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The Car Coach critical look at the 2020 Hyundai Sonata Hybrid

Written By | Jun 21, 2020
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WASHINGTON:  We test drove the completely renewed 2020 Hyundai Sonata Hybrid and it changes the way you may think of hybrids. Starting with its dramatic sports coupe silhouette. The LED lights, beautifully integrated with the chrome trim, hidden until they illuminate. The reasons to drive a hybrid used to be purely practical and green. The all-new Sonata Hybrid is more aggressive, with a new face, imaginative lighting, rear fastback styling, and its exclusive spoiler, it dares to stand out.⁠

The new hybrid was to modes of propulsion the 2L 4-cylinder engine with 150hp, and 139 lb-ft of torque, this is mated with an electric motor with 38 kW motor which adds 51 hp. totaling 189hp. This makes the Sonata hybrid a peppy vehicle off the line. There are also four drive modes: Smart, Sport, Eco, and custom, this all depends on your mood. We tested all modes and preferred the sport mode but this is a personal preference.

There is all a Blue model has roughly 680 miles of range with the optional solar panel you can gain an extra two miles from the sun. Assuming you live in the lower half of the USA. Hyundai claims this will give you up to 700 miles per year. This will obviously differ based on where you live.

Fuel economy is impressive, the Sonata Hybrid gets 52 MPG! That’s impressive!: 50/54/52 mpg combined

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Inside the Sonata Hybrid is a modern design that is very impressive with upscale features for the price point. The Sonata Hybrid is loaded with easy to use technology that is very intuitive. The 10.25” touchscreen is standard and can be customized to your liking. For those that love to listen to music, the 12-speaker Bose audio system had good quality and Apple Car Play, Android Auto are standard. There are tons of premium features included heated and air-cooled seats, heated steering wheel, and wireless charging.

The Sonata Hybrid competes with the Toyota Camry Hybrid and Honda Accord Hybrid.

Prices start around $25,000 and include 3 years / 36k recommenced factory maintenance plus 10 years, 100k miles warranty.


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