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The most vaccinated Blue States continue to be Covid hotspots

WASHINGTON: Democrats – from the White House to the State House – are pushing the Covid vaccine onto Americans.  Mandates, employment requirements, commercials, and liberal media mouthpieces all braying the same message.  Only, too often these days the news that should be news is not. While the information that makes the news is a joke. ...

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Vaccine tyranny and its effect, including death, on America

“The bottom line…We’re going to protect vaccinated workers from unvaccinated co-workers,” says President Joe Biden “Ah…Joe? If they’re already vaccinated then… You see… the whole purpose of a vaccine is…On second thought…Never mind, Joe.” Ok, I’m having a little bit of fun. Granted, people are prone to dismiss anything Biden says. After all, he never ...

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Top FDA doctors resign over CDC overreach on Covid-19 Vaccines

WASHINGTON: Two of top Food and Drug Administration vaccine regulators are resigning in protest over the Biden administration’s push to encourage booster shots of COVID-19 vaccines. The two regulators are Dr. Marion Gruber and Dr. Phillip Krause. They plan to be gone by November. The resignations come during an aggressive campaign by the Biden administration ...