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Zemari Adhdmadi, Afghanistan, Kabul,. US, Milley

Milley dishonors military, kills Ahmadi family in Kabul, empowers new terror

SAN DIEGO: Is there anything Gen. Milley won’t defend about the botched withdrawal from Afghanistan? The Pentagon Joint Chief abandons a veritable war chest to America’s enemy, empowering a Taliban conglomerate of terrorists. As Americans hide in fear, the State Department gives their names and locations in Kabul to the Taliban to be more easily ...

Good news? Second Quarter GDP grows 4%

The problem is that while there is a net gain in jobs, the economy lost full time jobs and gained part-time jobs. The employment gains will not necessarily lead to growth in the economy..

Nathan Hale Foreign Policy/

A rational approach to Foreign Policy for the U.S.

The United States’ foreign policy should be clear and consistent. It should not be used as a pawn for political gain. Unfortunately, in today’s world of Party politics, the latter is more of the norm. It is time to fix that problem.