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The Car Coach: Five steps to cheaper car insurance for new drivers

Written By | Jan 22, 2021
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Getting cheap car insurance for your teen or new driver can be a hard thing to do. New drivers are really expensive to insure. But there are things you can do to get a better deal for your new driver. New or teen drivers have no driving record and the statistics show that they are more likely to be involved in an accident. For these reasons, the insurance companies place the new and teen drivers in the high-risk category.

To get cheaper car insurance for your new and teen driver, you can follow these tips:

Put your new or teen into a driving course.

Insurance companies offer discounts that range from 10 to 15 percent to these types of drivers or any drivers that graduated from a defensive driving course. These classes can take place in a classroom or online, and it usually lasts four to eight hours. Completing this course will not only will help you pay less on your premium, but it will also improve driving skills. Keeping you safer on the road.

Get a cheap car to insure.

Choosing a muscle car, or a sports car for your new driver is not the smartest thing you can do. Too much power for a new driver is never a good idea. Furthermore, cars designed to be driven fast, and aggressively, carry much higher insurance rates.

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Slightly used SUV’s, crossover’s, or even family van’s that have all the major safety features installed is the smart thing to consider, in order to get cheaper car insurance for your new driver.

Take advantage of the good student discounts.

Many insurance companies offer good student discounts. Statistics show that students that have better grades are less likely to be involved in collisions. Students that have a 3.0 GPA or higher are eligible for this discount on most insurance companies.

Consider usage-based insurance.

The thought of being monitored while driving can be scary for many drivers. However, you can obtain significant discounts on your policy rates if you choose this option. I’m not a big fan of onboard diagnostic monitoring. But that’s your personal choice. All you have to do is to allow your insurer to install a small telematic device inside your vehicle.

This device will then send data back to the insurer. Usually, the data sent back contains information about, how many miles are driven, time of day when the car is driven, braking, acceleration, speed, cornering, distance traveled. You will get a discount, based on good your driving habits.

The Bottom Line – Compare online quotes.

The best way you can save money on your new or teen driver’s insurance is by shopping for quotes online. You should get a minimum of three quotes to compare rates and coverage to get the best deal for your new driver. Shop multiple insurers. Whoever covers your home and car insurance should offer you the best price.

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