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Red Meat to Russia: The Top 10 News Stories of 2019

LOS ANGELES:  The American media has a terrible habit of highlighting news stories that do not matter. Suppressing those news stories that do matter. The news is whatever the liberal media says it is. All at the expense of what should be news. News that matters. Sensationalism over substance has helped turn America into the ...

Colorado, Power Outage, Venezuela, Al Maurer

No power, no problem for Colorado : We’re not Venezuela. Yet.

COLORADO SPRINGS:  A spring storm brought blizzard conditions to the Front Range yesterday. It was best to stay home as schools and businesses were pre-emptively closed yesterday and today.  I-70 west into the mountains and east into Kansas were closed, as were other highways. Power was out from noon yesterday in this writer’s region of ...

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The collapse of the Venezuelan nation (Podcast by More Than Right)

WASHINGTON: As the Venezuelan nation collapses under the weight of democratic socialism, it’s time we Americans take a stroll down memory lane. Podcast: More Than Right on The collapse of the Venezuelan nation Transcript Back in 2016, fake-news CNN’s Anderson Cooper asked Democratic presidential hopeful Bernie Sanders if it was possible for a socialist to win ...