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The Car Coach: How to buy collector – classic cars with Mecum Auctions

Written By | Jan 16, 2021
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Have you always wanted to buy a collector, muscle cars or collector car, but you are not sure how to get started. The Car Coach team heads to Kissimmee, Florida.  It is in Kissimmee that you will find the longest car auction in America and speak with David Magers, CEO of Mecum Auctions.

Mecum Auctions, the largest collector car auction in the world, providing us with some inside tips on investing in collector cars.

Many people have the classic car bug hit them at some point in life.

Maybe they want that car they dreamed about in high school (or actually drove, and still miss). For others, it’s the idea of taking a rundown classic and restoring it to mint condition. Some just like buying investment-grade cars with hopes of profiting off them in the future.

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The key is to buy for all the right reasons for you. If your plan is to buy an investment-grade vehicle that you don’t plan to drive but will instead park in a temperature-controlled garage, waiting for demand to push the price up, do your research carefully on what car you buy. If you are looking to drive the vehicle, don’t buy a top restored car. Consider a driver that you can enjoy when ever you want.

No matter what your reasoning for wanting a vintage automobile, before you buy one on a whim, check out the Mecum auctions online and NBC Sports to get a feel for your budget and lifestyle. (NBC SPORTS PRESENTS RETURN OF LIVE MECUM AUCTIONS WITH 30-PLUS HOURS OF COVERAGE FROM INDIANAPOLIS ON NBCSN)

Mecum is a powerhouse in the collector car marketplace, launched in 1988 with humble family beginnings but today hosting 14 auctions nationwide, each one at about $30 million or more in sales.

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