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The Car Coach: September new car incentives, lease deals and discounts

Written By | Sep 24, 2020
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What are the best new car incentives, lease deals, and hidden discounts for September 2020? Car sales have been making a strong recovery, but deal-seeking car shoppers are a bit frustrated. Many have turned to used cars and Certified Pre-Owned vehicles, which have increased in price by 10-15%. For new vehicles, there are some ways to save money, be aware that there are shortages in pickup trucks.

Dealers are still trying to secure more vehicles as fast as they are made, with this shortage of inventory, there are still some decent deals this month.

Currently, there are over 1 million lease returns that are due in the next couple of months, so there is definitely going to be some who need a new vehicles, and this will increase the available used vehicles to choose from as well.

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Most manufacturers are now offering payment deferrals, 0% financing and up to 72 months PLUS cash back. Many manufacturers have been promoting loyalty bonuses, staying with the same brand could put an extra $1,000 to $2,000 in your pocket.

Once you know what the deals are for the car you’re interested in, treat the incentive as a given and continue to negotiate with the dealer on the price of the vehicle. If it is a special lease, see if you can offer a lower down payment to reduce the out-of-pocket expenses.

Make sure to get an “out-the-door” figure from the dealer that includes the total price and what you’ll be paying per month. Even the best car deals may exclude taxes, interest fees and other costs unless you explicitly ask your sales associate for these details.

My advice right now: If you don’t need a new car anytime soon and wait till October or November when inventories will be increased.

There is more information that we cover in our video review. Check out the Car Coach Reports Ratings on this video before you buy any vehicle.
Check out the Car Coach Reports Ratings videos before you buy any vehicle.

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