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Senator Schumer proposes a forced buy-back of every non-electric car in America

Written By | Nov 5, 2019

BUFFALO, NY — Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer wants to replace gas and diesel vehicles with those using electric power. He has unveiled a three-part, $462 billion plan over a decade, that he hopes to pass into law if Democrats regain control of Capitol Hill following the 2020 elections.

From what we understand about this legislation, it would force every American to give up their current car, in favor of the U.S. taxpayer buying them a new electric car, 100% for free. WOW!

This is another push for the Green New Deal!

About $45 billion would be invested in the deployment of nationwide public charging infrastructure. Another $17 billion would help fund the retooling of U.S. plants to produce batteries, EVs and hydrogen fuel-cell technologies.

Cash for Clunkers was the mechanism allowing the federal government to offer incentives of between $2,500 and $4,500 to citizens who traded in their older vehicles for newer ones. The policy received a lot of media play, but critics called the idea a failure even if it was designed with the best of intentions. This is another version of the same disastrous plan that costs taxpayers money and only a few will take advantage of it.

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Under Schumer’s plan, car owners will get a rebate starting at $3,000 if they trade in their car for an electric vehicle, with the amount of rebate going up the longer the vehicle goes without recharging. The rebate could dramatically exceed the existing $7,500 tax credit for electric vehicles.

The plan would remove more than 63 million gas-powered vehicles from the road by 2030.

Do I have that right?

This would cost five times the entire U.S. Federal budget as it stood near the height of the Cold War in 1960. Where the hell are you going to put the 260,000,000 registered gas-drinking vehicles? Are they going to collect ‘em all and make a new artificial island off the coast of California and call it “Combustionland?”

The White House has proposed ending the current subsidies of up to $7,500 for buyers of qualifying battery-electric vehicles. Existing incentives will phase out as automakers reach base sales thresholds. Tesla already saw the tax credits its customers can receive cut in half last January and then halved again in July. They will phase out entirely on Jan. 1, 2020. Nissan and General Motors are also expected to soon lose their federal incentives.

Not everyone can afford an even $20,000 car. So how are they going to get to work?

This has inspired the Democrats to create another plan to give potential buyers an incentive to replace this program. But at what cost, this plan was poorly thought out. I’m sure you want to comment or criticize this horrible proposal.

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