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Wall Street

stock buybacks, Trump is wrong

ETF World: Restructuring an ailing retail investor’s portfolio

Our ultimate aim is to gradually restructure our investment portfolios. The concept we decided to employ, at least experimentally, is what we’ll call ETF Perestroika. It all unfolds in today's investment climate, an environment we might best define as ETF World.

Good Friday trading hours: Wall Street to take its traditional pause

No one is totally sure why the Good Friday trading halt became the tradition it is today. But most who’ve looked into its history at least a little sense it’s due in part to the confluence of the Christian Easter holiday seasons and the Jewish Passover. Both occur at roughly the same time each year.

Dead cat bounce? Wild Wall Street week ends with Dow UP 330.44 points

Just as nearly all stocks were slammed again and again this week, most issues, whether good, bad or indifferent, still managed to gain some upside Friday. That led to hope that today’s action wasn’t the kind of misleading dead cat bounce we witnessed earlier this week.