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Virginia Parents Beat CRT Politicians and America can do the same

A Highly energized Parent CRT revolt in Virginia sent shockwaves across the Commonwealth, across the nation on election night.  Republican Glenn Youngkin secured victory over Democrat Terry McAuliffe in Virginia’s gubernatorial election. The win was largely fueled by parental backlash over Biden’s FBI Parent Domestic Terrorism CRT memo. The result of which tens of thousands ...

As goes Virginia, so goes the Republic

Nothing is more basic and fundamental than the relationship between parents and their children. Republican Glenn Youngkin’s victory in Virginia’s gubernatorial race hinged on one basic question. Is it government-run schools and their staff who hold the unchallenged right to instill moral values in children or is it the exclusive domain of parents? Virginia’s Democrat ...

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Ralph Northam is confused, but what kind of man is he?

WASHINGTON: Virginia Governor Ralph Northam is “asking for the opportunity to earn your forgiveness.” The man he is today, he says, is not the man he was. Who he was isn’t clear. Northam is confused. In a statement yesterday, Northam says: “I am deeply sorry for the decision I made to appear as I did ...

More Dolley Madison: for whom the title of First Lady was coined

FORT WORTH: James and Dolley Madison were the golden couple of their era, but they were not without detractors. They had no children of their own, although Dolley had given birth during her first marriage. Enemies used this information to question James’ virility, indicating that he was impotent and was too feeble to lead the country. ...

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Luck of the Irish? Top 10 next moves for McFired Andrew McCabe

Former deputy FBI director, just fired Andrew McCabe has hired attorney Michael Bromwich to represent him. The Associated Press is reporting that the recently ousted former FBI Deputy Director, who took over as director of the bureau after James Comey firing, is saying he has personal memos on President Donald Trump. 

Is President Trump racist?

Trump doesn't care about your race, gender or sex if you agree with him, but some of the people who agree with him care a whole lot about race, gender and sex.