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Video: China Slaps Tariffs on US Autos – Lauren Fix Explains on Boom Bust

Written By | Aug 26, 2019

BUFFALO, NY — China has slapped another tariff on the US auto industry; what does this mean and what’s the impact? The Chinese Ministry of Commerce has now decided to press a counter tariffs on the US auto industry in hopes of hurting President Trump’s efforts for reelection and hoping to push back on US tariffs. This is a tit-for-tat trade war, until President Trump upped the ante. Let’s hope that President Trump can sit down with Chairman Xi this weekend, as planned, and work out a deal that removes the tariffs in both directions. Increasing tariffs will never help either side.

In the meantime, California is fighting President Trump on regulations. We talk about why CA is making deals with certain auto makers. The US Environmental Protection Agency apparently rejected the basic terms of the deal about 4 months before it was announced, and weeks before abandoning talks with California. A spokesperson for the California Air Resources Board said, “it seems that [EPA]were never interested in negotiations or discussions.”

Why are automakers siding with California? Automakers are under the assumption that President Trump will lose in 2020. If this occurs, automakers that are seen as being on Trump’s side may have retaliation, because the next Democrat President/Congress will punish them hard.

These are all assumptions, however, as auto makers plan years in advance and prefer one national regulation, not one state controlling the other 49. There are many more factors that are impacted some automakers chosen the side of California. Either way a court battle is sure to ensue.

Learn more about what the impact these China Tariffs will be to consumers and the auto industry all in a non-partisan perspective that makes sense. Watch today’s hit topic.

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