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The Car Coach reviews the 2021 RAM TRX | 702 HP Hellcat Ram

Written By | Oct 14, 2020
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The 2021 RAM TRX 1500  kicks butt with a 6.2L Supercharged Hellcat V8. Watch the reveal and we drive it and launched it. OMG, it’s so awesome! Listen to the exhaust and see the dash and cool details – impressive!! Watch out Ford Raptor!

This is the fastest pickup truck world! The insane off-road Ram truck is much more than a big engine, it features a strengthened frame, Bilstein adaptive dampers, launch control, and much more make the TRX seriously capable.

Why would Ram build the RAM TRX? The horsepower wars are on and its not just in muscle cars like the Challenger, Charger, Camaro and the Mustang. Ford, Chevrolet and Ram trucks have been competing for years on and off-road. Big power, towing capacity, payload and the coolest technology are some of the important features.

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Ford released the Raptor a few years ago, and the sales have been nothing but impressive. Ram had to respond with another dinosaur reference, the Tyrannosaurus Rex, nick named the RAM TRX. The dinosaur, Tyrannosaurus, lived throughout what is now western North America. So we now wait to see how GM and Chevrolet will respond and if they will use a dinosaur reference.

We got an exclusive opportunity to drive the truck!  Join us for this fun ride.

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