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The Car Coach: The 2020 Lincoln Navigator luxury SUV review

Written By | Jan 16, 2021
Car Coach, Lincoln Navigator

Lincoln is an American luxury maker who is now producing 100% SUVs. The Lincoln Navigator was also the 2019 North American SUV of the Year (@NACTOY). Our test SUV was the Black Label which consists of Lincoln Copilot 360 the fully loaded safety system plus a suite of driver assistance technologies.

Media technology capabilities with SYNC 3 that is standard on all Navigators.

Lincoln styling has welcome lighting from the side mirrors. This is becoming a standard on many vehicles. The Black Label edition comes with membership privileges including Clear for the airport service concierge and more. (LINCOLN TEAMS WITH CLEAR TO EASE TRAVEL HASSLES; ANNOUNCES LINCOLN PERSONAL DRIVER EXPANSION, VEHICLE SUBSCRIPTION PILOT)

One of the many impressive features is the 14-speaker Revel Audio with QuantumLogic Surround system that also offers a rear-seat entertainment system with two 10-inch touch screens that will impress any luxury car owner, or their kids.

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The Lincoln Navigator competes with the 2020:
Cadillac Escalade.
Land Rover Range Rover
Lexus LX579
Mercedes-Benz GLS

Check out the in-depth review and the Car Coach Reports ratings in 10 categories.
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There are more features, and design information that we cover in our video review. Check out the Car Coach Reports Ratings on this video before you buy any vehicle.

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