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The Car Coach reviews the 2020 Land Rover Discovery Diesel

Written By | Jun 22, 2020
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WASHINGTON:  2020 Land Rover Discovery Diesel has built its reputation on having the most off-road-capable SUVs in the world. The 2020 Land Rover Discovery is a midsize SUV that comes standard with seating for five, the optional third row with seating for two more passengers.

New for 2020, a new Landmark Edition, the entry trim level. Blind-spot monitoring and upgraded mirrors are now standard as well as standard Apple CarPlay and Android Auto. The diesel 3L engine offers 254 horsepower and 443 pound-feet of torque (that is a lot) backed up with an eight-speed automatic transmission. Fuel economy is 21 city /26 highway /23 combined MPG.

We took the Land Rover Discovery out on the back roads to review the handling and performance and were impressed with its smooth driving manners and its above-average capabilities on and off-road. We have reviewed Land Rover vehicles in the past and expected an amazing off-road ability, but there was nothing given up when using it as a daily driver.

The interior is luxurious with excellent materials and clever use of features in terms of utility and technology. The touch screen interface can be slow at times and will take time to get used to using.

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From a performance standpoint, the diesel engine option has some advantages over the standard gas engine, longer distance between fill-ups is the most impressive and its ability to tow more than the gas engine.

Our test vehicle was load with the cold weather package which included heated water jets on the windshield, heated steering wheel, heated front and rear seats for $1275. A driver assistance package with adaptive cruise with steering assist, 360° surround camera for $2900 and a head-up display, a high-end audio system by Mouradian, 20-inch full-size spare, roof rails, and a front center console cooler compartment that was an extra $360. All the optional can really increase the price.

Pricing starts at $60,434, our test vehicle was loaded and was priced at $75,397. One nice addition, all Land Rover vehicles include the maintenance package.

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