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Car Coach: Wiper Blades – more important than most realize

Written By | Jul 31, 2019

BUFFALO, NY — No one thinks about wiper blades until it starts raining. Then we hope we can see clearly and the wiper blades do their job. Do we ever think about when was the last time they were replaced? Most people don’t, so don’t feel like you are the only one.

Wiper blades are more important than you think. I’ll show you how to see more clearly. Of course, they help you see better when driving. So why do we forget about these pieces of rubber when they are hanging off the car. It doesn’t make any sense.

You need to replace these wiper blades every 6 months as they wear from the elements and deteriorate from the sun.

Car Coach: Wiper Blades

Damaged wiper


But do you know what to do if you’ve just replaced the wiper blades and they begin to streak or chatter again? Here’s a quick tip: get some rubbing alcohol, put it on a paper towel and rub it on the blade while it’s on your car.

It’ll take off the grease that’s built up over time and you can see a lot clearer and the problem is gone. That makes a lot of sense.

How to choose the best wiper:

Also, when you replace your wiper blades, look for flat blades or beam blades, they are the best choice because you got more contact or pressure down on this blade to the windshield– these wiper blades will help you see clearly because they have more pressure on them and stop chatter and jumping on steep windshield like those on minivans. Look for a blade that’s high quality and a name brand this is not a time to skimp, remember, 80% of your driving decisions are based on visibility.

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If you live in an area where it snows, purchase winter wiper blades, they look like regular blades but they have a rubber jacket over the wiper. Just like you’d put on a jacket, your blade has to put one on too.

When purchasing washer fluid use the blue fluid most of the time, but if you live in colder climates it makes sense to use a winter wiper blades and de-icer washer fluid to get the best visibility. You don’t want to leave these on during the summer, as the sun will destroy the soft rubber jacket.

Check out my video to see how easy it is to improve your clarity.

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