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The Car Coach takes an exclusive Alfa Romeo Full Museum Vault tour 

Written By | Aug 28, 2020
Alfa, Alfa Romeo, Auto, Car, Museum, Italy, The Car Coach

Alfa Romeo is celebrating its 110th anniversary by reopening the doors to its historic museum in Arese, Italy. Join the Car Coach as we take a very special visit with a detailed look at the museum. But also an exclusive look at the private areas, including the “Storage” and “Archive” sections which present concept and prototype cars.

Find the Alfa Romeo Museum in the outskirts of Milan. The Alfa Romeo Museum presents more than 200 historical vehicles, some never seen before and some other surprises. Alfa Romeo fans, known as “Alfisti” can attend in person. However, for many, the “behind the scenes special tour”, will not be available. Call before you go and ask questions to avoid disappointment.

Alfa, Alfa Romeo, Auto, Car, Museum, Italy, The Car Coach

Image courtesy of the Alfa Museum Website

A.L.F.A. (Anonima Lombarda Fabbrica Automobili) mixes a blend of Italian design, entrepreneurial drive, and ingenious innovation. The museum, which is open to the public, invites visitors to enjoy an additional 150 cars, plus trophies, artwork, and engines for road, air and marine mobility, and more.

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The collection is divided into 18 themed zones, ranging from the brand’s earliest cars, such as the 20/30 ES street cars, to Formula racers, with Formula 1 and Formula Indy models among them.

Besides racing, which is an important part of any carmaker, successful street and production vehicles are what fund the future of any brand.

Alfa, Alfa Romeo, Auto, Car, Museum, Italy, The Car Coach

Image courtesy of the Alfa Romeo Museum website

Celebrating 110 years is a huge achievement.

The company has outlasted some other rivals. However, Alfa’s history here in the United States had some good and bad years. The company pulled out of the US sales market in the 1990s, only to return in 2014. The return was highly anticipated as the brought in the Alfa Romeo 4C, then the Guilia and Stelvio SUV plus the exhilarating Quadrifoglio versions with more power and style.

Alfa Romeo is making big changes with a larger SUV and more new vehicles coming in the next year.

If you ever owned or dreamed of owning an Alfa Romeo, you must watch the video.


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