open and ready to take you on a tour of their newest state of the art plant.

Celebrate St. Patrick’s Day

The Frisky Whiskey is a perfect drink to celebrate with this St. Patrick’s Day. This combination of whiskey, honey liqueur, fresh orange juice, simple syrup, and bitters, served in a tall highball is light enough to drink all day. Just remember, designate a driver, download a ride app, or keep your party in the walkable neighborhood.  In other words, be responsible on St. Patrick’s day and every day.

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