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The Car Coach discusses the governments influence on rising gas prices

Written By | Dec 3, 2021
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The Car Coach

WASHINGTON: The Biden White House released a 3-day supply of crude oil for America from the U.S. Strategic Petroleum Reserve. Which hardly makes up for the termination of the Keystone XL pipeline. The Keystone XL pipeline can provide our country with up to 900,000 barrels of Canadian crude oil per day. Those barrels of Canadian crude create lower gas prices and energy independence.

President Biden also pursues an aggressive, anti-crude oil agenda that includes nixing pipelines importing crude oil, ditching oil drilling projects, and banning new oil leases on federal lands.

So what happens at the pump?

Biden’s multiple restrictions on domestic oil production leave the USA and its economy unnecessarily reliant on foreign governments. Americans should not depend on foreign actors, like the Middle East OPEC controls, for our energy security. Instead, the focus should be on the real challenges facing our country’s future.

Begging OPEC to boost crude oil production to combat skyrocketing gas prices is a problem for drivers while U.S. crude oil production is next-level stupidity.

The decarbonization efforts of the Green New Deal are well underway, as the Government is attempting to utilize wind and solar to replace two fossil fuels – coal and natural gas. We have been using these resources for generating continuous uninterruptible electricity for decades.

Crude oil is demonized, and the Government is taking it to the chopping block.

Biden plans to eliminate fossil fuels, killing the economy.

Let’s have some energy realism: Legislators, policymakers, and media are demonstrating pervasive ignorance about crude oil usage, they do not understand the staggering scale of the decarbonization challenge.

Crude oil gets manufactured into oil derivatives for more than 6000 products, including transportation fuels needed by the world’s heavy-weight and long-range aviation, merchant ships, cruise ships, and militaries.

It’s inconceivable that we would eliminate crude oil, just because two of the products manufactured from crude oil are gasoline and diesel fuels used in cars and trucks.

E.V. technology is making progress to replace some of the usages of gasoline.

But E.V.’s are not the answer for all Americans. Under President Trump, and for the first time in 70 years, the U.S. attained crude oil independence. Meaning we were no longer held hostage to the unstable powers of foreign energy suppliers.

Under President Trump, America had a very aggressive pro-domestic energy policy that allowed America to become energy independent and energy dominant. As a result, for the first time since President Harry Truman, we had more crude oil exports than imports.

This resulted in low fuel costs for all drivers, and we refueled the petroleum reserves.

An abundance of crude oil leads to prosperity, as we saw under President Trump. In contrast, a restriction or lack of crude oil leads to economic struggle and poverty, as we live under President Biden.

Biden has vowed to set the U.S. on course to having a carbon-free electric grid by 2035, but that has virtually nothing to do with crude oil.  His mission is to displace coal and natural gas with wind and solar for electricity generation.

The Government must be oblivious to the consequences of this plan.

Green Energy, Wind, Solar, Climate Change, Hoax

Google Earth image of wind turbine blades buried en masse.

Have we done the work necessary to move toward Green Energy?

Much of America will stop under Biden’s plan to rid America of crude oil. Including the military, space program, and Air Force 1, airlines, cruise ships, and merchant ships will all come to a halt. It will also eliminate the medical industry relying on products made from petroleum derivatives used to process products and medications daily.

The elimination of the crude oil supply chain to the 129 operating refineries in the U.S. would eliminate that manufacturing sector and destroy thousands’ jobs, careers, and livelihoods. Instead, America will rely on foreign countries like China to refine crude oil into useable gas and fuel, which means even higher prices for Americans.  And not just at the pump. The costs of transporting goods, heating, cooling, and manufacturing will drastically rise.

As environmental, social, and governance factors are pushed on us, the reality is that the primary usage of crude oil is not to generate electricity.

Crude oil is necessary to manufacture derivatives and fuels which are the ingredients of everything needed by economies and lifestyles to exist and prosper. We use crude oil for more than gasoline and diesel from E.V. vehicles, electronics, water bottles, clothing, medication, and more.

Instead of pursuing the green electricity policy that will achieve nothing but skyrocketing electricity prices and inflation, we should consider taking steps to benefit the American people.

These include increasing domestic crude oil production to support thousands of products. In addition, it negatively affects lifestyles, infrastructures, and economies that will bolster the economy.

Bottom Line:

Wind and solar may partially replace coal and natural gas for some electricity needs. But renewables cannot manufacture any of the products derived from crude oil.

Last year, 84% of the world’s energy demand was met by fossil fuels.

Some say there is price gauging. The Government may step in and control gas prices. this always leads to higher prices. It has in the past.

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