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The Car Coach: Are collector cars like the Porsche 930 worth it?

Written By | Mar 14, 2021
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Millions of Americans are involved in car collecting. The old muscle car or British roadster you bought in college may still have a place of honor in your garage and see use as a weekend cruiser. With today’s stock market and possible inflation, many investors are looking to shift to collector cars. A perennial favorite being the Porsche 911 Turbo series.

Looking at auction results and values from websites like you can see the huge interest in investments. Taking the time to do your homework is critical to buying the right car.

You may have a friend with a unique car in the garage, maybe they are thinking about selling it. Sometimes you can find a very special vehicle that has a wonderful story and will always keep its value. The video link tells one story of a very lucky guy and his unique find that is a fantastic investment.

Some cars are always a great investment decision. One of those cars is from Porsche. Almost 40 years since it rolled out of Porsche’s factory, we tell the story of a Porsche and it’s worth more than it was brand new, and the same if not more than a brand new 911 turbo. Most of today’s new cars only depreciate, very few are worth keeping.

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The Porsche 930, for example, will continue to climb because of it’s legendary status as the original 911 turbo and the original “widowmaker”.

The story is in the video. There are always going to be Porsche enthusiasts who want an early turbo. So if you’re looking for a car to have as an investment car, the first generation of 911 turbo is never a bad idea. It won’t disappoint you on the road, and it won’t disappoint your portfolio either.

Bottom Line:

The best part of investing in a car, is you get to drive it, unlike a stock or other investment.


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