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The Car Coach: Tips to winterize cars to get back on the road after COVID

Written By | Nov 21, 2020
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The holiday season is almost here and that means many people will be driving to see their family and friends instead of flying or taking the train this year. But their cars have been on holiday in their garage for the past eight months, so it’s important to make sure it is in good working order before you head out. It is also time to winterize your car and ready for holiday travel.

There are some key components that lose performance capabilities when a car sits idle – like your battery, your brakes, and your tires. Others, like windshield wipers and lights, also need to be checked.

Check your battery strength by turning over the ignition to make sure it starts easily.

If the headlights are dim when you start, that a sign your battery is low on power. You can also check with a multimeter. A new battery may be necessary.

Check the inflation of your tires –

go by what is on the door, not the tire. Also, look for signs of damage on the tire wall, or worn uneven tread.

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Check the tread depth by slipping a penny into the tread. If you can see the top of Lincoln’s head, it’s time for new tires.

Test your brakes –

Take a short drive, preferably on a quiet neighborhood street, to test your brakes. If you hear squealing or grinding, you definitely need to replace them. Brake pads lose stopping power when sitting idle, so now is a good time to replace them before your trip.

Replacing your brake pads is a great project to do yourself, saving both money and the time to take your car to a shop. You can easily find the right brake solutions from Goodyear Brakes, and have them delivered to your door. With a few tools, you can change your brake pads in an afternoon.

Calipers and Rotors –

Another project you can do to upgrade your braking performance is changing your calipers and rotors. Often, these become rusted and corroded from salt and brine, they warp and wear with age, decreasing stopping ability and smooth braking.

You can order these components with your brake pads, called a brake bundle, for your exact vehicle at The brake system can be installed at home with a few key tools and some elbow grease. This is a great project to involve a buddy to help with draining the brake lines and testing the new brakes.

Goodyear Brakes rotors and calipers come with their proprietary Antiox Max™ coating for maximum rust and corrosion protection, critical protection needed for driving in inclement weather, and brine-treated streets. It extends the life of your braking system if you drive in a winter climate or somewhere with heavy salt air.

If I didn’t cover what you want to know, put it in the comments below and I’ll be happy to answer your questions.

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