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Vaccine Mandates

China, Fake ID, election fraud

Avalanche of fake IDs from China are an election fraud threat

WASHINGTON, D.C.: For years now multiple background news stories have reported on fake identification cards flooding into the United States of America. The fake news sources and faux-checkers have said, without presenting evidence, that these fraudulent cards are not a threat to our national elections as there is no proof the people taking possession of ...

Vaccine mandates, Schools, California

California judge delivers ruling to help parents fight state vaccine mandates

WASHINGTON: Parents in California and across America may soon have a reason to celebrate freedom from student vaccine mandates. What a San Diego County State Court just said about California’s Vaccine Mandate for Students is key.  Two different plaintiffs’ groups recently sued the state of California over its COVID-19 student vaccine mandate and lost. But ...

Nurse Dani, Frontline Doctors, Vaccine Mandates

Exclusive interview with Nurse Dani: Quitting over Vaccine Mandates

ORLANDO: Nurse Dani is a certified Pediatric Registered Nurse and mother to 2. After 16 years as a nurse, 20 years serving in health care, Nurse Dani quit her job due to the vaccine mandate at Nemours Children’s Hospital in Orlando, Florida. Nurse Dani is not a health care professional we want to lose. She ...